SPA Air Ice: a reference among orthopedic mattresses with viscoelastic foam

Do you feel that some mattresses are too hot at night? Do soft mattresses not give you the lumbar support you need? The SPA Air Ice could be the perfect mattress for you!

Each person has a mattress that is most suitable, just find out which features are most suitable for your sleep. If you like firm, fresh mattresses, read on.


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Orthopedic Mattresses: Are They Worth It?

An orthopedic mattress is designed to provide a firmer sleeping surface while providing targeted support for the back and joints.

They are commonly used by those suffering from back problems. One of the benefits of this type of mattress is that they provide maximum support and even weight distribution, resulting in a correct alignment of your spine and, in general, a healthier posture.

The firm surface of an orthopedic mattress means you'll have the ideal support for the perfect sleeping position to wake up refreshed.


Viscoelastic foam mattresses: are they worth it?

Viscoelastic foam is a sensitive material that follows the body's natural shapes. Fully ergonomic, it makes for extremely comfortable contact even at the highest pressure points.

This type of foam is memory adaptable, recovers its original shape quickly. This is why it offers a much higher level of comfort, adapts to the body and relieves pressure points (feet, hips, shoulders and head). Ideal for those who sleep on their sides and beyond. Mattresses made of this material are durable and breathable.


SPA Air Ice Spring Mattress

Besides the heat, can't you find the support you need to sleep well? Find the perfect rest in this cool bed. The SPA Air Ice has precise contact points in three areas of the body, so you can fall asleep faster in an environment of relaxed comfort.


spa air ice colmol

Each layer that makes up this mattress is designed to give you a better night's sleep. Your body's thermal balance is ensured by the ICE fabric, which provides an instant feeling of freshness as it dissipates heat instantly, which helps your body stay cool and fall asleep faster. It has an excellent moisture absorption capacity, which improves air circulation in the mattress.

The adaptable gel-infused viscoelastic layer ensures pressure dispersion, significantly improving heat transfer when the foam is compressed. This way, it reduces your sweating and improves the quality of your sleep with a feeling of freshness.

The SPA Air Ice is equipped with an adaptable suspension that reacts to any movement of the body, through its Dual Design suspension that offers a unique stability system. It is ergonomic thanks to the central zone programmed and differentiated into three zones. Not only will you benefit from a balanced sleep, but also from a playful rest variant, equivalent to a SPA massage.

This mattress premium is ideal for those who enjoy freedom of movement with adaptable and responsive suspension. Integrated spring system provides zero gravity feel and pressure relief. At the same time, the high-density foam provides greater durability to the mattress and stability to the body.

Enjoy extra-firm support and get a high-quality sleep with the mattress. premium SPA Air Ice, 30 cm tall and in different sizes, from singles, to couples and even in king size.



If for a good night's sleep you need a fresh mattress all night long and that provides the necessary support for your spine, look no further than you've already found it: the SPA Air Ice was made for you.


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