What to do with my old mattress?

The old mattress is considered a “monster” and needs special care when disposing of it. Colmol has a picking service for old mattresses in the areas of Lisbon and Porto, with a value of € 30 per unit. If you do not live in these municipalities, the ideal is to schedule your picking with the local council services in the area where you live.

How do I know the mattress size recommended for me?

We recommend 10 cm more than the height of the tallest person sleeping on the mattress. So, if you measure 190 cm, you should choose a 200 cm mattress.

The higher the foam mattress, the higher the density?

The height of the mattress alone has nothing to do with density. The height of the mattress will transmit grandeur and beauty to your room. The density will depend on the amount of raw material used in this mattress. For example: For a person of average height, a 12 cm D30 mattress will support our body better than a 22 cm D20 mattress.

What is the difference between a spring mattress and a foam mattress?

The spring mattress has the characteristic of allowing high comfort, resistance, breathability and durability for people with greater weight. When the mattress is of good quality the durability is much greater than the foam mattress.

Foam mattresses have various densities, each of which is suitable for a specific weight range. This allows a greater adaptation of the mattress to the person's body structure, increasing comfort and durability.

Should a mattress be firm or soft?

The firmness level of the mattress ideal for you usually depends on your body type, sleeping position and personal preference. Some people prefer to sleep on a softer surface, while others need the support of a medium-firm mattress to avoid back pain. Generally, a mattress that is too firm can inhibit circulation, while a soft mattress does not sufficiently support the lower back and shoulder area. Most people adapt well with a mattress described as medium-firm.

What is the advantage of the rolled mattress?

Once produced, the mattress is vacuum-rolled and placed in a box specially designed for easy transport. Benefits of this type of packaging:

- Product compression by 80% (it becomes easier to handle).

- It is possible to transport 5x more product in the same available space.

- Dramatically decreases CO2 emissions to the planet.

As soon as you receive it in your house, just open the box, remove the mattress on the platform, open the packaging and let it recover its shape. After a short time, you'll be ready to start sleeping well!

How do I know when I need a new mattress?

Your body will tell you! If a mattress is worn out, you will probably start to suffer from back or neck pain, as it is not providing you with the necessary support. There are also several natural factors that can contribute to waking up more tired, losing sleep quality:

  1. Alteration of the physical state;
  2. Age;
  3. Maternity.

Regardless of all these issues, we recommend changing the mattress after 7 years.

How long does a mattress last?

The bed and mattress are probably one of the most used pieces of furniture in the house, so, of course, it won't last forever. Over time, it is normal for the mattress to begin to lose firmness and elasticity. Most mattresses usually last 7 to 10 years before showing signs of wear. We recommend replacing the mattress every 7 years. Most people sweat during the night, this moisture builds up at the base of the bed and creates a breeding ground for dust mites and other bacteria. So, while a mattress can last for 10 years, for hygiene reasons it is best to replace it after 7.

Is it worth investing in more expensive mattresses?

The mattress is a product that we use every day for approximately 6-8 hours. If you invest in a € 1,000 mattress that lasts 10 years, you will be paying approximately € 0.28 per night.

While most healthy people don't necessarily need the most expensive mattress, it should be seen as an investment - especially for health. A good quality mattress will not only allow you to sleep soundly every night, it will also prevent long-term pain. Therefore, you should choose a mattress that uses good quality materials and that is suitable for your sleeping position and body type.

How do I know if a mattress is right for me?

Colmol has 48 years of experience producing mattresses and a vast knowledge of this type of products for your rest. Based on various studies and opinions of different customers, we developed the Quiz available on the website, which analyzes variables such as age, weight, sleeping position and factors that disturb sleep and indicate which mattress is ideal for you (and for the person who sleeps with you).

You will also be able to try the mattresses and find the best for you, in our official stores or at participating resellers across the country.

If you don't fit the mattress, you have 14 days to return it if there is any problem.

What are the tips to make the mattress last longer?

  1. After starting to use, the mattress must not be folded under any circumstances.
  2. Prevent children from jumping on the mattress.
  3. Do not support heavy or sharp objects on the mattress surface.
  4. Do not expose the mattress directly to the sun, just ventilate it regularly.
  5. Do not support the mattress on an unsuitable or bad base.
  6. Every 30 days, rotate the mattress from top to bottom and from right to left, if applied

How do I keep my mattress clean?

During the night, we sweat and lose many skin cells, which attract mites and other bacteria. It is VERY important to keep your mattress clean. Change the bedding regularly, air the bed frequently and remove stains quickly.

How to clean a mattress stain?

Depending on the stain, try cleaning using suitable materials.

Is it worth using mattress protectors and covers?

Protect your investment. It is recommended to use a mattress cover or protector, in order to protect the mattress from possible stains and liquids, while having an anti-mite barrier effect, protecting you while you sleep. See bedding.

What is a mattress topper for?

If your mattress is no longer as comfortable as when you bought it, a mattress topper can be a good way to get a comfortable sleep again. As with mattresses, these toppers also have different types of materials, densities and thicknesses that provide different types of comfort.

Can I use the duvet in summer and winter?

The Nordic duvet can be used all year round and not just in winter or summer. Its microfiber composition regulates the temperature and promotes air circulation.

How can I assemble the storage base?

We recommend that you follow the instructions in the manual that is inside the sommier box. Or watch this video.

What is the size of the sommier for my mattress?

The mattress should always be purchased alongside the bed and fit perfectly into the sommier. If it’s too big, obviously, it won’t fit. If it is small, it will eventually move on the surface, so stability and comfort are lost. As a rule, the measurements of the mattress are the same as those of the base.

Does the pillow make a difference in sleep?

A good pillow becomes important so that the position of the head is aligned with the spine and avoids muscle pain, torticollis and other muscle tension. The purpose of falling asleep is to rest, relax and revitalize the energies for the next day and neglect the importance of the pillow, it is to decrease the quality of sleep.

Each person has a different body structure and also favorite sleeping positions. The pillow for those who are predisposed to fall asleep on their side should be different from the pillow that sleeps face down, for example. See pillows.

What type of surface is advisable for my new mattress?

You should place the mattress on a platform, base or sommier with the following characteristics:

  1. Supporting capacity to cushion and absorb shocks and weights.
  2. Durability of mattress materials and preservation of their characteristics.
  3. Stability, as it will have a great influence on the life of the mattress.

Choosing a good surface is the key to ensuring better comfort during sleep.

What is pilling?

Pilling occurs on mattresses due to the friction that is repeatedly applied to the surface of the fabric that covers the mattress, in such a way that the fibers of the fabric come loose and the friction caused on them. makes it roll up.

What are the causes of pilling?

Pilling can occur for several reasons, but the most common are the type of weave and the type of fiber used to produce the fabric. Tight fabrics will be less prone to pilling because the fibers are less likely to "emerge" to the surface. Friction is caused by the normal use of a mattress over time and as users rub the surface of the fabric, even through the sheets traditionally interspersed.

Common sense tells us that synthetic fibers are less prone to pilling, but the truth is just the opposite. Natural fibers, such as cotton or linen, easily remove loose fibers, making pilling in the form of pimples less noticeable. Synthetic fibers such as polyester or polyamide are stronger, resulting in a safer fixation of bubbles on the surface and therefore more visible.

Is pilling considered a defect in the fabric?

It is important to know that pilling is not a defect in the fabric that covers your mattress. Many see pilling as the "disintegration" of their mattress pad, but that is not the case, however. On the contrary, it is a "natural" occurrence caused by the wear and tear on the fabric that covers the mattress. Pilling is not only a natural process, it is also quite easy to remove.

How to remove pilling?

There are many methods to remove pilling from the fabric that covers your mattress, but the most effective is the use of a battery-powered fabric “shaver”. Fabric “shavers” are specifically designed to cut and vacuum pilling on the fabric without damaging it. They are designed with a high rotation blade, protected by a mesh over the blade. This method is virtually problem free and will make the fabric covering your mattress look new.