Colmol is a sustainable company! find out why.

Producing sustainable mattresses is Colmol's greatest mission. Preserving the planet is what makes everyone live as best they can. And the mattress has to be part of that change. An ecological house is a house with life!




It is increasingly important to have a lifestyle and sustainable products. In all aspects of our life, we must always keep in mind that the planet around us must be preserved, and for that, the waste of resources and the emission of gases must be avoided as much as possible.

Resources are limited, so you need to know how to monetize them. Being environmentally friendly is a trend that most people would like to adopt and follow. However, sometimes it can be more work to find sustainable products.


What is a sustainable mattress?

In ecological house can't miss one sustainable mattress. It is essential  that our habits and products that we use and consume are eco friendly.

A sustainable mattress does not use any type of toxic chemical in its manufacturing process, allowing for the conservation of the environment. As its production does not emit greenhouse gases or uses compounds that emit them, it is considered eco friendly. From production to the way it is packaged.

At Colmol, all of these apply. All processes are highly thought out so that there is no waste or use of polluting materials. One of the materials we use are plastic bottles, which we reuse to produce our mattresses.


How do you make a sustainable mattress?

One sustainable mattress it can be made of organic materials such as cotton, natural rubber, wool, foam or bamboo, which are renewable and biodegradable. These compounds also have the great advantage of accumulate less dust, which could cause breathing problems.

Unlike traditional mattresses, sustainable mattresses they are manufactured with less materials, which makes it possible to optimize resources, without waste.

Most people spend 6 to 9 hours a day in bed, which exposes them to a lot of mattress materials, cushions and bedding. Many brands use petrochemicals in the manufacture of these products. You can see the harm this does, right?


Colmol works with natural components, making its products are sustainable


We combine technological advances with the use of natural materials, which will give you a restful sleep and the greatest comfort ever.

Innovations have recently been developed in terms of fabrics, foams and support systems that give our mattresses aromas. and more pleasant sensations.

But, do you want to know how the we produce? We don't take more time!

One eco friendly mattress Colmol is made as follows:

  1. Used plastic bottles are collected and then transported to our factory
  2. The bottles are recycled and melted, obtaining a granulate
  3. The granulate is made into a textured filament.
  4. This filament is transformed into fabric and included in the mattress production process.
  5. A compression technology is applied to the mattress, so that its volume is reduced in the packaging, reducing the carbon footprint in transport
  6. The mattress is then distributed, never forgetting the main objective of this process: SAVE THE PLANET!


For each mattress, we take from the ocean around 60 0.5L bottles!


In addition to the production process, we don't forget about the next stages - packing and transport. These too must be eco friendly.

We use an innovative compression technology that can greatly reduce the volume of the mattresses on the packaging, so that they fit more than once, avoiding multiple trips. With this, the carbon footprint of transport is significantly reduced.


What are Colmol's sustainable mattresses?

Now that you know how we produce, pack and transport our mattresses, it's time to get to know our sustainable range so that you can increasingly make your home a ecological house.

There is something for everyone: 

if you like to sleep wrapped in mattress, O SSI Planet with bag springs is ideal for you! 

What it provides:

  • viscoelastic foam
  • independence of movements
  • Sustainable fabric coating with Repreve fibers
  • pressure relief
  • maximum comfort
  • Mild temperatures
  • Perfect fit of the column and ergonomic support with the SSI Multizone 700 system
  • Largest useful resting area

Better rest given by the viscoelastic layer, which is adaptable and molds to the body, with point-to-point support.


If you like to sleep from belly up or down or even in any position, and you prefer a spring mattress, the SPA Planet with spa springs is an excellent choice!

What it provides:

  • adaptable viscoelastic foam
  • freedom of movement
  • Sustainable fabric coating with Repreve fibers
  • pressure relief
  • maximum comfort
  • Mild temperatures
  • Stability
  • Adaptive suspension reactive to movement with the SPA Air Multizone system
  • SPA massage feeling
  • Largest useful resting area

It is ergonomic due to the central programmed region and differentiated into 3 zones. It adapts perfectly to the body and movement, because it has a suspension that is highly responsive and ready to mold itself to your needs.


if you are a fan of foam mattresses, look no further! the mattress of Foam X Planet will put a smile on your face.

What it provides:

  • High resilience, toning and orthopedic active foam
  • smooth firmness
  • Sustainable fabric coating with Repreve fibers
  • pressure relief
  • maximum comfort
  • Mild temperatures
  • Stability
  • freedom of movement
  • breathability
  • Elasticity
  • body position memory

It is composed of high density and durable polyurethane. It has an open cell structure that will give you all freedom of movement. You will be like a fish in water! 


To end in beauty...

And because not only mattresses are sustainable, we also have sustainable accessories, which you can see here:



When buying one sustainable product, you will feel much better and without that weight on your conscience. have a life and a ecological house are an important step in helping the planet.

And don't forget, share this change with your friends and family! Unity is the strength for a better world!

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