Why do we sleep better in a hotel? Discover the 4 reasons

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When we want to spend a few nights in a hotel, the word that comes to mind is always the same: comfort.

The fact of being in a hotel brings us to good feelings. Tranquility, peace, carefree and, above all, knowing that we will sleep well.

In other situations, when we have to sleep away from home, there is always that fear of a bad night sleep

However, when we know that this bed is in the hotel room where we are going to settle in, it seems that the fear disappears, doesn't it? Quite curious!

Find out here why this happens: 


When we go to a hotel, we know right away that we won't have to do many of the boring everyday tasks: tidying the room, cleaning, making the bed, etc.  That alone takes a great deal of weight off us. 

As a rule, hotel rooms are clean, cosy, provide a calm environment and are impeccably ready for their guests. 

Hotel rooms are designed so that sleep away from home it means relaxing as much as possible, without worries  with the daily routine, which is usually running and busy. 

In a hotel, we usually don't hear: “I don't have time for anything!”. 

We really have time: that precious luxury these days.

During our stay, we managed to sleep rested, cozy and literally in the clouds.

We wake up refreshed and relaxed. We are allowed to make the most of the moment. We truly achieved rest. 


Hotels prepare their rooms to the smallest detail so that their guests can sleep well and with quality.

We often see air conditioning equipment in hotel rooms. From the coldest to the hottest people, everyone can use them so that the temperature suits their needs.

Rooms with a lower temperature can help us to sleep faster and wake up full of energy.

The fact that we can play with the lighting we want in our hotel room will also help us to get a good night's sleep. 

Dimmable light, curtains or blinds serve to adapt both to people who only sleep in darkness, and to those who sleep with all possible and imaginary light.

Providing guests with a wide range of options is the objective, so that they have better nights sleep, and so that it is possible sleep away from home with quality.

The motto is this: to feel at home!



Hotels pay special attention to the type of pillows they place in their rooms. 

Have you ever thought why the hotel bed are you always stuffed with pillows? 

Because hotels want to provide a great experience for everyone, satisfying all tastes and preferences.

If you notice, you will often find several pillow options, with more or less layers of padding. 

There is people who prefer to sleep with two pillows, or just one. It can be harder, softer, higher or lower... all options are valid!

Another thing that hotels usually do is regularly change pillows and other accessories so they don't lose quality. 

That's why we always feel that the room is brand new!


Sleep away from home it can be a very pleasant experience if we have the right products. 

The hotel bed it's always the best part of the room because that's where we recharge our batteries for the next day.

When we go to sleep, it's always a great feeling when we lie down in the hotel mattress  with fresh, freshly laid sheets.

There is better way to get a good night's sleep? We don't think so either.

As a rule, in hotels, sheets are changed and sanitized much more often than in our own house, which avoids health problems.

In our home environment, this is frequently postponed or dropped. Due to fatigue, lack of time, or simply due to acute laziness.

When we ignore this all-important habit, we are opening the door to sleepless nights.

The greater the quality and comfort of accessories and bed linen, the more peaceful our nights will be. 

Gives you something to think about, right? 


For sleep well, it is essential that the mattress is up-to-date. And that's also what hotels focus on.

O hotel mattress is the one we dream of having in our house.

Mattresses should provide comfort and support, so that guests can feel snug more easily, while preserving the spine.

The best hotels will invest in high quality mattresses, for everyone to feel superb during one of the most important parts of the day: at night.

Invest everything at that moment. And that's also why we find ourselves not wanting the experience to end. 

A good night's sleep is half the way for us to choose the same hotel again next time.


Colmol is the ideal partner to make your room worthy of a hotel room. 

If your mattress sinks every time you turn over, if the pillow isn't what it used to be, then this is the right time to change them.  

To have your own hotel bed, you can select the products that you identify with the most from the wide range that we present to you.

You can start by choosing your new one hotel mattress according to your preferences, taking into account how you like to sleep:

Can't decide? No problem! Our quiz will show you which options are best for you.

In addition to the mattress, you can also pick one of our mattress topper if you want extra comfort. You are guaranteed to be well served!

In relation to cushions, these should provide good head support, either sideways or on your back.

But the last word is always yours. You must ponder well and think about what suits you best. That's why we are here to help you, without haste.

Above all, whatever your choice, the most important thing is that you feel as comfortable as possible so that you can sleep well.

If you still have doubts and even need to take some vacation, you can combine business with pleasure and choose one of the hotels that use Colmol products:

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