Crib Mattress

Baby mattress with hypoallergenic fiber layer with high breathability, wrap and thermal control.

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O melhor para ti é Crib Mattress

Baby mattress with hypoallergenic fiber layer with high breathability, wrap and thermal control.

Baby on the way? This is the ideal mattress.

This choice is just one of the steps to ensure an environment of comfort and safety during your baby's sleep.

Technical Specifications

Choose the best suspension for your baby - foam, springs or viscoelastic foam. Open cell foams for better airflow, hypoallergenic fiber, excellent thermal control and elasticity and comfort of Stretch fabric.

Measurements and Dimension

12/14 cm high

Perfect Fit

Obtained by the Stretch fabric that provides the optimal fit to the mattress.


Hypoallergenic fibers for a better adaptation to the body, constant maintenance of the mattress temperature and not to cause allergies.

Foam Mattress

It has orthopedic properties, aligning and supporting the spine while sleeping peacefully. Advisable for children who maintain their position while sleeping - belly up or down.

Viscoelastic Mattress

It allows the relief of body pressure, while supporting the spine in an orthopedic way. It has a smooth reception and increases the child's sleep quality. Ideal for babies who love to feel cozy and sleep on their side.

Spring mattress

It has a firm, dynamic and progressive suspension. It is adapted for active babies, as it favors freedom of movement, allowing them to sleep in the most comfortable position.

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How do I know the mattress size recommended for me?

We recommend 10 cm more than the height of the tallest person sleeping on the mattress. So, if you measure 190cm you should choose a 200 cm mattress.

The higher the foam mattress, the higher the density?

The height of the mattress alone has nothing to do with density. The height of the mattress will transmit grandeur and beauty to your room. The density will depend on the amount of raw material used in this mattress. For example: For a person of average height, a 12 cm D30 mattress will support our body better than a 22 cm D20 mattress.

What is the difference between a spring mattress and a foam mattress?

The spring mattress has the characteristic of allowing high comfort, resistance, breathability and durability for people with greater weight. When the mattress has good quality the durability is much greater than the foam mattress.

Should a mattress be firm or soft?

The firmness level of the mattress that is right for you usually depends on your body type, sleeping position and personal preference. Some people prefer to sleep on a softer surface, while others need the support of a medium-firm mattress to avoid back pain. Generally, a mattress that is too firm can inhibit circulation, while a soft mattress does not sufficiently support the lower back and shoulder area. Most people adapt well with a mattress described as medium-firm.

What is the advantage of the rolled mattress?

Once produced, the foam or bagged spring mattress is vacuum-rolled and placed in a specially designed box for easy transport. Benefits of this type of packaging: