Childcare: what it is, who it applies to and what is its importance

Preventive medicine dedicated from newborns to teenagers is called childcare. We will explain to you what it consists of, which professionals are dedicated, the importance and which products to bet on.


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Childcare: what is it?

Often confused with pediatrics, or just related to products for babies and children, childcare is a medical specialty contained in pediatrics and which comprises the child as a whole. This means that it analyzes the child himself, his family and the sociocultural context in which he is inserted. The biological and psychological part are also taken into account.

Consequently, childcare promotes and protects the health of newborns, children and adolescents, providing comprehensive care and understanding the child as a developing being with its own particularities.


Until what age does it apply?

Childcare is applied to a baby from the first days of life and continues until the end of adolescence. In fact, an expectant mother can even look for a childcare professional before giving birth, so that he or she can do a prenatal consultation and follow up on the baby since birth. Thus, you will also be able to receive guidance on breastfeeding and the family, immediately creating a connection with the professional who will accompany your children during the first years of life.

Childcare for newborns

Ideally, you should offer your baby medical care in the first few days of life, even if there is no sign of illness. The first appointment of the same should be right up to 7 days after birth and then another appointment when it is one month, two, four, six, twelve and eighteen months old.

During this period, the main concerns of pediatricians are guidance on natural breastfeeding, surveillance of the weight/height curve, vaccination, accident prevention and normal development, as well as adequate hygienic, dietary, behavioral and nutritional supervision.

Childcare for children and teenagers

As the baby grows into a child – and later a teenager – follow-up may be less frequent. This mainly involves care with nutrition, hygiene in general, adaptations to school life, physical activity and monitoring of psycho-affective and emotional aspects.


What is the role of childcare?

Above all, childcare is a kind of “preventive medicine for children”. Because it is dedicated to the early detection of problems, the childcare service is different from diagnosis and clinical treatment. In this subspecialty of pediatrics, the pediatrician will be able to detect any health problems early and intervene as soon as these changes are detected. Childcare has a fundamental role in monitoring risk factors throughout the child's development.


Who can engage in this activity?

The variety of factors that involve child development makes childcare a practice that involves a multidisciplinary team, which can be composed of physicians (pediatricians and others), nurses, psychologists and educators.


WHO recommendations

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently updated some of the opinions relating to childcare. Among them, that unnecessary medical intervention during childbirth should be reduced. Each labor is unique, and the duration of the first stage of the process varies from one woman to another. Thus, medical intervention should be reduced to eventualities in which it is necessary. In addition, women in the process of giving birth must be included in decision-making about the care they receive.

In children and adolescents, the WHO reveals its concern with sedentary behavior and sleep health. Most children and adolescents are not physically active enough, nor do they sleep the recommended number of hours. New agency guidelines urge parents and schools to address this issue.


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It is essential that families adopt preventive measures to ensure their children a healthier future. This is the role of childcare. Share with us some tips on this topic, we want to know everything!


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