Aromatherapy: scents that heal

What is aromatherapy? Are there health and wellness benefits? How do scent diffusers work? You already know the answers to these questions and find out how pillows can be used in this practice.


aromaterapia aromas sono oleo essencial



What is aromatherapy?

Already recognized as a therapeutic resource by the World Health Organization (WHO), aromatherapy is a holistic therapy that uses the therapeutic properties of essential oils in the prevention and/or treatment of physical, psychological and emotional problems.

Aromatherapy will definitely improve your health and well-being. 

By itself the word “aroma” says a lot! It means odor and therapy, treatment. 

It is a very old practice, even millenary. The use of aromatherapy dates back to civilizations such as Egypt, India, China and Rome. 

There have been records for a long time on the use of medicinal plants (which will give us the aroma) to treat illnesses, pain or disorders that were not considered common.

Before the evolution of medicine, it was aromas extracted of these plants that was resorted to. Interesting, isn't it?


Aromatherapy is the art of blending essential oils extracted from plants and other plant compounds to balance, harmonize and promote health of body and mind. 


This practice was carried over centuries to the present day, in which it is studied  the effects of complementary therapies - where aromatherapy is included.

With all this evolution, aromatherapy has gained a large number of interested parties who have been developing and applying it all over the world.

The fact that we live in environments of stress and increasing tiredness, makes people try to find ways to minimize these effects. Like meditation, for example, aromatherapy is a good way to do it, and therefore, it has been gaining more and more followers.


How do scents work?

It cannot be denied that scents play an important role in our lives. 

We all have those favorite smells, which remind us of moments and even people that have crossed our path. It's the call olfactory memory.

Smell is one of the most sensitive senses. And it is through this keen sense that aromatherapy does its part.

This therapy shows us several interesting things and one of them is the fact that that there are links between smell and sensation. But how, you ask? 

By inhaling aromas, the olfactory channels send this message directly to the limbic system, the part of the nervous system that is responsible for emotions. 

After that, the brain reacts to the aromatic properties and can even change your mood or yours state of mind. That's why it is said that it is possible for the smell of aromas to alter the mental state. Fantastic, isn't it?

But there's more! The way we respond to these smells, with pleasure, displeasure, anxiety or sadness, has an influence on heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and even the immune system.

Essencial oils

Aromatherapy uses volatile plant materials, called essencial oils, to stimulate the body's natural “healing” process.

Aroma therapy consists precisely of the use of essential oils or extracts of flowers, plants, fruits or roots, with the function of bringing true balance in our body, creating a feeling of well-being, while taking care of our health. .

Each essential oil has its own characteristics and its specific aroma. It could be, for example, lavender/eucalyptus/rosemary oil, some of the favorite and most popular scents within this theme.

In practice, What aromatherapy is the therapeutic application of essencial oils, it should be said that they can be applied through the more different ways:

  • perfumes
  • baths, absorbed through the skin and by inhalation 
  • massages, in which they are absorbed through the skin
  • vapors, obtained through aroma diffusers or burners 
  • compresses, for treating insect bites, wounds or acne



When we talk about an essential oil, we are referring to a pure active principle present in large amounts, and, as such, maximum care and knowledge must be taken to know how to use it safely. 

Misuse of this product can cause serious health problems, wounds, cracks or even internal burns, in case it is ingested incorrectly and without the advice of a professional.

Some essential oils should not be used in certain situations. That is why it is important to know its applications and its adverse effects. 

Here are some of the care you should have with essential oils:

  • Always seek the opinion of an expert before using them, as they can have some effects such as: 
    • headaches
    • sickness
    • allergies
  • Check first if its composition is 100% pure and natural
  • You should not apply them directly to the skin. 
  • Dilute them before using them
  • Store them in a dark container, so that the light does not change their properties.

Don't forget that there are specialized professionals to recommend essential oils, as well as their application methods. These professionals study each case and recommend according to the needs of each person.


What are the benefits of aromatherapy?

Of course, each person is different and naturally reacts differently to stimuli. However, there are several benefits that aromatherapy has on almost all of us: 

  • Decreases symptoms of anxiety (30%) and stress (12%)
  • Causes an invigorating sensation 
  • Decreases muscle pain
  • Help with concentration
  • Alleviates chronic pain
  • Increases a sense of calm and tranquility
  • Gives parents and children better nights sleep
  • Helps in the treatment of respiratory conditions (such as asthma)
  • Conveys a feeling of general well-being


In addition, it helps in the following situations:

  • Hemodialysis: reduces the damage caused by this intervention and improves the quality of life of people who need it
  • Menopause: reduces its psychological impact 
  • Labor pains: decreases its duration and, above all, the pain in the dilation phase of 8 to 10 cm 
  • Reduce dysmenorrhea, i.e. lower abdominal pain during menstruation


Although it has immense benefits and is an ally in the treatment of some pathologies, it is important to note that aromatherapy, as a complementary therapy, is not a replacement for conventional medical therapies. Being complementary, always work as a help!


Aroma diffusers: how do they work?

Aroma diffusers are small objects, usually with an appealing design that, as the name implies, diffuse the chosen aromas into the environment. 

When it comes to diffusing essential oils into the air, these scent diffusers are one of the most used methods. They release an aroma into the air that produces a mist composed of particles of water and essential oil. 

These particles will fill an entire room with your perfume.

There are different types of aroma diffusers:

  • with timer, which release aroma from time to time 
  • more traditional, some of which are incorporated into humidifiers

The essential thing is that the product does not change the formula of the oil from which the aroma comes, preserving all the therapeutic properties.


A pillow can be a scent diffuser

If there are aroma diffusers in so many shapes and forms, and aromatherapy can be applied in so many different ways, it's fair to do the following question: one cushion Can it serve as an aromatherapy diffuser? 

The truth is you can! Because Colmol, thinking about everyone's well-being, created a pillow that revolutionized the way we sleep but also the way it will influence us throughout the day.

And that's nothing less than an Aromatherapy Pillow, with several scents to choose from! 

As Colmol aromatherapy pillows they can be as good or better than any aroma diffuser: 

  • They keep the scent smoothly and permanently for six months 
  • They don't turn off automatically, like some electronic devices
  • No batteries or mains needed
  • There are times when the aroma is stronger and others when it is imperceptible. It's always constant

But watch out! As there is no beauty without but, so that the aroma is not lost, it is essential that, after six months, the pillows are reinforced with essential oils of the same aroma, as the memory foam inside them will always be ready to absorb it.


Colmol Aromatherapy Pillows

There are many benefits associated with aromatherapy, whether or not applied in diffuser form. of aroma

But better than using these products, is to bet on Colmol's aromatherapy pillow, for nights of I'm much more peaceful.

What scent would you like to envelop you while you fall asleep? Chamomile, Eucalyptus or Lavender

Choose one of these scents and the pillow will do the rest! 

If you have trouble falling asleep or are startled at night, aromatherapy will help you (a lot!). The relaxing scents of the pillow will make all the difference.

You will see that you will feel better and sleep wonderfully, more peacefully, relaxing and deeper with this pillow of viscoelastic and water based

In addition to all these benefits, this precious accessory will relieve pressure head and neck, but it's not just that! 

Have incorporated holes that make it more breathable, so that there is no sweat that resists nor allergies that dare to appear. 

For a greater sense of freshness, the Iceberg fabric cushion cover provides an instant feeling of coolness by instantly dissipating heat. 

The result? A sense of well-being that or help your body stay cool, so falling asleep isn't a problem.

So that you don't miss out on anything, we leave you here a short summary of all the advantages of this innovative pillow. We don't want to influence you, but it's hard not to think about her:



  • It's cover is made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Incorporates high performance properties 
  • Makes an effective stay out of moisture
  • Regulates the temperature
  • Control odors
  • It's resistant
  • Lasts a long time


Extra Comfort

  • It consists of water-based viscoelastic foam 
  • Relieves head and neck pressure
  • It has air vents, which make it more breathable
  • Provides a feeling of freshness


It really has everything so you can sleep well and wake up even better! 


The benefits of each scent

If you're not sure which scent to choose, we have good news for you: this is a good problem to solve (if everyone were like that, right?).

Well, what we can tell you is that, although the various aromas have benefits in common in your health and in your well-being, some are specific to each odor: 

colmol-almofada-aromaterapia-camomila Chamomile

  • Provides tranquility and brings serenity
  • Prevents disease because it preserves antioxidants more effectively than tea
  • Decreases muscle pain
  • Relieves cramps
  • Favors digestion
  • Relieves dermatological conditions


colmol-almofada-aromaterapia-eucalipto Eucalyptus

  • It's decongestant
  • Helps with respiratory infections and pain
  • Gives a feeling of relaxation, especially at bedtime
  • Has antipyretic properties, helping to lower fever
  • Can be used as an antibacterial
  • Repels insects
  • Repels the odor of foot odor
  • Aid to concentration


colmol-almofada-aromaterapia-lavanda Lavender

  • It can help in the treatment of insomnia, stress, depression and anxiety, burns and skin problems
  • Decreases headaches
  • Prevent hair loss
  • It is effective against nausea
  • Helps fight acne


As you can see, you don't need to take an aromatherapy course to enjoy all its benefits.  Choose the scent that best suits you and let yourself be carried away by its wonderful effects. One thing we guarantee: you won't regret it! 





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