What is the best pillow for sleeping on your side? Find the one that best suits this sleeping position

The position in which we sleep is fundamental to defining the best pillow, in order to maintain a healthy posture, but also to satisfy each person's unique needs during sleep. Let's find out which pillow is best for side sleepers.

Body structure and favorite sleeping positions make a difference. Given that we spend so much time sleeping (on average, a night's sleep lasts 6 to 8 hours), it is important that during this period of rest the joints, especially the spine, are not overloaded. The position in which we sleep can influence many aspects related to our health, but it will also dictate which mattress and pillow you should buy.
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The pillow is important: find out why


Good posture is the key to sleeping soundly night after night and waking up without pain and stiffness. The pillow plays a key role in maintaining a healthy sleeping posture, which involves keeping the body in line.

If the neck and shoulders are not given enough support or are supported at a twisting angle, the spine and the rest of the body will also not line up, causing tension and discomfort in the neck, shoulders and back, or even insomnia. As with the mattress, comfort and support are important when choosing the right pillow.

Each sleeping position requires a different type of pillow. After finding the one that best suits your position, you can dedicate yourself to all the other details that also differentiate the various types of pillow, to find the best one for you.


What types of pillows are there:


Classic pillows:

Acarsan with anti-mite treatment



It is pillow it was specially designed for people allergic to dust mites and for those looking for a healthy rest. It is made of 100% polyester silicone fiber with Acarsan Natural treatment with plant extracts. The cotton cover cushions changes in temperature and humidity, protecting it from impurities. Being ergonomic helps maintain correct posture while you sleep.

Standad Cushions

Fiber Cushion



Transform your room into a luxury hotel with the Dalia fiber pillow. The microfiber fabric cover, with a silky feel, protects from impurities. It is hygienic, breathable and very resistant to wear and tear. The filling is made of Neotherm Silicone Hollow Fiber. It has volume, smoothness, lightness and great resilience.

Thermoregulator Cushion



Forget the discomfort. THE Thermoregulator Pad ensure the correct posture of your body while dreaming. The cover with double thermoregulating fabric 100% prevents the proliferation of bacteria and mites and dampens changes in temperature and humidity. The Thermoregulatory pillow also ensures smooth firmness, excellent elasticity and recovery.

Premium Cushions

Viscoelastic Cushion



THE viscoelastic foam contributes to the relief of pressure in the head and neck. The holes in this pillow make it more breathable through the circulation of air, maintaining thermal balance while you sleep. The cover with Stretch fabric made with synthetic elastane fiber provides the optimal fit to the pillow, increasing elasticity and comfort for a pleasant night's sleep.

Aromatherapy Viscoelastic Cushion



Lavender, citrus, eucalyptus or chamomile: choose the scent that leaves you most relaxed. aromatherapy uses relaxing scents to help people who need to sleep better, in a more peaceful, relaxing and deep way. The Iceberg fabric cover provides an instant feeling of freshness as it dissipates heat instantly, helping your body stay cool and fall asleep faster.

Feather pillow



Looking for a luxurious rest? THE feather pillow it is hypoallergenic and antibacterial. The filling allows good air circulation, which gives it a good performance in terms of elasticity/deformation. Perfectly adapts to your sleeping position. The characteristics of the cotton pillowcase provide a feeling of freshness and well-being.

Kapok Cushion



The fine white fibers of Kapok they develop in the mafumeira, a tropical tree. They grow inside a fruit of green capsules which, when ripe, burst and are harvested. These fibers do not need any treatment, which makes them an organic, non-toxic and environmentally friendly product.

Sumaúma pillows provide a restful and luxurious rest. They are hypoallergenic. Perfectly adapts to your sleeping position. The characteristics of the cotton pillowcase provide a feeling of freshness and well-being.


Elements to consider when choosing a pillow:

Cushion hardness

Cushion firmness is important as it directly affects your comfort level and sleep quality. To find out which firmness is best for you, you should consider the position in which you sleep, body weight and if you have headaches or neck pain when waking up or during the night (if a pillow is not firm enough to support your head and the neck, pain and discomfort can become a long-term problem).

Sleeping position

This is one of the main factors to consider when choosing a pillow. Side sleepers will need a firm pillow to achieve proper alignment between the neck and spine. Those who sleep on their back should avoid pillows that are too soft, as they need one that keeps their neck and back aligned.

If you sleep on your stomach, the pillow should be as low and soft as possible, so as not to upset your neck, keeping it in a neutral position. In fact, those who prefer this position often forego having a pillow at all.


The best pillow for those who sleep on their side: Colmol suggestions

This is the best position to protect your spine, but in order for you to relax completely you should choose a pillow that fits around your neck. Those who prefer this position should opt for a thicker pillow, which respects the alignment of the spine with the head.

In addition, when sleeping on the left side, food can pass through the intestine more easily, which favors digestion, in addition to improving blood circulation and the functioning of the immune system.

For those who prefer this position, Colmol offers viscoelastic and thermoregulating pillows, which adapt to your body, provide a refreshing sensation at night and, of course, comfort to avoid pain and fatigue the next day.

Viscoelastic Cushion

It is ideal for people who sleep on their sides. This pillow was made thinking of sleepers who love to feel involved. Enjoy the total comfort and cozy feeling provided by this pillow. Its cover with Stretch fabric, made with synthetic elastane fiber, provides an optimized fit and increases elasticity and comfort. Anti-mite protection prevents the proliferation of bacteria and mites.

This pillow is part of the ranges premium of Colmol. The viscoelastic foam relieves pressure on the head and neck. This material has holes that make the pillow more breathable, through air circulation, and maintains the thermal balance while you sleep, for even greater comfort. May nothing stop you from having the best night's sleep.

Thermoregulator Pad

You will never again have to choose between comfort and quality if you choose Colmol's Thermoregulatory pillow, ideal for small/medium build people who sleep on their side. Thus, you will have all the support you need in the neck area to ensure a correct posture while you dream and also a feeling of very relaxing freshness.

The 100% thermoregulatory double fabric cushion cover incorporates technology developed by NASA to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and mites. Furthermore, it dampens changes in temperature and humidity.

The filling is composed of Neotherm fiber that balances the temperature during sleep, ensuring smooth firmness, excellent elasticity and recovery.


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