What's the meaning of dreams? Find out now.

Understanding what dreams mean is an interesting topic to say the least. How many times have you dreamed of something that keep in your head all day? 


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Dreams are symbols, images or episodes that feed curiosity about what their real meaning.

They are not random. Dreams are our unconscious mind's way of communicating with us: they always serve to teach us something or convey a message.

Dreaming about snakes, dreaming about teeth or dreaming about rats may seem strange, but very common. The meaning of dreams is different from person to person, so there are similar dreams that most of us experience throughout our lives.

The meaning of dreams has, above all, a non-scientific aspect, as it is closely associated with popular beliefs, which attribute to each episode a certain unproven explanation...

During sleep, we can travel, to be in fantastic or dark places and even to live what we've never lived. We go through experiences that may seem very real, but they are just signals that our subconscious gives us.



Curiosities about dreams

  • They happen in REM sleep phase
  • On average, we dream for 90 minutes.
  • This process can often take more than 2 hours!! 
  • A person spends 6 years dreaming, during their lifetime.
  • We can have, on average, 4 to 7 different dreams in a single night.
  • We don't understand or remember dreams 95% of the times we dream.

Interesting, isn't it?



The phases of dreams

According to psychology, our most hidden desires can somehow be fulfilled during sleep. And so there are those dreams that feel so good that when we wake up, we just want to go back to sleep so they will continue. 

On the other side of the coin, there are also nightmares, which can leave us extremely worried and scared, which makes us just want to forget about them and pretend they didn't happen.

In Greek mythology, dreams played an essential role, as they were considered a mode of communication between the divine and the earthly world, through which the gods passed messages to mortals.

Much later, Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, studied dreams in depth.

In his investigations, he defined dreams as manifestations of deepest desires and emotions, often related to repressed memories or obsessions in the childhood.

There are also other theories that argue that dreams help our ability to memorize and in problem solving, with the most skeptical investigators attributing dreams to the result of random brain activation.

In Freud's book, The Interpretation of Dreams, the dream is described as having a more concrete meaning and a more symbolic one. The dream is, therefore, a good clue to get to know each other, understand our desires and resolve what concerns us.


Freud attributes 4 phases to the act of dreaming:

1. Condensation

The various ideas and concepts that run through our minds while dreaming are condensed into a single thought or image.

2. Displacement

This is the stage of the dream when the emotional meaning of what we dream is disguised, mixing up the important parts with the insignificant ones.

3. Symbolization

Here symbols are attributed to things: the repressed ideas contained in the dream are transformed into objects that symbolize them.

4. Minor Review

This is the final stage of dreams, where the strangest elements are rearranged to make the dream understandable. It is here that what will be the content of the dream is generated.

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We all dream. It's inevitable

If, when you wake up, you think you didn't dream, you are probably wrong. We all dream at night, of different things and over and over again. Just because you don't remember doesn't mean you didn't. 

It's normal. It's your body coming back to reality.

How many times have you woken up remembering a dream, and it vanishes the next minute? No, you have no fish memory. This is also quite common. 

In this case, if you really want to know more about your dreams, it's very simple:

  • Always put pen and paper on the bedside table and write down everything you remember as soon as you wake up.
  • Describe your dream in general, always thinking about the passage that most marked you and which elements/episodes stood out in the dream (ex: objects, animals, people, events)

I'm sure you'll get a collection of stories very funny!








The meaning of dreams

As we have already mentioned, dreams are conceptions of the elements of our life.

Calvin S. Hall, another researcher on the subject of dreams, listed the various patterns and analyzed thousands of dream journals from participants in his studies.

This allowed him to create a system that defines what you should take into account to best assess the meaning of dreams. It is important to understand which:

  • Yours actions in the dream
  • The objects and as figures that appear in the dream
  • Your interactions in the dream with other people/characters 
  • The transitions, configuration and outcome of the dream

So, keep an eye out for these topics as well the next time you dream. Aim everything, and that nothing escapes you!

After recording everything you dreamed of, following all our tips, you can go to the next step (the most interesting and the coolest!): to really understand what the dream means. 

The real objective of understanding what the dream means is to know more about yourself. Don't forget that self-knowledge is the key to a happier life!


Next, we present some clues to what dreams mean with:


Calm! It doesn't have to be a bad thing. It doesn't mean that you're going to die tomorrow or that someone close to you is going to die. It's just a warning that has nothing to do with death itself.

To dream that you are dying or that you are with someone who has already died, means that you should rate your friendships, because there is someone who is influencing you negatively.

It can also mean that you should solve problems and negative feelings that don't leave you alone with the people who have passed away.

If a person who died a long time ago appears in your dream, it means that the situation at that moment in the dream reminds you of something that has to do with characteristics of that person.

Dreaming about someone else's murder may mean that there is a negative feeling that you are repressing, or that you feel anger from you or someone else.

If, on the other hand, you dream that someone wants to kill you, that might mean that a relationship or important feeling is over in your life.


It means anxiety in relation to some aspect of life.

There is something that worries, this kind of dream will attest to that.


It might mean that you are to run away of a situation or problem, and that you should resolve it quickly.

If you feel in a dead end in relation to something, it is very likely that you dream that someone is after you.


It may mean that you have fear of being a bad mother or a bad father.

If you dream that you are pregnant, it may mean that you are something to grow (eg a feeling, an attitude, a relationship).


It means you might be trying join two opposite things in your life.

It's a warning to be careful with the promises what are you doing or are you taking on unnecessary responsibilities.  

Analyze what is happening in your life and what are yours objectives.


Dreaming of snakes means there may have been a betrayal by a friend. 

Fear of the snake also represents some fear in relation to sex life, intimacy and commitment.

Killing or trying to kill a snake may mean you are trying make up for something that is missing in your life.

It may mean that there is some news in your life that you are not paying attention to. You must pay attention to the small details!


Dreaming about mice/rats symbolizes that there can be someone to take advantage of of your friendship and trust.

Dreaming of killing a mouse is a sign of a break with a person.

It may mean that you are disillusioned with you.


Dreaming about teeth can also seem a little strange, but it happens all the time.

If you dream of perfect, white and shiny teeth, it means you're going through a very good phase in your life.

Dreaming of teeth falling out may mean that someone close is fragile.

Dreaming of teeth coming out is a good thing. It could mean that someone close to you will have a baby or that good stuff will happen. 

May mean that you should think about your thoughts and feelings and how you express yourself and deal with other people.



(Remember that all these definitions are based on popular culture. They should not be taken too literally, which is not to say that these things are actually happening. Interpret this as a set of clues, a guide that can lead you in the right direction.) 

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