Bag spring mattress: what is it, what are the main advantages and how to choose

To maintain restful sleep, it is important to choose a mattress of good quality and durability. There are different models and types of mattresses. Find out if the pocket spring mattress can be a good option for you.

At Colmol you will find some of these models designed to provide you with the support and comfort you need to always sleep well, alone or with someone.


o que é um colchao de molas ensacadas

What is one bag spring mattress?

As a great evolution for the traditional spring mattresses, the bag spring mattresses appeared. These guarantee a good firmness, provide greater comfort for your rest and stand out for their great resistance to the passage of time. In these mattresses, movement does not propagate.

Inside the bagged spring mattresses there are Visco SSI mattresses. The self-forming viscoelastic layer adapts perfectly to the body, leveling the weight and distributing it over the surface, particularly in the lower back and shoulders. Thus, they offer extra comfort, independent and adaptable.


How does the bag spring mechanism work?

One bag spring mattress it is, as the name implies, made of individually bagged springs, meaning each spring is contained in its own fabric pocket. Since they are in individual bags, each spring works independently of the other, reacting only to the pressure applied to that area.

Unlike traditional spring mattresses, bag springs do not move as a whole unit. Thus, each spring works individually to correctly support your body and reduces the transfer of movement to other areas of the mattress. This results in a higher level of personalized support and response for each person who sleeps on the mattress. The firmness and homogeneity of this system maintains excellent bed independence.


Is the pocket spring mattress suitable for everyone?

Each person has a better mattress. It all depends on your rest needs and your profile. Due to their mechanics already explained, bag spring mattresses are particularly suitable for those who tend to move a lot at night and/or for those who sleep with a person with a different weight at their side. Thus, a couple who sleep together do not feel each other's movements.


Difference between bagged spring mattresses and traditional springs

One is an evolution of the other. At traditional springs they are all directly connected to each other and move together. As the bag springs move independently, they offer more support for your body and are ideal for those who sleep with someone whose weight is different, so they don't feel each other's movements during the night. In conclusion, you'll get more comfort and support with a pocket spring mattress.


Which is better: the pocket spring mattress or the foam mattress?

There is no mattress that is better than another, but there are mattresses that are better suited to each person's case. Per design, spring mattresses facilitate the flow of air inside and are generally cooler at night compared to mattresses. foam. That said, in recent years, many foams now include cooling gels and an open structure to help regulate body temperature. Both types offer independence of movement and good support.


6 advantages of pocket spring mattresses:

1. No motion transfer

Unlike other types of mattresses where the body's weight is distributed over the surface, each spring in the bag reacts independently, which promotes a good night's sleep.

2. Pressure and pain relief

Neither too hard nor too soft: each spring in these mattresses works individually to support your entire body, providing the right pressure on individual areas such as hips and shoulders. Thus, mattresses are often recommended for orthopedic patients with hip and shoulder problems.

3. Very comfortable – luxurious feeling

They are of high quality and equipped with a luxurious foam top layer, which makes the pocket-spring mattress soft to the touch and even more comfortable to sleep on.

4. Support for everyone

Due to the individual casings of each spring, the pocket spring mattresses adjust and offer comfort for a good night's sleep, even if two people of very different sizes and weights sleep on the same mattress.

5. Durable

With proper care and maintenance, it won't be a surprise if your pocket spring mattress lasts at least a decade, if not longer!

6. Don't heat up

Per design, the springs inside the mattress are more efficient in letting air circulate inside, creating a cooler mattress.


Colmol bag spring mattresses

SSI Millennial Mattress

Do you wake up several times during the night when you sleep with someone? The cause may be in feeling the other person's movements. This mattress with pocket springs adapts to each type of person, even with different weights. With a suspension adaptable to the body, it provides perfect and restorative nights, where no movement will wake you up.

Colchao de molas ensacadas classico colmol

Each of the layers that make up this mattress were designed to help you sleep better. The thermal balance is obtained by the Carbon fabric with 4D’Air technology, which improves air circulation in the mattress and helps in the dissipation of temperature, reducing humidity and bacterial proliferation. Together with the hypoallergenic fibres, which are there to provide you with a better adaptation to the body, it results in a constant and efficient maintenance of the mattress temperature and does not cause allergies.

Comfort Foam enhances the feeling of softness at bedtime, but is balanced by the SSI bag spring system, which ensures a perfect spine fit and ergonomic support. It progressively absorbs weight and relieves pressure points while supporting the spine.

The SSi Millenar is ideal for those who love to feel delicately involved through the viscoelastic, which molds to the body and provides support point by point.

SSI Planet Spring Mattress (sustainable)

Sleeping wrapped in comfort is great, but sleeping knowing that the mattress we've chosen has contributed a little more to the ecosystem is even better. The SSI Planet Spring Mattress is the sustainable choice, made from 60 recycled plastic bottles. Now it's possible to save the planet while you sleep!

Colchao de molas ensacadas sustentavel colmol

Composed of fabric with Repreve fibers, made from recycled plastic bottles, Planet — a name that is not by chance — incorporates high performance properties, such as humidity management, thermal regulation, odor control and resilience, for a high quality and durability of the mattress and to ensure excellent sleep quality.

An adaptable Viscoelastic layer promotes pressure relief, providing moments of lightness and tranquility. Its memory capacity allows it to adapt without losing its shape. Comfort foam enhances the feeling of softness at bedtime and polyester fibers keep the mattress cool.

SSI® Multizone 700 bag spring technology, which offers a perfect column fit and ergonomic support. It progressively absorbs weight and relieves pressure points while supporting the spine. Adaptable system with movement independence and excellent breathability.

Each of these layers is designed to provide a better night's sleep and a feeling of comfort. This is your sustainable choice with a large usable area for a restful rest.

Ideal for those who love to feel gently involved, with a better rest through the adaptable viscoelastic that molds to the body and support point by point, adaptable to the body with independence in movement.

SSI Titanium Coolgel Mattress

This is a real mattress premium with exclusive technology in bagged springs with a mixture of titanium alloy. It offers balanced comfort and independence of movement, while progressively absorbing weight and relieving pressure points while supporting the spine. Result? Greater support, greater durability and maximum ventilation.

Colchao de molas ensacadas premium colmol

The heat will no longer disturb your nights sleep: Coolgel promotes intelligent heat exchange and lets you sleep through the night at the perfect body temperature.

Thermic fabric reduces humidity while maintaining a feeling of freshness, being responsible for maintaining the thermal balance within the mattress. This incorporates a technology of capsules that store, release or absorb heat as they oscillate. This fabric is breathable, which causes a decrease in humidity and the proliferation of bacteria. The adaptable gel-infused memory viscoelastic layer allows pressure dispersion, significantly improving heat transfer when the foam is compressed. In this way, it reduces sweating and improves the quality of sleep with a feeling of freshness.

The high-density foam provides greater durability to the mattress and stability to the body, while the Comfort Foam increases the feeling of softness at bedtime.

The SSI Titanium Coolgel is ideal for anyone who loves to feel gently wrapped, with a zero gravity feel and gel-infused freshness.



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