How to sleep well when the heat is on: 7 tips

With the arrival of warmer temperatures, many find it difficult to sleep. Keep the room fresher with these suggestions.

Summer brings with it many good things: lighter clothes, the possibility of going to the beach, having dinner with friends until later on the terraces… However, there is something that can become a nightmare with the arrival of heat: to sleep.

The muffler and heavier air makes the environment inside the room very unsuitable for peaceful nights and it is not always possible to count on the help of an air conditioner. The good news is that there are some tricks you can and should put in place to help refresh you in these times. In addition, Colmol has several products designed precisely for these occasions.


7 tips to sleep better on hot days

1. Keep windows closed during the day…

The best way to prevent an unpleasantly hot room is to keep out heat. For this, it may be a good idea to close the windows (blinds, shutters or equivalent) in the morning and also keep the lights off.

2. … and open overnight

After sunset, when the day starts to cool off, do the opposite action: open all the windows and let the room air. If it's not a nuisance, leaving the window open overnight can even help create a draft that relieves the heat. In this way, it might even be possible to save on cooling.

3. Take a shower before bed

A fresh water shower can be a very pleasant feeling for those who have done everything they can to cool down and haven't been successful. Before going to sleep, take a refreshing bath, which will cause your body temperature to drop and help you fall asleep. Attention: it doesn't need to be a cold bath, just make yourself feel cooler.

4. Drink fresh water

Cooling from the inside out can be a way to combat the night heat. It is always essential to stay hydrated, especially in summer – who has never woken up with a dry mouth? – so drinking a glass of cool water before bed can help you get a restful sleep. If possible, you can keep some cool water by your bed if you want to drink if you wake up in the middle of the night.

5. Prefer lighter dinners

We must never underestimate the impact our diet has on other aspects of our lives. While digestion takes place, the body generates heat, so digesting heavy foods can actually increase your body temperature. Thus, on these nights when the heat is on, it may be advisable to avoid heavy and fatty meals, and to eat light and cold dishes, which require less metabolic effort from the body. So, salads, fruits and vegetables should be prioritized. Not only do they give your digestive system less work, they also free you from the heat of the stove on hot days.

6. Attention to the pillow

The head is one of the places where the body concentrates heat the most – and also where it loses it, which is why many feel more comfortable in winter wearing a hat. In this case, on hot days, choosing a cooler pillow can make all the difference.

It opts for fillings and coatings in natural fibers, such as cotton. For those who sweat a lot at night, investing in a waterproof cover to prevent sweat and other secretions from migrating to the pillow - preventing the proliferation of mites, fungi and bacteria, capable of triggering allergic crises - could be the difference between having a good night's sleep comfortable or not.

7. Opt for fresh bedding

It's no use choosing the freshest pajamas if the bed linen is not equally fresh. On these hotter nights, put aside satin, silk, polyester sheets, or any mixed and synthetic materials. Nothing makes for a more comfortable night than cotton bedding, which is lighter and allows the skin to breathe better as they help to absorb heat better.


Colmol products to help with hot nights

The sun is shining outside, but it can make the nights too hot for comfort. What to do under these circumstances? Betting on high quality products, which will make the nights much more comfortable. There are even those who never give up and the take it with you on vacation.

Set of 200 or 400 threads percale sheets

The 400 or 200 Threads percale sheets set provide a feeling of unique freshness on the skin. They are 100% woven in Egyptian Cotton and offer superior comfort and softness. They are also easy to treat: they do not need to be ironed, which on the hottest days is a blessing.

Sheet and Mattress Protector Savana 2 in 1

For practicals who appreciate 2-in-1 items, the Savana Sheet and Mattress Protector is ideal for those looking for an integrated solution for quality bedding. It's made from 100% extra soft cotton and a breathable polyurethane base.

Gel Mattress

Those looking for extra comfort with greater air circulation and a feeling of freshness will find the Gel mattress topper. The Carbon fabric present in this over-mattress has anti-static properties and helps to dissipate the temperature which, together with 4D'Air technology, improves air circulation in the mattress, reducing humidity and bacteria proliferation. Composed of Foam HD 30 and a layer of Visco Gel, it not only relieves pressure, but also transmits a feeling of freshness, maintaining the body's thermal balance and improving sleep quality.

Cotton Mattress Protective Cover

Another way to ensure the thermal balance of the body on the hottest nights is to put on the Rizo Elastic Mattress Cover. This soft, absorbent and adaptable product is ideal for bed protection. The fabric is 100% cotton, with excellent thermal capacity and comfort.

Aloe Vera Waterproof Mattress Protector

As an alternative to the mattress protective cover, the Aloe Vera Mattress Protector, also made of 100% cotton, is the meeting between protecting the mattress and caring for the skin. With anti-mite properties, waterproof, soft and breathable, this protector offers excellent thermal capacity and comfort.

Thermoregulator Pad

You will never again have to choose between comfort and quality if you choose Colmol's Thermoregulatory pillow. This ensures the correct posture of your body while dreaming so that you don't feel any discomfort during the night.

The 100% thermoregulatory double fabric cushion cover incorporates technology developed by NASA. In this way, the proliferation of bacteria and mites is avoided and it is also a cushion that cushions changes in temperature and humidity. The filling is composed of Neotherm fiber that balances the temperature during sleep, ensuring smooth firmness, excellent elasticity and recovery.


enjoy 100% of the summer

Too much heat can make people more restless, which is worse if they cannot get restful sleep and/or suffer from insomnia. While temperatures remain warm outside, these suggestions will keep your room cool, so you'll sleep more comfortably and peacefully. You may have to face the heat again during the day, but don't face the fatigue caused by it.

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