What is the best mattress for the spine? Find out everything in this full article about mattresses

Choosing a good spine mattress depends on your specific needs and preferences, but some mattresses ensure correct spine position. Find out which ones.


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What types of mattresses are there according to the material?


When we talk simply about foam mattresses we are referring to polyurethane foam. Mostly used in firmer products, it has a linear behavior. It is a high-density orthopedic support layer that progressively absorbs pressure points for spinal sustainability.

These type of mattresses offer the best combination of firmness, soft adaptable and enveloping comfort, and nightly durability.

As an option, you can choose between the foam layer soft or viscoelastic foam which is very fluffy and quickly regains its original shape. It offers a superior level of comfort, follows the body's natural shapes, is fully ergonomic and relieves pressure points (feet, hips, shoulders and head), while ensuring the sustainability of the spine. The mattress of this material is durable and breathable.


The system of bagged springs guarantees a good firmness and provides greater comfort for your rest. The homogeneity of this system maintains excellent bed independence. This is because each spring is placed in an individual bag which, together with the net, forms a solid core in the mattress. What is certain is that it guarantees endurance and good rest.


An orthopedic mattress is designed to provide a firmer sleeping surface while providing targeted support for the back and joints.

They are commonly used by those suffering from back problems. One of the benefits of this type of mattress is that they provide maximum support and even weight distribution, resulting in a correct alignment of your spine and, in general, a healthier posture.

The firm surface of an orthopedic mattress means you'll have the ideal support for the perfect sleeping position to wake up refreshed.


What is the best mattress for the spine?

If you wake up without feeling that you've rested properly during the night, you probably don't have the mattress best suited to your sleeping position. Tingling sensation in some part of the body or even pain are indicative of this. Something is wrong with your posture, which could be causing damage to your cervical spine.

A good mattress, which ensures that we have the spine correctly positioned while we sleep, is essential for a quality of life and to avoid developing serious problems later on. Choosing the best mattress for your spine always depends on the care your body needs. Thus, mattresses with greater resistance – harder – and springs may be the best.

What precautions should be taken into account for those who have back problems?

There are some precautions related to sleep that we all should have, but especially those who suffer from back problems. Above all, it's critical that you find a suitable mattress that provides the right amount of support and comfort.

Try stretching your back muscles before bed to release some muscle tension. Use relaxation techniques such as meditation or other relaxing rituals to sleep well to create a more comfortable environment.

Try a different sleeping position. If you sleep on your side, place a pillow between your knees to help align your spine. If you sleep on your back, place a pillow on your knees to elevate them and a pillow lower on your head to promote spinal alignment and reduce stress. stress at the pressure points.


Does the size and height of the mattress influence it?

The best mattress for your spine is the one that gives you the greatest support and comfort, so it will depend more on technology and firmness than on size and height.


Should I pay attention to the pillow?

Good sleeping posture is the key to sleeping soundly night after night and waking up without pain and stiffness. THE pillow it has a fundamental role in maintaining a healthy sleeping posture, which involves having the body aligned.

If the neck and shoulders are not given enough support or are supported at a twisting angle, the spine and the rest of the body will also not line up, causing tension and discomfort or even insomnia. As with the mattress, comfort and support are important when choosing the right pillow.


Colmol mattress suggestions for the column

Night&Day SSW mattress (classic)

colchao noite e dia

Do you like firm mattresses, but haven't found the ideal one for you? Noite&Dia is the balance between orthopedic firmness and smooth contact. This classic mattress with bonnel springs supports your body and gives you a feeling of well-being.

Each of the layers that make up this mattress was developed to provide a better night's sleep. Thermal balance is achieved through the Carbon fabric with 4D’Air technology, which improves air circulation in the mattress. Carbon is a superconductor that helps in the dissipation of temperature which, together with 4D'Air technology, improves air circulation in the mattress, reducing humidity and bacteria proliferation.

Comfort foam increases the feeling of softness at bedtime and provides greater enveloping and thermal comfort. Furthermore, it guarantees a high-density orthopedic support that progressively absorbs pressure points for the sustainability of the spine.

If these are the components that ensure comfort, others guarantee extra-firm support and orthopedic support, such as high-resilience foam with toning stability to support the entire spine and the SSW 350 Orthopedic Firmness system with firm spring suspension .

This system is perfect for active and corpulent people, who frequently change position during sleep, as it promotes freedom of movement. Overall, this is the ideal mattress for those who like to sleep on their backs and stomachs, as they will enjoy greater support through orthopedic springs with dynamic and progressive suspension.

SPA Planet Spring Mattress (sustainable)

spa planet

Sleeping wrapped in comfort is great, but sleeping knowing that the mattress we've chosen has contributed a little more to the ecosystem is even better. The SPA Planet Spring mattress is the sustainable choice, made from 60 recycled plastic bottles.

Composed of fabric with Repreve fibers, made from recycled plastic bottles, Planet incorporates high-performance properties such as moisture management, thermal regulation, odor control and resilience, for high quality and durability of the mattress and to ensure an excellent sleep quality.

An adaptable Viscoelastic layer promotes pressure relief, providing moments of lightness and tranquility. Its memory capacity allows it to adapt without losing its shape. Comfort foam enhances the feeling of softness at bedtime and polyester fibers keep the mattress cool.

The SPA Air Multizone spring system comes equipped with a suspension that is adaptable and reactive to any movement of the body, through its Dual Design suspension, which offers a unique stability system. It is ergonomic thanks to the central zone programmed and differentiated into three zones. Not only does it benefit from balanced sleep, it also provides a playful variant of rest, equivalent to a SPA massage.

Ideal for those who like to sleep on their back and stomach, for better rest through the adaptable viscoelastic that molds to the body, and freedom of movement with adaptable and responsive suspension.

SPA Air Ice Spring Mattress (premium)

spa air ice

The heat at night is a nuisance that prevents us from sleeping well. For those who suffer from this condition, the Premium SPA Air Ice spring mattress guarantees you a deep sleep in a fresh bed. Equipped with an adaptable suspension that reacts to any body movement, it has precise contact points in three areas of the body so you can fall asleep quickly in an environment of relaxed comfort.

Its Dual Design suspension offers a unique stability system. Not only will you benefit from a balanced sleep, it will also provide you with a playful variety of rest, equivalent to a SPA massage.

Thermal balance is achieved by the ICE fabric, which offers an instant feeling of freshness. It has an excellent moisture absorption capacity, which improves air circulation in the mattress. The Viscoelastic layer is infused with gel, whose adaptive memory causes pressure dispersion, significantly improving heat transfer when the foam is compressed. Thus, it not only helps to reduce sweating, it also provides a feeling of zero gravity and improves the quality of sleep with a feeling of freshness.

The SPA Air Ice has the largest useful area for a restful rest. Its high-density foam gives the mattress greater durability and stability to the body, while ensuring adaptable suspension and freedom of movement. Ideal for those who like to sleep on their back and stomach.


How long does a mattress last? Replace it if it is old!

Nothing in life lasts forever. Thus, even the best mattresses have their useful lifespan. If your mattress is between 7 and 10 years old you should think about replacing it with a new one, as it may already have lost some of its characteristics due to use and past time. So that you always keep your spine well cared for, change your mattress at least every 10 years.


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