Viscoelastic Mattress: everything you need to know

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The choice of ideal mattress must be taken very seriously! After all, it is where we rest at the end of intense days and where our energies are recharged for a new awakening. In fact, those who sleep well at night are more likely, not only to wake up in a good mood, but also to be more productive at work and/or at work. studies.

The quality of the mattress we have says a lot about the quality of our sleep, and it also has a big influence on many other aspects of our overall health and well-being.

Choosing the right mattress may seem like a nightmare, but with the right knowledge everything becomes easier! 

Among the most sought after models is the viscoelastic mattress. Well known for its ability to mold to the body, it is a favorite of many. In addition, it is also one of the most used types of mattresses in hotels and resorts. It's so comfortable it even looks like a sponge mattress!

Discover the particularities of the memory foam mattress and its advantages and disadvantages.


What is a viscoelastic mattress?


Viscoelastic mattresses were designed to slowly mold to the body and distribute body weight in a uniform way. They are prepared to withstand all types of impacts, slowly returning to their original shape without suffering deformations.

This type of mattresses are made of viscoelastic foam. - also known as memory foam

Viscoelastic foam is made from polyurethane, a synthetic material derived from plastic that allows you to form an exact mold of the body. 

Viscoelastic foam emerged in a very curious way. Developed in 1966 by NASA, was designed to be used in astronaut suits in order to relieve the tension and pressure points felt during take-off, as well as to respond to the demand for materials suitable for space equipment in general.

Since then, viscoelastic foam has revolutionized the world of mattresses, and not only… Currently, we can also find the presence of memory foam in pillows and even shoes.

Those who try to lie on a memory foam mattress can easily notice that the areas that support the heaviest areas of the body give way a little, while in the areas that support less body weight, the mattress remains resistant.


Who is the viscoelastic mattress suitable for? 


Overall, the memory foam mattress is quite versatile and adaptable.

Thanks to its ability to absorb and distribute force, viscoelastic foam quickly molds to any weight and body type, being considered one of the most comfortable and requested options on the market

A density of the memory foam mattress will determine how hard or soft it will be. The more body weight you need to support, the more density you must have! 

Regardless of the position you sleep in, the viscoelastic mattress adapts to the body in an ergonomic way, contributing to comfort and pressure relief. By being able to follow the natural curvature of the spine, it allows a more peaceful and comfortable rest.


Does memory foam mattress cause back pain?



It's true that not all mattresses support and respect the body's natural alignment. Complaints of postural problems and back pains resulting from the fact that the mattress is not the most suitable for this purpose - hence the importance of trying out different types of mattresses before purchasing.


Thanks to its characteristics, viscoelastic foam adapts to the body much better than traditional foams. Viscoelastic foam allows body weight to be evenly distributed across the mattress, providing better support for the spine and lower back.

The truth is one: sleeping on a memory foam mattress is like sleeping on a sponge mattress!



Viscoelastic mattress: advantages and disadvantages

Despite being one of the most popular models on the market thanks to its characteristics that make it unique and special, the memory foam mattress also has its disadvantages. Know the pros and cons of this type of mattress.

Advantages of memory foam mattress


  • Body pressure relief



By evenly distributing body weight, the viscoelastic mattress reduces pressure on the heaviest parts of our body (the shoulder area for men and the hips and chest for women). 


Thus, it is possible to achieve a more correct posture of the neck and spine, relieving back pain and even improving blood circulation.



  • Hypoallergenic and mite resistant



The composition and structure of viscoelastic mattresses offers great resistance against mites and bacteria, since their material does not allow the appearance of moisture. 


In this way, those who purchase a memory foam mattress are less likely to suffer from allergic reactions or respiratory problems, especially if it is protected with a effective mattress protector.



  • Absorbing the impact of movements



The memory foam mattress is also a great option for those who sleep together and are in the habit of moving around during the night. 


The quality of the memory foam helps to absorb the impact of movements carried out during the night, minimizing vibrations and variations in the mattress, so that the partner's sleep is not disturbed.



  • Adaptable to any position



Whatever position you sleep in, a memory foam mattress can adapt perfectly to each one, as its material adjusts to the shapes and weight of the body. 


Those who sleep on their stomachs on a memory foam mattress will notice that their spine is perfectly aligned. On the other hand, those who sleep on their backs will be able to enjoy the same level of posture support.


Disadvantages of memory foam mattress


  • Weight 



Due to its high density, viscoelastic foam mattresses are, as a rule, heavier than conventional foam mattresses, and it may be more difficult to lift them to change sheets, for example.  


Still, despite this being a disadvantage, it is easy to solve. How they don't need to be wheelset, when repositioning or lifting it, just make sure it is done by more than one person so as not to overload the spine.



  • Chemical odor release



At the beginning of their life, viscoelastic mattresses usually release a characteristic chemical odor, resulting from the degassing. This is mainly due to the presence of volatile organic compounds that can be found in products made from foam, plastic or thick adhesives.


In most cases, this smell disappears about 24 hours after opening the mattress and exposing it to air. In the case of memory foam mattresses with cheaper materials, the release of these gases can be stronger and longer lasting. However, they are not harmful to health. They can just be annoying for the most sensitive noses!



  • It's not water resistant



For those with pets or children, this can be a really big downside! 

The memory foam mattress is not water resistant and therefore it is very important to be careful when spilling liquids! In addition to making cleaning more difficult (since it is not waterproof), the presence of liquids inside the various layers of the mattress can reduce its lifespan.


Still, once again, there is a solution to overcome this disadvantage! Protecting the mattress with a waterproof protector eliminates this problem. When using a quality waterproof mattress protector, a barrier is created between liquids and the mattress surface, while protecting it against mites and bacteria.



  • Higher price



A memory foam mattress tends to be more expensive than other types of mattresses on the market. Especially if it is a mattress of high density and quality, the price is usually higher than a mattress with springs, for example.


However, in these cases, it is always better to invest in a good memory foam mattress capable of lasting a long time, than in a cheap model that may need to be replaced in 5/6 years.



Cheap can be very expensive, and quality pays for itself, right?


Viscoelastic mattress vs Spring mattress: which is better?

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Choosing a mattress is very subjective and personal, and is always dependent on each person's sleep needs and preferences.

Both viscoelastic mattresses and spring mattresses have their strengths and weaknesses that, for many, can be decisive and, for others, may not even make a difference.

Among the main aspects that differentiate the two models, the following stand out:

  • The durability

Taking into account the durability factor, memory foam mattresses last much longer than spring mattresses, especially the higher their density.

  • Isolation of motion transfer

As mentioned above, a viscoelastic mattress has the advantage of absorbing the impacts caused by movements, making it a good option for those who sleep together. On the contrary, spring mattresses don't isolate movements as well, and the springs can make some noise every time someone moves.

  • Temperature

Spring mattresses are usually cooler than memory foam mattresses, as they have the ability to retain body heat. Even so, most memory foam mattresses are already equipped with technologies and fabrics that allow greater air flow, ensuring more freshness.

  • Pressure relief

Viscoelastic mattresses are excellent in terms of their ability to adapt to the body's natural curves, relieving back and joint pain. On the other hand, spring mattresses do not have this type of support that is so uniform and personalized, and can become more uncomfortable.

  • Price

For many, this can be the most determining factor when choosing a mattress.

Spring mattresses are generally cheaper than memory foam mattresses. However, both types of mattresses are priced for a variety of budgets, depending on quality and density.


That said, it is possible to see that, compared to a traditional spring mattress, the viscoelastic mattress has more strengths. However, it is important to remember that this is a very personal choice, and that each option must be tested and evaluated. 

At Colmol, we have a 14-day trial so you can try your mattress and see if it's “the one”!


What care should you take with a memory foam mattress?

A viscoelastic mattress requires practically the same care that is given to other mattresses on the market, with no specific care for this type of mattress. 


The main recommendations include:


  • Air the room daily;
  • Vacuum the mattress surface to eliminate accumulated residues and dust;
  • Do not jump on top of the mattress;
  • Follow all manufacturer's recommendations on the label.


Following all these precautions, any mattress will have its useful life increased!


Are memory foam mattresses warm?

In the 1990s - when memory foam mattresses were created - the technology that allows temperature regulation had not yet been thought of.

At that time, memory foam mattresses were really hot and, being a mattress with higher density, worse. Result: joy in winter, suffering in summer!

The ability of memory foam mattresses to retain the heat of the body should:

  • at structure the viscoelastic material which, being denser, allows less air flow;
  • to the fact that if shape to the body which, by retaining heat, impairs its ability to thermoregulate temperature.

Fortunately, technology has advanced and, nowadays, it is already possible to find viscoelastic mattresses with materials that are much better prepared to answer and circumvent this question. 

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In the photo: Colmol mattress ZCloud Premium


The Colmol viscoelastic mattresses contain innovative and excellent fabrics that help in the dissipation of temperature and allow air circulation in the mattress, as is the case with Hydrophilic foam, do Carbon fabric It's from Fabric Repreve present in some of Colmol's high density memory foam mattresses.


For an even cooler feeling, especially on hot summer nights, the bedding account. Lighter fabrics, such as cotton or linen, further enhance the freshness that your rest (also) needs!




At Colmol, our priority is the satisfaction of those who seek to improve their nights rest through effective and quality products. Our team of Sleep Specialists provides personalized advice on a daily basis, adapted to the needs of each client that comes to us. 

If you are looking for this specialized help, you can contact us directly:

  • by telephone to the number +351 300 600 110
  • or send us your queries by email


We are always available to help you… and your sleep 🧡



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