ASMR: what it is and how it can help you sleep well

Like stress daily, getting a restful night's sleep can be a real challenge. Several factors can impair sleep and influence daily life. But not everything is negative: there is a solution!


asmr dormir bem


For sleep well, our brain has to cooperate. In fact, if you know how to use all the tools at your fingertips for him to help you and achieve fall sleep without having to walk around in bed, you've already won the night! 

How many times have you felt that a certain sound relaxes you and makes you fall sleep? Be it on a plane, on a train or even several people speaking more or less in the same tone.

Amazing how the sound can be both agitated and relaxing! 

THE sensation of well-being that makes you want to calm down or even fall sleep, is a phenomenon that happens between our brain and our body. This is where the ASMR.


What is ASMR?

This designation comes from English Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and means Autonomous Meridian Sensory Response: 

  • Answer (Response) - experience triggered by something external or internal
  • Sensory (Sensory) - senses or sensation
  • Autonomous (Autonomous) - spontaneous, autonomous, with or without control 
  • Meridian (Meridian) - peak, climax or evolution point

Is sensation pleasant, as when you feel that "tingling" good and relaxing, in front of an external stimulus. Whether through music, sound or even noise.

Some of these stimuli can also be soft voices, whispers, mouth noises, slow hand movements, or someone hitting objects.

These sounds taste good, soothe and relax, creating a feeling of closeness, intimacy and comfort.

That sensation of welfare created by the ASMR it differs from person to person, so its intensity may vary depending on the sensitivity of each. 

Is sensation positive trigger normally triggered in the back of the brain in response to a visual or auditory stimulus. It starts at the back of the neck, moves to the head and goes down the column.

Some people can even feel it in their shoulders, arms, and lower back. It's that good shiver down your spine!


What are the benefits?

Several scientific studies prove that the ASMR it is an unintended physiological experience with therapeutic benefits in mental and physical health. Therefore, it can be used to minimize the stress, promote the relaxation, restful sleep and well-being.

O ASMR can significantly lower the heart rate, leading to greater relaxation and increasing positive thoughts. These benefits are similar to other cancer reduction techniques. stress, such as mindfulness.

O ASMR can, be used to relax and sleep well, being an excellent complement to the treatment of:

  • insomnia
  • panic attacks
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

However, the exact mechanism of the ASMR, knowing only that it leads to the release of endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin and other substances that reduce the stress and anxiety.


How to wake up ASMR?

There are several sounds, voices, noises and expressions that can trigger this type of sensation pleasant and are always a good help for you to relax and fight the stress and those dog days.

Any repetitive noise or sound can cause the sensation ASMR. However, more often it happens due to lighter sounds, such as:

  • whisper in the ear
  • folding towels or linen
  • leaf through a book
  • Tap lightly with fingers on a table
  • Brush the hair
  • dry hair 
  • rain to fall


One study from Swansea University, managed to identify, in order of importance, the sounds ASMR which worked better in the people who participated in this investigation:

  1.  Whisper 
  2.  Attention guys 
  3.  Crisp sounds - tapping objects with your nails, scratching, etc. 
  4.  slow sounds 
  5.  repetitive sounds
  6.  Smile 
  7.  aircraft noise 
  8.  Noise of a vacuum 
  9.  laughter 


In addition to auditory stimuli, the ASMR sensation can also be achieved by activating the other senses: sight, touch, smell or taste. However, it seems to be easier for most people to get this feeling through the hearing.


Where can I find ASMR content?

As we have already mentioned, the sensation ASMR can be achieved through our 5 senses. There are songs, videos and activities ASMR that can contribute to fall sleep as it should be and sleep well.

You've certainly seen those videos of someone around the to clean a very dirty object, bursting air bubbles in the plastic, a cut something consecutively, optical illusions, etc. Super relaxing and satisfying, isn't it? Well, this can also be a way of ASMR!

Another way to get the sensation ASMR and sleep well, without stress none, is to hear certain sounds. can be the rain to fall, the cracking wood, the noise of the train, a hair dryer… everything is valid if it makes you relax and fall sleep more quickly.

Follow our suggestions now!


The first videos to promote the sensation ASMR appeared on the Internet a few years ago. You'll likely remember a very popular video that recreates the visit to a barbershop, just with sound, even as if you were there.

There is also another very famous video by a painter, Bob Ross, to paint and describe his paintings. Both the sounds of the brushes and your calm voice say goodbye to the stress In a flash!

This video is one of the oldest by ASMR, but there are many more:


There are also lots of sounds that can give you the peace you needed to fall sleep fast and sleep well. A good example is a video that the Zippo lighter brand created to promote its lighter collection and its unmistakable opening “click”.

Other options are:


O ASMR it may not have been studied much yet, but the truth is that its number of fans keeps increasing and sleeping better and better. Want to know if it works for you? Now you know where to start!

good sound(s)hos!


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