I'm going on vacation! What to bring and how to maintain the sleep routine

Maintaining your sleep routine even while on vacation is critical to sleep better and will make a bigger difference for young children and babies.



The importance of sleeping well on vacation

When the heat gets hot, the desire to take some well-deserved days off from work also starts to get tight. However, contrary to what might be expected, for many vacations are not synonymous with rest. Despite the growing publicity about the importance of good sleep hygiene habits, the Portuguese sleep – as a general rule – poorly.

Even during vacations, this reality is also true. Higher temperatures, ease of bedtime and waking up, as well as a greater number of nighttime distractions are some of the reasons why sleep is worse this season. Furthermore, the vacation period is also often associated with an increase in longer trips. Drowsiness associated with poor sleep hygiene increases the risk of car accidents. For your safety and that of your family, don't make it easy.

How to sleep well on vacation?

So, what can be done to be able to sleep well while on vacation? Here are some recommendations for a good night's sleep:

  • Keep a sleep schedule. The temptation to sleep late and also stay up late is significant during the holidays, or the diversity of evening entertainment at these times would not have been normal. Trying to stick to your usual sleep schedule is the best you can do – even to cost less when you eventually have to go back to work.
  • Allow some natural light into the bedroom. It's likely that most of the advice you come across about sleeping well will tell you that total darkness facilitates a good night's sleep, which it is. However, for those on vacation, the problem may be waking up in the morning at a healthy time. Leaving a slit in the window open to allow sunlight to enter the room can be the perfect way to wake up, naturally and in a good mood, as you'll know you've got a perfect summer day waiting for you.
  • Adjust room temperature. One of the biggest impediments to sleep at this time of year are the unpleasantly hot rooms. Leave the windows closed during the day so the heat doesn't enter and when it starts to cool down open them back to keep the room cool.
  • Avoid late dinners, alcohol and caffeine. This advice will displease many. What would summer vacation be like without dinners that linger into the night with a glass of something fresh in hand? But if you have difficulty falling asleep, you should leave those nights out for special occasions.
  • Leave electronic devices out of the bedroom. On vacation, and indeed at any time, all appliances that are not absolutely necessary cause distraction and can be a reason for a less than good night's sleep.
  • Regular exercise – especially outdoors. With the good weather, the excuses for not taking at least a walk were gone! Take advantage of the beach walkways, for example.
  • Make the bed before leaving the house. You can let the bed air out a little after you get up, but the effort of making the bed on a daily basis – yes, even during holidays – can bring a feeling of peace and calm that lingers until bedtime and favors a good sleep night.


Maintaining the sleep routine of babies and children on vacation

Family vacations can be very exciting days to rest and spend quality time with our loved ones. For those traveling with small children or babies, the question always arises: how will I maintain their routine during the holidays?

Babies and toddlers need stability, but breaking the rut can be healthy too! In order to respect everyone's well-being, it is necessary to maintain some of the good habits already established in a new environment.

For example, if the child sleeps well in the car, you can take the opportunity to make the trip at siesta time. If that's not the case, maybe it's better to start your journey right after your siesta, when you'll be in a better mood at the start.

If it's still time for naps, then you should do it anyway, even if it's difficult to calm down the child, who will be more interested in the fun that awaits them outside the bedroom.

If the baby always sleeps with a certain blanket or a certain toy, it is a good idea to take these objects on the trip, so that the child is less surprised by the environment. Ideally, you find that he sleeps about as long as he usually sleeps during naps and during the night at home.

At bedtime, the routine should be the same: if you usually bathe him, read a story, pack, etc., all the rituals you would have with the child at home should be repeated on vacation. All activities that are stimulating should be avoided close to bedtime.

This is not to say that one day or another the routine cannot be broken, but abandoning it completely can have negative consequences for the child, who may become irritable, annoyed, sleepy and more prone to tantrums. Not to mention, it will make the re-adaptation to the post-holiday routine more complicated.

Above all, keep in mind that if the parents remain calm and calm, the baby will be too.


What to take with me when I go on vacation?

Some objects can make all the difference, creating extra comfort when we go on vacation. Starting with children, Colmol has several childcare items that facilitate a peaceful night's sleep for the youngest, something that parents will be grateful for during the holidays.

As for the grown-ups, some bedding can make a difference in the nights we spend out of the house and we can find the environment strange.


At Colmol you will find childcare articles to give the best care to your baby/child during sleep.

Starting with a Anti-mite baby pillow, ideal for allergic babies or parents looking to provide a healthy rest. The crib mattress has the best suspension for the baby, as well as open cell foams for better airflow, hypoallergenic fiber, excellent thermal control and the elasticity and comfort of Stretch fabric.

Put the Waterproof Aloe Vera crib protector on the mattress, Hyper-breathable and made with 100% organic cotton fabric, to provide an extra-soft touch.

The same can be said about the Waterproof Breathable Crib Sheet, which protects the mattress against liquids and allows the child's skin to breathe, providing a sweat-free rest. Waterproof and breathable, excellent thermal capacity and comfort and extra-soft touch with 100% organic cotton fabric.


The Dalia fiber cushion adapts to your body and ensures comfort and a refreshing feeling all night long. Something voluminous, light and with great resilience, this pillow is distinguished by its softness, with a silky touch.

If you're looking for a healthy rest that keeps your allergies at bay, then Acarsan Anti-mites it's just what you were looking for, with plant extracts and a cotton layer that cushions temperature changes.

You'll never have to choose between comfort and quality again if you choose Thermoregulator pad of Colmol. Thus, you will have all the support you need in the neck area to ensure correct posture while dreaming.

The viscoelastic pillow was made with sleepers in mind who love to feel involved. Enjoy the total comfort and cozy feeling provided by this pillow. Its cover with Stretch fabric, made with synthetic elastane fiber, provides optimized fit and increases elasticity and comfort. Anti-mite protection prevents the proliferation of bacteria and mites.

What is the aroma would you like me to wrap you in your sleep? Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Lavender or Citrus? Choose the aroma that leaves you most relaxed with the range premium by Colmol: Aromatherapy Viscoelastic Cushion.

Bed linen

Who says we can't sleep in luxury, even if the hotel isn't? Who acquires the Set of 400 or 200 Thread percale sheets don't leave them at home. These sheets provide a feeling of unique freshness on the skin. They are 100% woven in Egyptian Cotton and offer superior comfort and softness. They are also easy to handle: they do not need to be ironed.

For pilots who appreciate 2-in-1 articles, the Sheet and Savana Mattress Protector is ideal for those looking for an integrated quality bedding solution. It's made from 100% extra soft cotton and a breathable polyurethane base.

The coldest can't do without the incredible Nordic duvet, with extra-soft microfiber fabric. It doesn't release hairs, it's very soft and pleasant to the touch.

By way of conclusion...

Vacations are the well-deserved rest for those who work all year long. In order to make you feel refreshed, use them to recharge your energy, maintaining sleep hygiene through some good habits that are very easy to acquire.

For those who have babies and/or children in your care, please don't forget that habits are good to maintain, but breaking the routine occasionally doesn't hurt!


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