How to choose the ideal mattress for you? Everything you need to know before choosing yours.

When purchasing a new mattress, there are several options available to the consumer, so the choice can be difficult. Which mattress to buy? We help.


Mattress Types

Spring mattress

There are three types of spring mattresses: bag springs, SSW spring and SPA spring.

The system of bagged springs guarantees a good firmness and provides greater comfort for your rest. The homogeneity of this system maintains excellent bed independence. This is because each spring is placed in an individual bag which, together with the net, forms a solid core in the mattress. What is certain is that it guarantees endurance and good rest.

Firmer and more traditional, the SSW spring—also called the Bonnell spring—was widely used in the past. The dynamic and progressive suspension of this system is adapted to active and corpulent people, who frequently change their position during sleep. In fact, this orthopedic firmness favors freedom of movement.

almost as if from a upgrade for the SSW spring, the spa spring it is a system made up of even more springs, which reinforce the support provided by these mattresses and provide greater support for the spine. They also come equipped with adaptive suspension and reactive to any body movement.


Foam mattress

When we talk about foam mattress, we refer to the foam soft or polyurethane. Mostly used in firmer products, it has a linear behavior. It is a high-density orthopedic support layer that progressively absorbs pressure points for spinal sustainability.

These type of mattresses offer the best combination of firmness, soft adaptable and enveloping comfort, and nightly durability.




Viscoelastic mattress

Viscoelastic foam is very fluffy and quickly regains its original shape. It offers a superior level of comfort, follows the body's natural shapes, is fully ergonomic and relieves pressure points (feet, hips, shoulders and head), while ensuring the sustainability of the spine. The mattress of this material is durable and breathable.


Mattress measurements

One of the first concerns when looking for the ideal mattress is its size. Those who sleep alone can bet on a mattress that is at least 90 cm wide. For those who sleep accompanied, the ideal mattress will not be less than 150cm, so that both have enough space to move without changing the quality of sleep. In terms of length, this should be at least 10 cm longer than the tallest person sleeping in that bed.


Aspects to consider:

Sleeping position

Body structure and favorite sleeping positions make a difference. Each person has their own type of sleep and different needs. The position in which we sleep can influence many aspects related to our health, but it will also dictate which mattress you should buy.

🛏️ Belly up or down

Sleeping on your stomach involves a thin pillow, thin and very soft, so that your head is not too high above the rest of the body and does not cause tension in the neck and spine.

🛏️ Beside

This is the best position to protect the spine, but to really relax it's a good idea to put a pillow that fits around your neck. Those who prefer this position should opt for a thicker pillow, which respects the alignment of the spine with the head.

In addition, when sleeping on the left side, food can pass through the intestine more easily, which favors digestion, in addition to improving blood circulation and the functioning of the immune system.


When lying down, the spine should be correctly aligned. Each person must understand which firmness suits their individual needs: neither too soft nor too hard.

Choosing the wrong degree of firmness can lead to severe spinal damage, unnecessary stress, and back discomfort. If the mattress is too soft, it may give little support to the spine and the whole body will sink. This leads to constant back problems. Naturally, any of these factors will hinder the restful rest, so necessary in our daily lives.

🛏️ Smooth

Ideal for those who love to feel gently wrapped in the mattress and who, as a rule, sleep on their side. Usually these mattresses have a generous viscoelastic layer in their composition that provides extraordinary comfort.

🛏️ Intermediate / Firm

For total support and keeping the spine straight, while offering comfort, intermediate or firm mattresses have materials in their composition that give them a firmness that is compensated by the presence of viscoelastic on both sides of the mattress. Advisable for people who sleep in any position.


Before choosing the ideal mattress for you:

Assess your needs

The ideal mattress for each person is one that matches their specific sleep needs and provides the highest level of comfort. So, before making a decision about which mattress to buy, you should take some time to consider your preferences and even health needs.

Do a survey

Today we have the world in the palm of our hand: Internet access has opened our horizons. All information can be consulted anywhere. Research the subject, become aware of your options and make an informed decision.

Ask an expert for help

Sometimes, the best thing we can do is ask someone who has the upper hand for help. Colmol has several ways of contacting you, so you can get information from specialists.

Try before you buy

If possible, try several mattresses before purchasing any. After all, we also try on clothes in the store before buying them, don't we?

You can try different types of mattresses at any Colmol store. We advise you to remain lying down for a few minutes, to really understand the characteristics of the mattress and see if it is what you really want.


Which mattress to buy?

Independence of movement - one moves, the other doesn't feel

The pocket spring mattresses group each spring in an individual bag, joining the springs in the same net. The firmness and homogeneity of the spring system maintains an excellent independence of the beds. This spring, being individualized, tends to be the best option for couples of different weights.

Freedom of movement - likes to move in your sleep

SPA spring mattresses were made for active and corpulent people, who frequently change their position during sleep – this system favors freedom of movement. Without much effort it is possible to change position easily, as well as getting out of bed. 


Anyone who is used to and genuinely appreciates a foam mattress, does not exchange it for a spring mattress. They are mattresses that maintain the stability of the spine, have a very comfortable reception for the body, but do not give freedom or independence of movement. People who sleep on this type of mattress do not change their sleeping position very often and like to feel enveloped in the foam.


Pay attention to mattress maintenance and cleaning

All mattresses include a warranty certificate. It contains the most correct way to maintain it. Colmol guarantees the owner the repair of any manufacturing defect for a period of 2 years.

There are some actions that you should take in order to ensure the durability of the mattress. Letting the room ventilate is the most efficient way to create an environment with less humidity. In this way, you'll be able to remove unpleasant odors caused by the absorption of night sweat. You should also not make your bed immediately after getting up, especially in winter. Turn the mattress upside down once a month.

When it comes to cleaning, you can vacuum the mattress to remove excess dust and possible mites on the surface. To remove stains and odors you can use baking soda – which has an antibacterial action – on the mattress surface, but without rubbing. Leave to act for 30 minutes and remove with a vacuum.


Replace the mattress whenever necessary

When we buy a mattress, we may think that it will be the one we will sleep on for the rest of our lives, but this is not always true. If it's been a few years and you feel that the mattress doesn't meet your sleep needs, don't hesitate to change it. Our ideal mattress may not be the same over time.


Where can I buy the ideal mattress?

At Colmol you can find all the products mentioned above and still others, whichever is most suitable for your specific case. In the store online you'll be able to find several mattresses and read the properties of each one, to find the one that will be your perfect match for a very relaxing nights sleep.

Contact us at or +351 256 880 680 😃

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