Rolled up mattresses: the answers to all your questions

You may have wondered why mattresses are delivered rolled up and what are the effects of this format. There are several advantages to using this method.

Currently, many mattresses are delivered rolled up. Since it is a more or less recent method, it can cause some discomfort among consumers, who wonder how it is possible for a mattress to be compacted in such a way. If this is your case and you have doubts about this issue, this article is for you!



What are rolled mattresses?

Rolled mattresses are exactly what the name implies: normal bed mattresses that come to you, the consumer, rolled up. If you have recently purchased a mattress, it is likely that it was delivered to you in this format. It may cause some strangeness, but this format is used to facilitate transport, for hygiene and even for convenience.

What are the advantages?

This type of packaging has several benefits, both for the supplier and for the consumer. The mattress is pressed to a very small size. This makes it easier to handle and transport. As it takes up less space, it is possible to transport many products in the same available space. Ease of transport means a reduction in prices and a considerable reduction in the emission of CO2 for the planet, so there is also an advantage for the environment.

In fact, due to the compacted size, it is even possible that the consumer himself transports his new mattress on a car trip.

Another factor that facilitates transport is its weight: the mattress in this format is naturally lighter than traditional mattresses, so transporting it also turns out to be more practical and easier for all parties involved. To take it indoors, having to go through stairs or doors, everything becomes easier. In apartments, even in the elevator it is possible to transport.

Furthermore, it also makes it easier to place the mattress in the home. So, in addition to improving space and convenience in transport, this variant allows you to reduce waiting time at a logistical level.

Rolled mattresses are more hygienic, as they undergo an antibacterial treatment and are also isolated from external agents in the packaging, such as mites, bacteria and dust. Thus, it is the perfect solution for respiratory allergy sufferers.

Last but not least, there is the advantage that the risk of damaging mattresses is lower when they are rolled up, not only because they are protected in the packaging, but also because of their size.

How are they packed and transported?

All mattresses undergo quality and hygiene control before being packed. This check serves to verify that the manufacturing process was correct. Colmol guarantees that the product that reaches you is always of assured quality and presented in the best conditions. Then, the mattress is pressed, rolled and vacuum packed using an industrial machine. This process prevents bacteria and other debris from infiltrating.

How long before I can use the rolled mattress?

One of the most frequently asked questions by those who purchase mattresses that come in this format is how much time has to pass before they can use it.

After receiving your rolled up mattress, simply open the packaging, place the mattress on top of the platform and wait for it to regain its shape. Once it has been compressed, it is necessary to wait for it to reach its normal size. A Colmol mattress usually takes about 8 hours to regain its original shape.

If necessary, you can use your mattress before then, in principle you won't be causing any damage to it. However, it is possible that until this period of hours has passed, the ergonomic shape of the mattress has not been achieved, which can cause some discomfort at bedtime. After a while, your mattress will be ready to give you the best rest!

Is a rolled mattress good?

As a mattress is such an important element, since it affects our rest and, consequently, our general well-being, it is natural that you worry about anything that might interfere with its quality. Allows us to clarify that this process does not affect the quality of the mattress in the short, medium or long term. In fact, it's a feature that practically only has advantages.

What type is the rolled mattress?

This is a pertinent question. Can all mattresses be rolled up? The answer is no, not all. This aspect is related to the material they are made of, as the question is not just whether they can be rolled up, but whether they are able to return to their original shape later on.

Colmol presents rolled up the SSI bag spring mattresses and all of foam. Firmness does not influence this issue. Thus, these are the mattresses that offer the possibility of being rolled up for transport, because their materials, and therefore their properties, are not affected. All others can be damaged in the process.



In conclusion, and as you have already seen, rolled mattresses are a more practical, more eco-friendly and more economical to transport the mattresses. We hope this article has answered all your questions, but if not, leave us your question in the comments! We are here to answer - or +351 256 880 680 😃



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