Aromatherapy: scents that heal

What is aromatherapy? Are there health and wellness benefits? How do aromatherapy diffusers work? Find out the answers to these questions and find out how pillows can be used in this practice.



What is aromatherapy?

Already recognized as a therapeutic resource by the World Health Organization (WHO), aromatherapy is the art of mixing essential oils extracted from plants and other plant compounds to balance, harmonize and promote the health of the body and mind. It is a holistic therapy that uses the therapeutic properties of essential oils in the prevention and/or auxiliary treatment of physical, psychological and emotional problems.

The term is quite explanatory in itself: aroma means odor and therapy, treatment. In this way, aromatherapy aims to improve health and well-being.

Aromatherapy is an ancient practice. There have been records for a long time of the use of medicinal plants when there were ailments and/or disorders that were not considered common — and before the evolution of medicine. This practice has been transported over the centuries to the present day, and as there is currently a growing interest in the study of complementary therapies to conventional medicine, aromatherapy has also gained a large number of interested parties who have been developing it and apply worldwide.

In practice, aromatherapy is the therapeutic application of essential oils through various forms such as baths, massages, compresses or diffusion in the environment.

Aromatherapy shows that there are links between smell and feelings. When inhaling scents, the olfactory channels send the message directly to the limbic system, the part of the nervous system that is responsible for emotions. After that, the brain reacts to the aromatic properties and can even change someone's mood or mood. Therefore, it is possible that the smell of specific oils alters the mental state.

Benefits of aromatherapy

Every person is different and naturally reacts differently, but aromatherapy serves different purposes and has many beneficial applications for health and well-being.

Among the benefits pointed out by aromatherapy is the relief of anxiety symptoms and stress, an invigorating feeling, the alleviation of muscle pain, aid in concentration, the alleviation of chronic pain, the feeling of calm and tranquility, better nights sleep, helps in the treatment of respiratory diseases (such as asthma) and, of course, a sensation of general well-being. In the specific case of newborns, a gentle scent can help the baby and parents to sleep better.


Aromatherapy Diffusers - What Are They and How Do They Work?

Aroma diffusers are small objects with a design generally appealing that, as the name indicates, diffuse the chosen aromas into the environment. The mist produced is composed of particles of water and essential oil.

There are many and varied types of diffusers, some with a timer – they send a mist from time to time, - the more traditional ones, some are even incorporated in humidifiers. The essential thing is that the equipment does not change the formula of the oil from which the aroma is derived, preserving the therapeutic properties.

Can a pillow be an aromatherapy diffuser?

If there are diffusers in so many shapes and sizes, and aromatherapy can be applied in so many different ways, the question is fair: can a pillow serve as an aromatherapy diffuser?

At Colmol aromatherapy pillows are as good or better than any diffuser. It maintains the aroma gently but permanently for six months. They don't turn off automatically, like some electronic devices, they don't need batteries or to be connected to the mains. Since the imitated smell is constant, there are no times when it is stronger, interspersed with times when it is imperceptible.

It is true that the aroma can dissipate after six months, but you can reinforce it with essential oils of the respective smell: the memory foam inside the pillow is able to absorb it.


Aromatherapy viscoelastic pillows: the Colmol options

What scent would you like to envelop you while you fall asleep? Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Lavender or Citrus? Choose the aroma that leaves you most relaxed with the range premium by Colmol: Aromatherapy Viscoelastic Cushion.

Aromatherapy uses relaxing scents to help people who have difficulty falling asleep or who feel very restless during the night. Sleep better, more peacefully, more relaxed and deeper with this water-based viscoelastic pillow, which relieves pressure on your head and neck, and even has holes that make it more breathable.

For an even greater sense of freshness, the Iceberg Fabric Cushion Cover provides an instant feeling of freshness by dissipating heat instantly. The result is a fresh feeling that helps your body stay cool so you fall asleep faster.

What are the benefits of each aroma?

Although aromas share several health and well-being benefits, some are odor-specific. Let's see:

colmol-almofada-aromaterapia-camomila Chamomile

  • Provides tranquility and brings serenity
  • Prevents disease because it preserves antioxidants more stably than tea
  • Analgesic action for muscle pain
  • Alleviates the cramps
  • Favors digestion
  • Relieves dermatological conditions

colmol-almofada-aromaterapia-eucalipto Eucalyptus

  • It is indicated as a decongestant
  • Provides relaxation, especially at bedtime
  • It has antipyretic properties - helps to lower fevers
  • Can be used as an antibacterial
  • repels insects
  • Repels the odor of foot odor
  • helps concentration

colmol-almofada-aromaterapia-lavanda Lavender

  • It can help to treat insomnia, depression and anxiety
  • It has analgesic properties in case of headaches
  • Prevent hair loss
  • It is effective against nausea
  • Helps fight acne


  • Contributes to weight loss
  • Increases exercise performance
  • relief from stress
  • Antioxidant
  • Can be used as an antibacterial

Do aromatherapy pillows use essential oils?

The aroma impregnated in Colmol pillows comes from the materials inside them. However, since the smell dissipates after six months, it is possible – and indeed advised – to reinforce it using essential oils from the pillow's original odor.


In conclusion…

There are many benefits associated with aromatherapy, whether or not applied in the form of diffusers. Better than using these equipment, is to bet on a pillow with aromatherapy from Colmol, for very peaceful nights sleep.

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