Bed headboards: how to choose?

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For many, along with a mattress high quality, the headboard is considered an integral and essential part of the bed. 

Adding a headboard is a simple way to bring some life and modernity to a bedroom. 

There are bed headboards of the most varied shapes, sizes and shapes. From elegant to simple, these can be much more than just decorative accessories. In addition to the aesthetic sense that a headboard provides, there are also a variety of functional aspects that can be improved thanks to this accessory. 

What is a headboard?

An headboard it is, nothing less, than a piece of furniture attached to the bed. Generally, they are made of upholstered materials, wood or metal and can be from design plain or printed with decorative elements and textures. Some headboards on the market even have storage functions, including shelves or drawers in their structure.

Headboards are not a modern invention at all. Believed to date from ancient egypt yes Ancient Greece, where having a bed with a headboard was a sign of social status, a kind of luxury reserved only for pharaohs and high-status citizens. At that time, they were only used for aesthetic purposes, ornamented and carved in gold. 

Already in the times of Greeks and Romans, a more practical and functional purpose was recognized in bed headboards. These were basic wooden structures, used as a barrier between the wall and the edge of the bed, in order to protect from cold drafts.

This objective of protection given to the headboards has remained current until today. In addition to adding style and character to a bed, headboards protect walls from friction caused by movement of the bed frame. 

Thanks to the headboards, the beds can be easily moved close to the wall without running the risk of damaging the paintwork. In addition, they are indispensable for people who tend to move a lot during the night, helping to protect the head and neck and preventing the pillows from falling out of bed.

Main benefits of headboards

When it comes to idealizing the perfect decoration for the bedroom, the headboard can be the least important and most undervalued item in the selection process. If you are part of the group of people who think that headboards are only for aesthetic and decorative purposes, you will change your mind! 

A well-chosen headboard can instantly elevate the look of your bedroom and be that final touch of elegance and personality your bedroom needs. 

Although not an absolute necessity, there are countless benefits that headboards can bring. Know some.

  • Provides head, neck and back support

  • The bed is not the place where “only and only” we sleep. We often spend a few minutes sitting in bed watching TV, doing scroll on social media or reading a book. For those who like to comply with any of these habits before bed, having a headboard is almost mandatory! After all, nobody likes to be leaning against a hard wall, right?

    Headboards are the perfect solution as they provide the necessary support for the head, neck and back. In these cases, it is recommended to opt for a padded headboard capable of offering comfort at a higher level. Believe... yours column will thank you!

  • Prevent wall damage

  • As we have already mentioned, one of the main functions of the headboards is to protect the bedroom wall, since the headboard works as a barrier between the bed frame and the wall. 

    Especially for those who tend to move around a lot during their sleep, using a headboard prevents the edges and corners of the bed from rubbing against the wall as the body moves during the night. In this way, the risk of damaging the wall through contact and friction is almost zero. 

    Furthermore, without a headboard, the fact that the head is directly against the wall, will cause the oil and sweat released by the human body to come into contact with the wall, soiling and staining its finish.

  • Protects against the cold

  • A temperature Bedroom environment plays an important role in sleep quality. It is difficult to get a good night's rest in a room that is too cold or, on the contrary, too hot!

    The initial reason why the headboards were designed was precisely their ability to protect against the cold and drafts.

    Depending on the house, when it was built, with what materials, and where it is located, additional draft protection may be required. Sleeping with your head against a poorly insulated cold wall can be a real nightmare and jeopardize your nights rest. 

    Headboards add an extra layer of insulation, keeping the cold at bay while we sleep.

  • Helps keep pads in place

  • There are few things more frustrating than having to wake up in the middle of the night to look for cushions lost, especially when they fall to the ground and accumulate dirt and dust. Anyone who doesn't have a headboard will certainly know the feeling! 

    The lack of a headboard means a small gap between the bed and the wall - the perfect hiding place for pillows! Betting on a headboard allows the pillows to always be safe and protected, so you can rest all night without any discomfort. 

    Furthermore, choose the right pillow for your needs can also alleviate this problem and help improve the quality of your sleep. 

  • A good Feng Shui practice

  • According to Feng Shui, during the night period, we are more unprotected and energetically more fragile. Consequently, sleeping in a bed without a headboard can make us more vulnerable and more likely to develop sleep disorders. 

    According to Chinese art, a headboard symbolizes protection, security and stability. Because it has a strong and stable energy, it provides more restful sleep and an overall feeling of greater support in life. 

    Therefore, a headboard is also of great importance in balancing the energies of the bedroom and improving the quality of sleep.

    How to choose a headboard?

    cabeceiras cama colmol


    When choosing the best headboard, it is essential that it meets certain requirements, so that it really is the right choice. The headboard to choose should:

    • have one design timeless;
    • provide the Support adequate;
    • be from a material Of Quality;
    • have the size right.

    Aesthetically speaking, the design and tones of the headboard must be in line with the other elements of the bedroom and with all its surroundings - while meeting personal taste, of course. 

    Opting for a timeless design will ensure that the chosen headboard never goes out of style and always remains current as time passes.

    However, and above any aesthetic motivation, the type of material and the size of the headboard are the two main determining factors in this choice.

    What is the best type of material?

    The headboard material depends on personal preferences and the type of use given to the bed. Although there are several materials (such as wood or metal), headboards upholstered are the most popular.

    Upholstered headboards add a special touch of elegance and class to a bedroom. Perfect for those who like to spend some time relaxing in bed, reading a book or watching TV, the upholstered headboards provide good support for the head and neck, thanks to their soft and comfortable feel.

    Because they are upholstered, these headboards are great at blocking noise and light, making them an ideal choice for those who like dark and quiet rooms.

    The choice of finishes for the headboard makes it possible to combine comfort with good design and allows a single headboard to adapt to different styles of decoration, whether it be a more traditional or contemporary style. 

    What is the ideal size?

    Knowing which measures to choose is a fairly simple task. Basically, the size of the headboard will depend on the size of the bed.

    If your bed is a double, you will need a double headboard. On the contrary, if you sleep in a single or king bed, your headboard must respect those same measurements. Simple, isn't it?

    To make your choice easier, and so that you can have a more realistic idea of the sizes available, these are the measurements of the colmol headboards:

    • Single bed headboard 90x120
    • Single bed headboard 100x120
    • Double bed headboard 140x120
    • Double bed headboard 150x120
    • Double bed headboard 160x120
    • King bed headboard 180x120
    • King bed headboard 200x120

    In addition to the importance of combining the size of the bed with the size of the headboard, the measurements of the bedroom should not be forgotten! When choosing a headboard, it is essential to consider the space available in the bedroom. This aspect can limit the choice of headboard size and height!

    Thus, small rooms and/or rooms with many decorative elements need a headboard that is not too high, preventing the room from becoming a confusing space with “excess information”.

    When in doubt... dive into your creative side!

    Can't find models of headboards for sale on the market that fit your measurements? are you tired of doing scroll on Google looking for creative and inexpensive headboards? So maybe it's better to get to work... 

    If by chance you even have some secret skills for DIY and DIY 's, why not make your own headboard?! There are tons of tutorials available on Youtube that can help you create your headboard, completely adapted to your personality and the style of your room. You can even use materials you already have at home, such as pieces of wood, fabric scraps or even that leftover wallpaper. Any of these items can be reused to create a double or single headboard tailored to you.

    Vídeo youtube

    Video: HGTV Handmade

    There are tons of ideas that you can pull from the internet for inspiration. From more creative headboards with drawings and prints, to simpler and more discreet options that, even so, give that special touch to the room.

    Making your own headboard is a much more affordable way to get the style you really want. This way, you can have a creative and inexpensive headboard, proudly developed by you!

    Common questions

    How to assemble a headboard?

    Assembling the headboard will depend on the type of bed where it will be inserted, as well as the type of headboard chosen.

    Bed headboards can be installed in a variety of ways. There are headboards that attach directly to the wall, headboards mounted directly on the bed frame, and freestanding headboards.

    If you don't feel comfortable assembling your headboard yourself, when buying one bed headboard at Colmol, you can add the extra assembly service. Our technicians take care of everything. You won't have to worry about anything!

    My bed does not allow the installation of a headboard. Can I fix it on the wall?

    Yes perfectly. In cases where the bed frame does not contain screws and holes that allow a headboard to be fitted, this can be fixed to the wall.

    Our headboards include wall mounting brackets.

    What color headboard should I buy?

    Interior design trends are like fashion trends: they come and go. We always recommend choosing a fabric color that matches the base of the bed and the tones present in the bedroom. Especially if the room is small, it is important that the headboard is in light tones to bring more subtlety and harmony to the space.

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