To make or not to make the bed? That is the question.

There are two types of people in the world: those who don't leave the house in the morning without making their bed, and those who never do it because they consider it a waste of time.


Certainly, a large part falls into the second group: the one who often asks himself “why make the bed if I'm going to unmake it again at night?!”. On the other hand, there are even those who cannot start another day and leave the house without making their bed. 

But, after all, should the bed be made every morning, or is it an expendable task?


Mulher a fazer a cama


Should we make the bed or not?

In fact, opinions differ. But, even so, there is one that is unanimous and that, therefore, stands out!

There are studies that argue that leave the bed undone can be considered a healthy lifestyle habit. In particular the known study conducted by Kingston University, which alerts to the importance of not making the bed in the morning, as a way to combat the number of mites that live there.

This is because mites feed on the dead cells of our skin, and produce substances capable of causing allergic reactions that can manifest themselves through sneezing, coughing and sore throats.

The humidity and human warmth present in the bedding right after waking up are ideal for the procreation of this type of microscopic beings. 

According to the conclusion drawn of this study at the University of Kingdom, leaving the bed unmade during the day allows these ideal conditions to be reversed, and the mites end up dying without the possibility of reproducing.

However, this same study has been corroborated by the large number of theses that show precisely the opposite: making bed in the morning is part of the list of good habits that we should all follow. 

Yes… you really should make the bed every day! 

This is, without a doubt, the most defended option and that brings together the greatest number of benefits. Find out why.

Why should we make the bed every day?

The feeling of organization and cleanliness are not the only advantages of making your bed every morning before you leave the house. 

In addition to contributing to our productivity, making the bed every day also has a lot of influence on the way we face everyday life!

Despite the theses that defend that we should leave the bed unmade, the best solution is to set aside a few minutes at the beginning of your day to do it, and leave your room tidy.

Even so, you shouldn't make the bed right after you wake up

The first step to take for a quality sleep - and free of mites - is to keep the room properly ventilated. Remember that hot and humid environments allow mites to multiply even more.

You must air the room daily, at least 10 minutes before making bed, regardless of the season. 

You can take the opportunity to do it while doing your morning tasks like taking a shower, having breakfast or dressing, for example. In this way, you guarantee enough time for the expulsion of all types of humidity and heat, so desirable to mites. 

If the bed is made right after waking up, the perfect environment is being created for them to reproduce… and that's all we don't want! 


The best solutions for a mite-free rest

Despite the thesis that defends that we should not make the bed to avoid mites is not the most correct, the problem of mites remains! However, that shouldn't be an excuse for not making your bed! There are other effective ways to get around this problem.

As a way of ensuring as much hygiene as possible, in addition to the importance of the bed being aired right after waking up, you should not forget to periodically change the bed linen and towels. Turn/flip the mattress sometimes.

In addition, there are also a number of essential products that should be part of your sleep, so that your health is not compromised. 

Protective mattress covers, dust mite duvets and mattress covers are, without a doubt, the icing on the cake for your nights rest! 


Protect the mattress it's as important as taking a shower every day. Not only will you be prolonging its lifespan, but also protecting it from mites and other types of bacteria that are so harmful to your health.


3 (good) reasons not to leave the house without making your bed

As you've already realized, making your bed every day is a healthy lifestyle habit that you should start putting into practice… if you haven't already. 

However, it's not just physical health that the results are beneficial!

Adopting good habits such as making your bed and tidying your room before leaving home will also influence many other aspects of your general well-being which, in the long run, are meant to improve your quality of life! 

Know them.

Improved sleep quality


Homem na cama a dormir bem


The habit of making the bed plays an important role in improving our nights sleep. 

One study conducted by the Sleep Foundation, highlights some essential elements in our bedroom environment at bedtime, which can contribute to better nights sleep. 

In addition to the reduction of lightideal temperature, mattress type and noises, the habit of making the bed daily appears as one of the ways to improve the bedroom environment and, consequently, the quality of sleep.

The same study also reveals that, among the 1500 participants, those who make their bed every (or almost every) day, sleep much better compared to the rest who do not make the bed. You weren't expecting this one, were you?!

So, if you sleep poorly and tend to leave the bed unmade, start there. It can help you sleep better!


 Helps create productive habits


Mulher a arrumar as roupas de casa


Second Charles Duhingg, famous author best seller “The Force of Habit”, the simple act of making the bed is directly related how increased productivity and a greater sense of well-being. 

In addition, it creates a kind of domino effect, capable of causing other good habits to begin to emerge. Interesting, isn't it?

The visual sensation of a bedroom with the bed made is extremely pleasant and satisfying. There is no doubt about that!

Because it is so pleasant, it makes us want to fulfill the mission of tidying up everything else that may be out of place and, consequently, to create other good productive habits without us noticing! 

When you complete the task of making the bed, you will automatically force yourself to complete all other pending tidiness. Basically, as the slang says, the kill two birds with one stone".

That clothes from the day before that were lying on the chair or shoes that are out of place don't match the beauty of a made, clean and tidy bed. Therefore, starting with making the bed is “half the battle” for creating other good habits of housekeeping. 


 Improved mood and well-being


Mulher a espreguiçar-se com o cão do seu lado


Did you know that a made and tidy bed also helps to reduce our stress levels and, consequently, makes us happier?

It is estimated that a third of our life is spent in the bedroom and, therefore, its appearance is quite capable of affecting our state of mind.

Leaving the bed made before leaving home creates an immediate feeling of tranquility, and it greatly influences the way we face the rest of the day. 

What's more, coming home after a day's work, and seeing a tidy room and a bed made with the sheets stretched out, translates into an equally satisfying feeling of well-being. 

For those who telework, the influence that the act of making (or not making) bed can have on mood and productivity is even more evident. Let's be honest: it will certainly be difficult to feel productive, focused and relaxed, when everything around you is in disorganization, don't you think?

Take the test! Adopt this habit of making your bed every day for a week and see the difference it makes in your day-to-day, and in the way you face it!


How to make the bed correctly?

There is no better feeling than lying down and falling asleep in a fresh, well-made bed with the bedding well stretched! The feeling is almost as good as falling asleep in a hotel bed: a paradise of comfort and rest! It seems like we slept better... 

However, we know that hotel maids need to follow a certain protocol so that the beds are made perfectly and with maximum detail!

Even so, we can all have a hotel-worthy bed at home without requiring such detailed care. Even because, the more practical the mission of making the bed, the more you will have to do it in the morning, right?

if you want to learn how make the bed "like a pro, but in a practical and fast way, you are in the right place! We will teach you some tips and tricks so that you can make your bed perfectly, without having to spend much of your time.



Where to start?

A good bed is the place of excellence for quality rest. That's right! Having a comfortable bed that suits your needs is essential for a restful and invigorating sleep. 

Therefore, it is essential to choosing a good mattress! It is true that it is an investment, but it is a very rewarding investment in the short, medium and long term. A good mattress is synonymous with comfort, but above all with longevity. 

Start with choose a mattress suitable for your weight and physical characteristics. If you don't know which is the best option, you can answer our quiz! It takes less than 1 minute. 

Based on your preferences and needs, you will find out which Colmol mattress best suits you. Quality and satisfaction are guaranteed!


Indispensable Material Checklist

After choosing the ideal mattress, it's time to gather all the materials needed for a well-made bed. 

The choice of bedding makes all the difference in the comfort your bed is able to provide you every night. However, this choice does not have to mean expense! 

At Colmol, the options are varied, and combine competitive prices with beauty, comfort and softness. 

Remember that quantity does not mean quality! It is better to have few bedding games good, than many and weak. With the passing of time, poor materials become more expensive as you will need to change them more often.

If you look for the necessary materials for a complete and well-made bed, follow our recommendations:

  • 1 Sheet;
  • 1 sheet-cover;
  • Pillowcase(s);
  • 1 Mattress protector;
  • 1 duvet (for colder days);
  • 1 Quilt;
  • Sleeping pillow(s);
  • Decorative pillows.

With these accessories, you'll have everything you need to make your bed. The right materials capable of providing you with a comfort equivalent to a hotel bed!


How to make the bed: the step-by-step


Cama por fazer


In order for your bed to be well made every morning, you need to make sure that:

  • The sheets are properly stretched;
  • The corners are perfectly bent;
  • The folds and corners are perfectly fitted.

In case you want to know how to make the bed correctly, and how/when you should use each of the products that we recommend above, nothing better than a step-by-step tutorial!

Just follow these 7 steps so that your bed is perfect:

  1. Start by protecting your mattress with a waterproof mattress protector or one mattress cover. This is an essential step to ensure maximum hygiene and cleanliness, but also to make your mattress last longer;
  2. Over the protector or mattress cover, place the sheet. This must be well stretched, and the excess fabric fitted inside the 4 sides of the mattress;
    Extra Tip: to save you more time, our Sheet and Savanna Protector is a 2-in-1 product that combines protection with the comfort of a sheet.
  3. Then cover the bed with the cover sheet. This is the sheet that is over your body, and with which you cover yourself. In cold seasons, this is when the duvet, over the cover sheet; 
  4. Folds (outwards) the top of the cover sheet, leaving enough space for the pillows;
  5. Then go to the sleeping pillows. With pillowcases placed, arrange the pillows side by side, between the head of the bed and the beginning of the fold of the cover sheet.
  6. Toward the end, she covers the bed with the quilt. Make sure the hems and the fabric that is on the outside are tucked inside the sides of the mattress.
  7. Finally, place the decorative pillows on top of the bedspread, close to the headboard, in a diagonal step. The number of decorative pillows to place depends on your personal taste.

And There you go! Bed made... and well made. Worthy of a hotel room! 




Now that you know the thousand and one benefits that the simple act of making your bed every morning can bring to your general well-being, it's time to start putting everything into practice!


In addition to being a healthy lifestyle habit, it can also be decisive for your days to be better used, and for you to develop other good habits of tidying and cleaning… in your home and in your life!


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