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1. COLMOL S.A. is the owner of this website, and unless expressly stated otherwise, of all its contents, which are protected by national and international intellectual property standards.

2. By accessing and using this site, the user accepts the terms and conditions that govern its operation and which are defined below.

3. The fact that any of the foreseen terms and conditions may be considered illegal, invalid or without effect, does not affect the validity or alteration of the others.

Product Availability

Any order for products is subject to their availability and, in this regard, in the event of non-existence or difficulty in supply, COLMOL S.A. reserves the right to inform the user about the existence of alternative products, of equal or superior quality and value. that he can order. In case the user is not interested in ordering alternative products, the sums paid by him will be refunded.

Order Refusal

COLMOL S.A. reserves the right, at any time, to withdraw any products that appear on this website, or to change or eliminate any materials or content on this website. Notwithstanding COLMOL S.A.'s effort to process all orders, exceptional circumstances may occur that lead you to refuse the processing and acceptance of an order, even after an Order Receipt Confirmation has been sent, which one reserves the right to do, at your sole discretion, at any time.

COLMOL S.A. will not be responsible, before the user or any third party, for the withdrawal of any product that appears on this website, for the alteration or elimination of any materials or contents of this website, nor for the refusal to complete the processing or to accept any order that has been the subject of an Order Receipt Confirmation.

Right of free withdrawal by the user and return of orders

The user who contracts as a consumer can freely terminate the Contract within 14 days from the date of receipt of the products (in accordance with Article 6 of Decree-Law No. 143/2001 of 26 April). In this case the user will be refunded for the full price paid for the products, in accordance with the terms of the Return Conditions.

The right to terminate the Contract will only take place if the products are returned in the same state in which they were received by the user. It must return it with all instruction manuals, documents and packaging materials. Any damaged product, which is not in the same condition in which it was received by the user, or which has signs of use beyond the mere opening of the respective packaging will not be refunded. The user must therefore take the necessary care with the product (s) to be returned while they are in their possession.

Conditions valid only for online or telephone purchases (distance selling).


Provided that they are available, COLMOL SA will make the best efforts so that, except in the event of exceptional circumstances, the products included in a Shipping Confirmation are delivered to the user on the date indicated therein, or if there is no date indication, in the within 30 days from the date of the Order Receipt Confirmation.

Possible reasons for the delay include:

- Product customization

- Specialized products

- Unforeseen circumstances or

- Delivery area

If, for any reason, COLMOL SA is unable to deliver on the scheduled date, the user will be informed of this and given the option to maintain the order by extending the delivery period or canceling it against the full refund.

Acceptance of this delivery service implies authorization for your personnel or our representative to access your home, so any objects that may be damaged must be removed. COLMOL S.A., except in the event of its negligence, will not be responsible for damage to objects that have not been removed in due time for its protection, when reasonable measures for that purpose could have avoided or reduced the risk of their occurrence.

The user must ensure that the products ordered fit in their home, in the space for which they are intended, or at the place of delivery. If the products do not fit in the indicated places, the user can accept the delivery or return it, but in this case at his expense (see below Return Conditions).

For the purposes of these Terms, a "delivery" is considered to be made or a product is considered "delivered" with the signature of the delivery receipt at the agreed address.

Conflict resolution

In the event of a dispute, the consumer may have recourse to an Alternative Dispute Resolution Entity.

For Complaints and Claims - colmol@colmol.pt.

More information on the Consumer Portal (www.consumidor.pt)

In the event of a dispute, the consumer may resort to a Consumer Dispute Resolution Entity:

Lisbon Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center

Rua dos Douradores, 116, 2nd

1100-207 Lisbon


Porto Consumer and Arbitration Information Center

Rua Damião de Góis, 31 - Shop 6

4050-225 Porto


Impossibility of Delivery

If COLMOL S.A. cannot deliver, the order will be sent back to our warehouses. The customer will be contacted to schedule a new delivery.

Risks and Ownership

From the moment of delivery, the risks related to the product supplied will be borne by the user. Ownership of the supplied products will only be transferred to the user when COLMOL S.A. has received full payment of the amounts due for the supply of the product, including delivery charges, or after delivery, whichever is the last. For more information you can consult the following decrees:

- Dec-Law No. 143/2001, of 26.04;

- Dec. Rect nº 13-C / 2001, of 31.05;

- Dec-Law nº 57/2008, of 26.03;

- Dec-Law nº 82/2008, of 20.05

Intellectual Property Rights

1. The contents of this website can only be used for personal information, so any documents published by COLMOL SA can be viewed, copied, printed and / or distributed, provided that express reference is made to COLMOL SA and that all messages are kept copyright and other mentions of copyright.

2. The use of the content for commercial purposes is excluded, so that no content on this site can be modified, transmitted, reproduced, published, licensed, transferred or sold without the prior written consent of COLMOL S.A ..

Limitation of Liability

1. The information made available by COLMOL SA on this website does not exempt the consultation of the official means of dissemination, therefore COLMOL SA does not guarantee the accuracy, precision, timeliness and integrity of the information made available on the website, and under no circumstances is it responsible any losses or damages, direct or indirect, derived from the use or inability to use this site or its contents.

Protection of Personal Data

1. The COLMOL S.A. website has some features whose access depends on the user's registration.

2. All personal data collected is submitted voluntarily and objectively by users, and is intended exclusively for use by COLMOL S.A., so the respective privacy and protection is guaranteed.

3. COLMOL S.A. will adopt the security measures it deems necessary to guarantee the privacy and protection of users' personal data, with the objective of protecting them from any possible abuse or unauthorized access.

4. The personal data collected on this website will not, under any circumstances, be made available, sold, shared or disclosed to third parties, nor used for any purposes other than those described at the time of its introduction, and may only be used for e-campaigns. -marketing or newsletter, when expressly accepted by the user. At any time the user decides not to receive further information, he must inform COLMOL S.A ..

5. All users have the right to suspend the services subscribed through this website, which results in the elimination of the respective registration.

6. The elimination of records must be carried out in the corresponding area of ​​the website.

7. Under the terms of the personal data protection law in force in Portugal, all registered users have the right to access information available at COLMOL SA about their personal data, for the purposes of updating, rectifying and / or deleting their personal data. . This operation must be performed in the registration area of ​​the website.

8. The only information that we collect and store automatically during normal use of the website is information typical of server activity, which is used to generate statistics and measure activity on the website for the benefit of its users.

9. In order to provide a more personalized service, COLMOL S.A. also uses "cookies" to collect and store information. A "cookie" is a small information file that is placed on your computer and that allows you to remember your choices, dates and previous routes on the website. The user can configure his computer in such a way that it rejects the installation of the aforementioned "Cookie".

Information Update

COLMOL S.A. reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms and conditions of the privacy policy, at any time and without prior notice, so it is recommended that you regularly read the privacy policy established by COLMOL S.A ..


1. This website is governed by Portuguese law.

2. These terms and conditions of the privacy and usage policy were changed on February 1, 2017.


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