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quarto zen feng shui

For many, the bedroom it is one of the most sacred and special rooms in the house. After all, it is where our moments of rest and rest live, and it is where we renew and balance our energies to face a new day. 

As it is one of the places in our homes where we spend most of our time, it is also where energies inevitably accumulate: good and bad. Through Feng Shui, it is possible to balance these energies and transform our rooms into places of peace, harmony and that transmit good feelings. 

What is Feng Shui?

With origin in China at least three thousand years ago, the Feng Shui is a Chinese art that focuses on the influence of space on our well-being, and the way in which the places where we live are reflected in the way we feel. 

The greatest function of Feng Shui is to balance the energies of the home or workplace through the harmonization of furniture, colors and objects.. The term is composed of two words: “Feng”, which means wind and “Shui” which means Water

The basis of Feng Shui is the vital energy - called from spend - which is present and circulates in furniture and environments. Basically, it acts in the same way as a therapeutic treatment, balancing the vital energy of the environment.

Through the flow of positive energy, Feng Shui emphasizes physical and mental health, success and healthy relationships. With impact in the quality of our sleep.

Feng Shui experts believe that good energy flowing in the bedroom is capable of improving our sleep, which has a positive impact on all the other spheres of our lives.

Although Feng Shui principles apply to many elements of life, they are mostly put into practice in interior design, as the tools used in Feng Shui analysis can be more easily applied in the context of a home.

What are the benefits?

Feng Shui is able to contemplate several areas of our life, bringing benefits in the professional, family, financial, spiritual spheres, as well as in interpersonal relationships and in physical, emotional and mental health.

Feng Shui aims to promote harmony and balance, in each of us and in the space/s where it is applied, helping to channel and make energies flow in all environments.

The correct application of Feng Shui allows:

  • Put away negative energies;
  • Improve affective relationships; 
  • Bring security and stability;
  • Increase productivity at work; 
  • Attract more prosperity; 
  • Fight insomnia

Feng Shui for better sleep: how should you use this practice in your bedroom?

By applying Feng Shui in the bedroom - one of the "corners" of our homes where we probably spend more time - nights sleep can become better.

In order to comply with the principles of Feng Shui, double/single rooms must respect certain requirements, such as the placement of furniture, the choice of decorative objects and colors, etc. 

First of all, it is essential that the process of “decluttering” is done! Getting rid of everything we don't use and/or that is "too much", is the first step towards creating a harmonious environment and full of good vibes - not least because it is impossible to have peace in a messy space full of things that they are not needed, right?

6 ways to attract good energy to your bedroom 

There are some best practices which must be followed by anyone who intends to bring Feng Shui to their bedroom (whether double or single) and, consequently, sleep better. Discover our 8 tips.

  • The bed should be positioned in the center of the room.

Did you know that the position in which our bed is placed can directly influence the exchange of energies that circulate around the room? 

The most correct way to position the bed should be in the center of the room, ideally diagonally from the door. The idea is that when you're in bed, you're not directly facing the door, but you can still see it.

cama no quarto

  • Make sure there is a nightstand on both sides of the bed.

According to Feng Shui, one of the most important things in bedroom layout is ensuring equal space on both sides of the bed.

Put a bedside table on either side of the bed is an easy way to create symmetry and balance in the bedroom. To enhance this harmonious effect, a lamp can also be placed on top of each of the tables.

cama com mesinhas de cabeceira

  •  Use low-light bulbs

Investing in low-light bulbs and lamps helps to bring calm and tranquility to the bedroom (two important aspects for a good nights sleep). 

During the day, the natural light must be a priority! Decorating the bedroom with curtains that maximize the entry of natural light and fresh air into the bedroom is super important for the flow and renewal of energy.

candeeiro ao lado da cama

  •  Prioritizes bedding made from organic and natural materials

Try to use bedding made from organic and natural materials, such as cotton, to help reduce the amount of synthetic material in the bedroom. 

Organic materials are great not only for improving Feng Shui levels in the bedroom, but also for better temperature regulation, as these materials have a greater ability to absorb moisture.

In addition, the color of the bedding must match light and smooth tones: ideal for conveying feelings of peace and harmony in space.

  • Incorporates objects of sentimental value into the decor

Mainly in the double bedroom, feng shui should seek to strengthen affective relationships and union, so it is necessary to use elements that stimulate it.

To revive good times and reinforce happiness, the practice of Feng Shui recommends placing special objects or photographs of happy moments in the bedroom. These items can be distributed around the room or placed on the bedside tables in order to attract good energies related to love.

fotografias de família

  • Try Aromatherapy 

There is a powerful connection between the aromatherapy and Feng Shui, as the medicinal properties of scents can be combined to influence the energy of the home. 

Scents directly interfere with our well-being and have a great effect on the flow of energy. Incense, candles, essential oils or aromatherapy pillows can be used in the bedroom for energy balance and for a relaxing and peaceful night's sleep. 

Scents like lavender, eucalyptus and chamomile should be favored when it comes to sleeping better!



To enhance Feng Shui, there are some practices that should be avoided, so as not to harm the flow of positive energies that we so need. So, in the bedroom, you should avoid:

  • The use of screens and electronic appliances;
  • Plants with pointed leaves;
  • Mirrors in front of the bed;
  • Large and imposing furniture;
  • Dark and/or flashy tones.

The influence of elements and colors in Feng Shui

The Feng Shui technique is put into practice through the arrangement of furniture, the use of certain colors, objects, images, shapes and elements.

O Feng Shui possess 5 elements: water, earth, fire, wood and metal. According to its foundations, in order to achieve a balanced life, spaces need to contain all these elements.

5 elementos do feng shui

The 5 elements of Feng Shui need to be balanced in order to create a harmonious environment. Each of the 5 Feng Shui elements is associated with specific colors, shapes and energy and, when added to the different rooms of a home, help to improve the flow of energy and create harmony in spaces.

Thus, depending on our root element - and the color associated with it -, it is possible to create/decorate each room in the house according to the personality and energy of those who live there. This is because each of the 5 elements has its own color which, together with the element, generates and spreads the energy: chi.

Playing with color can be an easy, fun (and not permanent) way to change the energy of a home. According to the foundations of Feng Shui, choosing objects of the correct shape/color in a given space improves the vital energy flow: chi.

Changing the color of a wall or simply changing a pillow in the bedroom can make a big difference in the way energies flow and, consequently, how much it will interfere with our well-being and the quality of our sleep.

However, it is important that the right colors are used in the right rooms, otherwise a lack of harmony and imbalance can be created in our homes. Some colors are able to attract good energies, while others can push them away. 

The representation of each element through color

To create a balanced room rich in good energies and vibrations through Feng Shui, colors and their meanings must be taken into account. As we mentioned above, it is essential that all elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) are represented by their corresponding colors. 

Earth: represents strength and stability. To represent this element of Feng Shui in the bedroom, and as the name implies, earth tone objects can be used (yellow, brown, beige, etc.).

elemento terra

Fire: the most powerful element, figure of passion and transformation. To channel the energy of fire into a room, decorating it with objects that emit heat (such as candles) and using pink, reddish or orange tones is a great idea.

elemento fogo

Metal: meaning of clarity and creativity. As with metallic objects, the predominant tones in the representation of this element are gray, silver and white.

elemento metal

Wood: this element channels the powers of creativity, hope and growth. Objects such as plants or terrariums in green and brown tones can bring the characteristics of the wood element to the space. 

elemento madeira

Water: related to emotion, purity and inspiration, the water element can be represented through blue or black colored objects.

elemento água

The essentials for a room full of good energy 


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