About Colmol


Colmol is a second generation Portuguese company, created in 1972, which manufactures innovative, high performance and comfort rest systems. Every night, thousands of people around the world enjoy the remedial benefits of a good night's sleep thanks to their innovative mattresses. From Europe, America to Asia, Colmol cooperates with the most demanding partners who share a commitment to providing the consumer with the best possible value with the least environmental impact. The result is reflected in exclusive products, which offer a high level of comfort, combining adequate ergonomics and a commitment to balancing body weight.

To produce the best mattress, the best materials of European origin are selected . In the manufacturing process, special care is taken to reduce waste, through recycling and maximizing the management of energy resources. Transport costs are an important component in providing the best possible value to the end user. Using innovative compression technology, it is able to significantly reduce the volume of mattresses in their packaging, offering the best rest systems in the world and at the same time reducing the carbon footprint of transportation.

Colmol believes that the success is achieved through the application of time-honored values, hard work by specialized teams, attention to detail and excellent Know How. It does its best to be at the forefront of research and development, logistics management and customer-focused service.


Fabrica Colmol




Colmol presents a set of exclusive and high level items, reflected in the products.

Press for innovation and technology, translating the knowledge and experience in each of the models presented. The best materials are applied to the various levels of desired functions: for a renewed rest and a vigorous daily life.

The use of the best technology, enhances well-being in terms of breathability, humidity control and reduction of bacteria. The freshness and softness of the materials thus promotes the ideal comfort. No pressure. A great night's sleep.

Live the experience of a restful night's sleep, every day of your life.

Ecological Responsibility

The latest innovations in fabrics, foams and support systems have properties that make the aroma and feel of the mattress much more pleasant. Colmol strives to minimize the use of petrochemicals. The latest technological advances, combined with the extensive use of natural components, provide a restful and comfortable sleep experience.


Most people spend 6-9 hours a day in bed, which means that we are exposed to mattresses, pillows and bedding almost 1/3 of the day. Many manufacturers use petrochemical products that can release fumes and chemicals, however, Colmol mattresses are made with organic components.

The choice is natural.