Used mattress: everything you need to know


In an era when the marketplaces are in vogue, the preference for looking for second-hand items is growing. 

In an attempt to find good bargains and opportunities, many people use this type of platform to sell what they no longer use and/or buy something they may need.

There are even those who spend hours and hours scrolling in the hope of finding a good find that is worth the cost-benefit issue. However, not all items are suitable for buying/selling second-hand, such as underwear, hygiene items, but also… mattresses.

Are you thinking about changing your mattress? Should you look for used mattresses for sale? We'll give you all the answers.

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How long does a mattress last?

Being the bed and mattress, the most used pieces in your nights sleep,they will not last forever.

Over time, the mattress will lose its initial properties, causing the support it gives your body to not be in the best condition.

Most mattresses usually last between 7 to 10 years before showing signs of wear, so at Colmol we recommend that you replace your mattress every 7 years.


Is it safe to buy a used mattress?

It is true that buying a new mattress is a big investment, which leads some people to look for used mattresses for sale, as it is the most wallet-friendly option!

Although, buying a used mattress may not be that beneficial and recommended, especially when it comes to health - and that is reason enough to think twice before doing so.

Although it seems like the best solution when it comes to savings, in the long run the risks can outweigh this advantage!

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of buying a used mattress.


The benefits of buying used mattresses


The advantages of buying a used mattress are well known. After all, these are the same reasons that lead someone to look for used mattresses for sale. 


  • More economical



This is the determining factor for purchasing a second-hand mattress. The money you save is quite noticeable when it comes to buying a new mattress. 

A search for the various portuguese marketplaces, made us conclude that a used mattress is around €100-€200. However, of course, this number can increase or decrease depending on the mattress brand, measurements and time of use.


  • Ecological



Buying a used mattress, in addition to being a wallet-friendly option, is also - and above all - environmentally friendly! 

Every year, around 7.5 million mattresses end up in landfills in the UK alone. From this point of view, saving an old mattress from a death sentence might not be a bad idea really…

Lately, the mattress market has increased its environmental concern, producing sustainable mattresses made from recycled materials. However, in many cases these can come at a higher price. 

Buying a used mattress that is sustainable and biodegradable is the best way to save money, and at the same time contribute to the reduction of the ecological footprint and greater environmental concern.


The disadvantages of buying used mattresses


Buying a used mattress can have more risks than you might think. And the truth is that the number of disadvantages greatly exceeds the number of advantages. 

Find out why you shouldn't buy a used mattress.


  • Reduced lifespan



Most mattresses usually last between 7 to 10 years before showing signs of wear. When you buy a second-hand mattress, its product-life is already reduced.

Anyone who buys a mattress that is 5 years old will probably only be able to use it for another 2 or 5 years until it starts to show signs of damage.

This is a bigger expense in the long run, as this used mattress will have to be replaced much sooner than if it were bought new.


  • Mites and bed bugs



When buying a used mattress, we have no idea how clean it is and how regularly it has been cleaned. Attention: not always a white mattress with a careful appearance is effectively!

A used mattress, regardless of its lifespan, may have accumulated bed bugs and dust mites during the time it was used. 

With regard to this type of microorganisms, they are not detectable and visible to the naked eye. If you suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory conditions, bed bugs and mites can trigger a range of reactions such as coughing, irritated skin and difficulty breathing. 

Therefore, it is especially important to rest on a new, clean mattress.


  • Unsanitary



As with the problem of mites, when we buy a used mattress, we can hardly understand the degree of hygiene applied during the time it was being used by someone else.

Unlike bedding, a mattress cannot be washed in its entirety. In addition to accumulating bacteria and other types of organisms, a mattress can also accumulate sweat, body fluids, hair, among others. 

Even if the mattress is bought from someone you know, it is important to remember that it was used every day by someone else, which in itself compromises hygiene issues.


  • Lack of Warranty



Most mattress companies offer guarantees that protect the consumer against possible manufacturing and quality defects of their mattress.

In the case of buying a used mattress, many times its warranty has already expired, or is about to expire.

Furthermore, in most cases, when a mattress is sold, the warranty is not transferable from one owner to another, even if the item is only one or two years old. 

So, if in the future, the used mattress has a problem, there is nothing you can do but pay for the damage repair or replace the mattress completely.

At Colmol, we are completely confident in the quality of our production, which is why we offer a 3-year warranty.


  • No possibility of return



The purchase of a new mattress almost always includes a number of days for testing that allow the customer to try out the mattress they have chosen and see if it suits their needs.

In the event that it is not the ideal mattress, usually the return policies are quite easy and hassle-free.

When buying a second-hand mattress, sales are final and no refund is possible. If the used mattress does not meet expectations, it cannot be returned and the consumer will not be refunded.

At Colmol, each customer has 14 days of trial so you can try out your mattress. In case you want to exchange or return, our support team takes care of everything through very simple processes!


  • Product delivery



When you buy a new mattress from a specialist store or company, they undertake to deliver the item - as is the case with Colmol - and, in most cases, to place it directly in your room. 

When it comes to a second-hand purchase, the buyer is responsible for resolving the delivery issue. 

If the used mattress is purchased from someone who lives far from your area of residence, as it is a large item, the costs associated with shipping and delivery are high. 

In addition to paying for the article, you will pay “a few euros” more and, in certain cases, it may not even be worth it!


After all, is it worth buying a used mattress?


Given the number of disadvantages presented above, you will probably know what we recommend you to do… or, in this case, what we recommend you not to do!

Buying a used mattress can compromise your health and, for that reason alone, it is no longer recommended!

However, if for financial or other reasons, the only option for you is to buy a used mattress, the ideal is that you meticulously search for a mattress that is used for a short time or never used. 

If possible, choose a mattress that has been used by someone you know, and whom you trust enough, to make sure it is well cared for and cared for.

If you don't have this option, look for second-hand stores that guarantee good quality assurance policies. You should check the article well to see if it does not contain stains or any kind of dirt.

…what if it's a crib mattress?

When passing from one child to the next, it is common to take advantage of as many goods as possible (whether clothes, shoes or other types of accessories) in order to avoid waste and to reuse as much as possible what, often, a first child never used.

However, when it comes to reusing a crib mattress, the case changes! 

According to one study published not The British Medical Journal, babies who sleep on mattresses previously used by other babies are more likely to be sudden infant death victims

According to this research, of the 131 cases of deaths in cribs, more than half of the children slept on used crib mattresses, provided by other family members. Curious…

While it might be tempting to take advantage of a used crib mattress for an upcoming child, we agree with the experts: you should always buy a new mattress for each one. 

When it comes to the security of a baby, the best thing is not to risk it!





Old mattress? What to do with him?

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Nothing in life lasts forever! Even the best mattresses have their lifespan. 

If your mattress is between 7 and 10 years old, you should think about replacing it with a new one, as it may have already lost some of its characteristics due to use and time spent. So that you always keep yours spine well cared for, changes mattresses at least every 10 years.

Look in your area of residence to see if there is an entity responsible for collecting large items where mattresses and other bulky materials are included, such as furniture and appliances.

Some municipalities provide this service for free. However, others may charge from a certain amount of waste.

If your used mattress is still in good condition, and you simply want to buy a new one, you can also donate your old mattress to an institution that provides support to needy families in your area of residence, for example.


At Colmol, we collect your old mattress

When buying your new mattress at Colmol, you can request the collection of your old mattress. Did you know about this?!

Upon delivery of the new mattress, our teams take care of collecting your used mattress so that you don't have to worry about looking for a solution for your old mattress, and so that you can make the most of the happiness that is sleeping. on a Colmol mattress!


Extends the lifespan of your mattress


Regardless of whether your mattress is purchased brand new or used, it is essential that you clean it regularly… and in the right way. In this way, in addition to ensuring that you sleep every night on a clean and fresh mattress, you will be prolonging your life!

For a correct hygiene of your mattress, you must avoid using homemade recipes, such as cleaning it with baking soda or vinegar. Also remember the vacuum clean it frequently to eliminate and prevent dust and unwanted organisms that can accumulate, as well as turn-it/roll-it from time to time.

To make your life easier and increase your lifespan, you must protect you so it stays clean for a long time. You might even think that the bed sheets will do that role, but it's not enough!

Colmol protectors, in addition to being practical, resistant to machine washes and over time, will also protect your skin.





If, at the beginning of reading this post, you were thinking about buying a used mattress, you have probably already changed your mind… Is what you would save worth the price of a good and peaceful night's sleep? 


We know that, often, combining quality and necessity at a good price can seem like a complex task, one that keeps us awake at night. But at Colmol, you can rest easy! A good mattress is not always synonymous with a high price! 

Did you know that many of the mattresses used in luxury hotels have a Colmol seal? You too can have the comfort of a hotel bed in your home!

All our mattresses combine best quality at a fair price and friendly for its different functions. you just have to tell us what are your needs and we will recommend the mattress of your dreams! 

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