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COLMOL believes that people have different needs.

Therefore, we believe that the success of a good sleep lies in delivering all the knowledge accumulated during 47 years of experience, in a personalized mattress tailored to each person.

Algorithm that helps you find the perfect mattress

Based on the analysis of some information you give us, we will draw your profile and show you how we will contribute to giving you an unprecedented night's sleep.

First-rate materials

We chose the best. The raw materials we use are 100% certified, meeting all required European Standards and respecting the environmental standards for the use of recyclable materials.

Comfort guaranteed

We test, test and test. All of our products go through an extensive list of over 1000 tests to ensure that nothing will fail to give you the best night's sleep.

The success of your life
depends on a good rest!

Our products are unique, fully manufactured using the finest raw materials.

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Innovation, technology and experience



Durability and comfort



Breathability and reduction of bacteria


Bedtime stories

New mattress with recyclable material arrives in the portuguese market

New mattress with recyclable material arrives in the portuguese market

In 2019 Colmol bet on the differentiation of its products. read more

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