Rolled-up Mattresses: Answers to All Your Questions

You must have already wondered why mattresses are delivered rolled up. Curious? This method has its advantages. Know them now!


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Currently, many mattresses are delivered rolled up. Since it is a more or less recent method, it can cause some discomfort among its users, who wonder how it is possible that a mattress can be compacted in this way. 

If this is your case and you have doubts about this, this article is for you!

What are rolled mattresses?

Rolled mattresses are exactly what the name implies: normal mattresses that come to you rolled up.

If you have recently purchased a mattress, it is likely that it was delivered to you in this format. It may cause some strangeness, but this method is used for:  

  • Facilitate transport 
  • Preserve hygiene 
  • Increase comfort
  • Make the process as sustainable as possible

Very simple!

What are the advantages?

This type of packaging curled up has several benefits, both for the supplier and for the consumer. The folding mattress is pressed, leaving a size very reduced:

💯 Higher quality

Only a high-quality mattress is capable of being rolled up, so that it can then return to its normal condition without creasing or causing other problems. 

Companies that make this type of mattress invest in resistant and quality materials to manufacture them, such as high density foam, good springs and packaging. 

All this to ensure that everything goes as planned when it is delivered!

🚚 Easier to handle and transport

Since the mattress folding takes up less space, it is possible to carry more products at the same time. 

Transport becomes much more practical when the mattress is rolled up, as it is much simpler to carry a box than an open mattress, don't you think? 

In the box, the rolled mattress becomes smaller and more stable. Therefore, making him go through a ladder, for example, is much easier and faster.

In addition, transporting them through the doors of elevators, apartments or independent houses, and then getting them to their destination, also becomes simpler because their size is much smaller.

Due to your compact size and its lightness, there is also the option for you to carry your new mattress.

To take him inside your house, having to go through all those barriers - stairs or doors, will become much easier. In apartments, even in the elevator you will be able to transport it!

Another factor that facilitates transport is the weight: the mattress in this format is naturally lighter compared to traditional mattresses, being more practical and easier for all parties involved. 

Thus, in addition to improving space and transport comfort, this variant allows reduce waiting time at a logistical level. 

🌿 Sustainable Production

Ease of transport translates into lower prices and a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Hence the preservation of the environment.

As the rolled and vacuum packed mattress is compact, it will take up less space in transport and thus the number of trips needed to deliver all mattresses will be reduced.

In this way, this process will help to reduce the emission of polluting gases! 

And this is how the rolled-up mattress becomes more sustainable in relation to the rest. In a world where we need to take care of nature more and more, this is a great advantage!

🛁 More hygienic

The rolled mattress is more hygienic, as it undergoes an antibacterial treatment. 

It is isolated from external agents in the packaging, such as mites, bacteria and dust. Thus, it is the perfect solution for allergy sufferers and respiratory problems.

🤺 More protected

There is also the advantage of decreased risk of mattress damage when it is vacuum wound. This happens because of being protected inside the packaging, but also because of its small size.


🔝 Greater durability and warranty

Because they are manufactured with top quality materials, vacuum rolled mattresses are highly durable. 

So when you buy a mattress like this, it will take longer before you have to change it. Good, isn't it?

Additionally, because these mattresses are rolled up and more resistant, brands usually offer extended warranties for this type of mattress.

In the case of Colmol, its mattresses offer up to 3 years warranty. So, in addition to having a folding mattress with a long lifespan, you will have greater security when you make your purchase.

🚀 Versatile

One of the advantages of a vacuum packed mattress is its versatility. 

Although not all mattresses can be vacuum rolled, there are several models of mattresses with different sizes and compositions that are packaged this way. And this is very good!


What are the disadvantages?

As we've already seen, there are several advantages to having a mattress that comes vacuum-rolled, but what are the disadvantages? Well, the truth is, luckily, there are only one or two downsides.

The value of the vacuum rolled mattress may seem to be an issue, but it pays off as it is made using high quality technology and materials. 

Thus, it will last much longer than a mattress of lesser quality!

Because it is produced with good materials, it will have a long service life. Therefore, the cost-effectiveness of the folding mattress is quite attractive.

However, the techniques for rolling the mattress have been improved, becoming an increasingly common process. 

Consequently, the price is more affordable, as the mattresses are rolled up and produced in larger quantities. 

The smell of the rolled-up mattress can be a disadvantage. As the mattress is rolled and vacuum packed, it may have a stronger smell when unrolled for the first time, because there is a possibility that the odor will increase in this type of packaging.

However, the strongest smell completely disappears about 24 hours later. In order for it to come out more quickly, it is important to keep the windows and bedroom door open when you roll out the folding mattress.


How are they packed and transported?

All mattresses undergo a quality and hygiene control before being packed. This process is used to verify that the manufacturer he was performed in a way correct. 

Colmol guarantees that the mattress that comes to you is always of quality and presents the best conditions. 


How to roll up a mattress?

Vacuum rolled mattresses go through a method to stay that way and return to their original shape. But how does this process work? Very briefly this is:

  1. The mattress to be vacuum rolled is placed in a very resistant plastic bag

  2. It passes through an industrial press that compresses it, which prevents bacteria and other residues from infiltrating

  3. It is vacuum packed: all the air inside the package is removed, being sealed so that no air can enter again.

  4. After compression and removal of air, the mattress is rolled up respecting the maximum tension that the mattress supports.

  5. Its size is reduced to a third of the original

  6. The folding mattress is placed in a box, ready to be transported


How long until you can use it?

One of the most asked questions by those who buy mattresses that come in this format is how much time has to pass before they can use it.

If you are going to buy a mattress that comes vacuum-rolled, you can expect to receive it in a box, vacuum-packed. 

To use it, you must unroll it in the place where it will be: on top of a dais or base from the bed.

Once you receive your vacuum-rolled mattress, simply open the packaging, place the mattress on top of the bed and wait for it to recover its original shape. 

Once it has been compressed, it is necessary to wait for it to reach its normal size. A Colmol mattress usually takes about 8 hours to regain its original shape.

But if you want, you can use your mattress before that. Don't worry, you won't do him any harm! 

However, it is possible that until this period of hours has passed, the ergonomic shape of the mattress has not been achieved, which can cause some discomfort when lying down. 

No problem! Even so, after a while, your mattress will be ready to give you the best rest!


Is a vacuum rolled mattress good?

Since a mattress is such an important element, since it affects our rest and our well-being, it is natural that you worry about everything that could interfere with its quality.

But rest! 

This process does not affect the quality of the folding mattress in the short, medium or long term. In fact, it is a method that practically only brings advantages.


Can any mattress be rolled up?

Rolling up a mattress to deliver it to the customer is increasingly common. Therefore, it is normal that there are doubts about this. 

The question that is most often asked is whether any mattress can be vacuum rolled.

The truth is, no! Not all mattresses can go through this process. 

This is related to the type of material they are made of, since the question is not just whether they can be rolled, but whether they are able to return to their original shape later.

Only mattresses that are made of high quality materials - good fibres, foam and springs, can be vacuum rolled and returned to normal shape.

In addition, the bag that surrounds the folding mattress must also be of good quality. That way, you can guarantee that it won't tear until it gets to your house.

These are the requirements to be able to be rolled, since these materials withstand compression without any associated damage.

However, it is important to note that firmness does not influence this issue. 

These mattresses offer the possibility of being rolled up for transport, since its materials and properties are not affected. 

All others can be damaged in the process, as well as not returning to its normal size, losing the ability to provide comfort in some areas.


Colmol Rolled Mattresses

Colmol has a wide range of vacuum rolled mattresses:


Know them now!






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