Set of Stonewash 200 Threads Percale sheets

Give your bedroom a relaxed look with the Stonewash Perical Linen Set 200 is absolutely comfortable
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O melhor para ti é Set of Stonewash 200 Threads Percale sheets

Give your bedroom a relaxed look with the Stonewash Perical Linen Set 200 is absolutely comfortable

Perfect for the more relaxed

If you are looking for quality, fresh and easy-care bedding, the Percal Stonewash 200 Threads is what you need. No ironing for a relaxed look and feel the comfort of Egypt Cotton™.

Included products

- 1 Sheet

- 1 Sheet-cover

- 2 Pillowcases

Softness and Comfort

Stonewash percale with 200 threads.

100% certified long fiber Egypt™ Cotton.

Adjustable sheet-cover with elastic.

Maintenance Tips

Machine wash on a moderate program at maximum 40º C. Do not bleach. Tumble dry at moderate temperature. Iron at moderate temperature. Professional dry cleaning is recommended.

Cool Nights

With the arrival of higher temperatures, difficulty falling asleep can be a problem. The 400 or 200 Thread Percal Sheet Set are the best option for hot nights due to their 100% Egypt Cotton fabric.

Need some tips to sleep better on very hot days? Find them in our blog post: 7 Tips to Sleep Well When the Heat Pumps

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