Rotate and turn the mattress: the answer to all your doubts

The mattress is the most important accessory for you to sleep well. For this to happen, it is also important to rotate and turn it frequently if you want it to last much longer. Find out why. 
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You can change the bedding every week, but when was the last time you turned or turned your mattress?

If it's been a while or if you've never done it, this may be the right time. In this way, you will prolong the life of your mattress and have greater comfort.

Whatever the type, mattress position or the position you sleep in,  rotate/turn the mattress and will turn it once in a while is one of the things you should do. You will see that your sleep will be much better and the firmness of the mattress will be preserved.

Keep reading to find out more about it.





To answer this question directly, you need to know that this depends on the type of mattress you have:

Foam and Fiber Mattresses

They should be rotated 180 degrees every 1-2 months.

Spring Mattresses

  • If new they should be rotated 180 degrees 1 or 2 times a year, every 6 or 12 months.
  • If they have long time use: should be rotated more frequently, 2 to 5 times a year

COLMOL Mattresses

Our mattresses deserve to be treated well because they are very special.

The Colmol mattress is an special asset because it helps to distribute body weight and pressure over its entire surface. If the habit of rotating the mattress is maintained, the material that constitutes it will “renew”, giving it a new life.

It will also relieve back pain and make you feel more comfortable while you sleep.

In general, we advise you to turn the mattress position at 180 degrees, every 3-5 months.

Simply rotating the mattress can make all the difference in the long run. Rolled mattresses, happy mattresses! 

How to roll:

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1 and 2 - Slowly rotate the mattress on the bed to a horizontal position, bending your knees at the same time so as not to harm your spine (you can ask someone for help).

3 - Align the new mattress top with the bed base and headboard 


When it comes to keeping the mattress in its best shape, doubts often arise regarding rotatin it. But is this a myth or reality?

As always, we are here to answer your questions, and this time will be no different.

Unlike many mattresses from other brands, Colmol mattresses are designed to be used on both sides, so they can and should be turned over.

Probably the question "can i turn the pocket spring mattress?” will come to your mind, because you hear a lot out there that these mattresses cannot be turned over. But Colmol Mattresses can, regardless of their composition. Great, isn't it? 

Not only do we advise you to rotate, but also to turn all our mattresses.

We will explain to you why!

Briefly, the mattresses are constituted as follows: 


It consists of a thick and relatively firm layer, typically made of dense foam and/or metal springs. 


It has one or more layers of foam or springs. It can have various levels of density and firmness. 


As its name implies, it is made up of all materials that are baked and that give the mattress its final appearance. It's that usually white part that is most visible.

A well-developed comfort system provides a good fit of your body in the mattress, while the support core helps keep you supported and your spine properly aligned throughout the night.

These layers exist on both sides of Colmol mattresses, and they work together so that they are always comfortable and maintain quality. That's why you can flip them without any problem.

Turn the mattress not only will it help to prolong its life, it will also prevent continuous wear in the same places, distributing the pressure evenly on both sides. Turning it over will also prevent the mites multiply always on the same surface, causing breathing problems.

If you don't turn over the mattress that was designed to be turned over, it will become much less comfortable and firm. You will see that it wears out more quickly and that back pain will inevitably appear.

As a rule, in everyday life you already have habits that can harm your spine, so don't let your nights contribute to that too. 


Regardless of the mattress we want to buy, it is difficult to be indifferent to a practical mattress, made to be used to the fullest and in every way.

Who doesn't like to have several features in one product?

Most mattress manufacturers advise only rotating them, not turning them over. But with Colmol mattresses, everything changes. For the best.

This is also why Colmol mattresses stand out, as they can be used in all sorts of ways, as they can be turned and turned. Is there anything better than being able to enjoy this and enjoy both sides of the mattress?

With our mattresses you will never have to waste time reading what you can and cannot do. If you estimate your mattress well and follow our small and valuable tips, you will be able to sleep well from both sides.

Therefore, we recommend turn the mattress 1 time every 6 months.

But watch out! If you sleep from belly down, you must turn the mattress more often, because your body will put more pressure on it. 

How to turn:

Infografia de como virar colchao colmol
1- Rotate the mattress until it is in a horizontal position on top of the bed (don't forget to bend your knees whenever you move it and ask for help if necessary).
2- Bend your knees and lift the mattress until its side is in contact with the bed base.
3- Slowly lay the mattress on the bed with surface B facing up.
4- Aligns it with the bed base and headboard  




It is not worth talking about the frequency of turning and rotate the mattress, without you knowing what are the advantages of doing so: 


Turn and rotate the mattress will cause the weight to be equally distributed over it, avoiding highs and lows to the surface.

If you move a lot during the night, you should pay more attention to this fact, because it will interfere with the structure of the mattress. Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain the habit of turning and rotate the mattress often. 


If one of the parts of your mattress sinks too much, it is a sign that you have not turned it or rotated it enough. These lower and weaker places on the mattress can hurt your spine, even if they are small.

If you have a tendency to sleep better on one side of the bed or sleeping with a partner, you must turn and turn the mattress, so that support is as uniform as possible for both.

A weak mattress is no fun, especially when trying to get a good night's sleep.  


Have you ever felt like “climbing” the mattress when you lie down and then having to roll over to get out of bed? Well, that's what turn and rotate the mattress prevents.

This behavior is related to the weakness of the mattress material, which causes the mattress to tilt, in the place on which you usually sleep.

If you prefer side sleeping, the slope it tends to increase even more if you don't follow our advice. Worse, your spine and hips will be unsupported while you sleep, which causes problems in these areas later on. 


Turning and turning your mattress gives it a chance to breathe.

Over time, your mattress will accumulate mites, fur, sweat and moisture. When you change to mattress position, you also change the mark of your body on it, not subjecting it to the same load for so long, on the same place. 

In summary, you must bear in mind that it is essential to rotate and turn your mattress from time to time, so that it lasts longer and maintains its structure.

With Colmol mattresses there are no restrictions, you can and should follow these tips.

Sleep tight!


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