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At the end of a working day, there are few things as pleasurable as falling asleep in a comfortable bed with a set of soft, cozy sheets. Regardless of the season, the feeling is always indescribable!

Every room in our homes must be synonymous with comfort - after all, it is where we spend a lot of our time - but when it comes to the bedroom, this comfort must be doubled and care is taken even in the small details.

To have a comfortable bed, you undoubtedly need a good mattress. However, the sheets we use can make all the difference!

Did you know the choice of bed sheets has a lot of influence on the quality of our sleep, and even, in the speed with which we fall asleep? We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so anything that improves our nights should be taken into account. So the bedding you use should also be part of this equation!

Very hot nights and very cold nights are very different tortures, but equally disturbing. Betting on sheets suitable for the season is the solution. 

Have you made the right choice? Let's help you.


The ideal bedding: how to choose

When buying the bedding suitable for each season of the year, there are several questions: 

  • “Where should I start? What is the best option?”;
  • “Why should I choose that fabric over the other?”;
  • “Which materials can bring more comfort to my nights?”.

If you've already gone through the experience of buying bedding for the first time surely these questions have also crossed your mind.

With so many diversified offers on the market, it can be difficult to understand which are the best choices regarding fabrics, sizes, options for the various seasons, etc. 

Fortunately, and as always, we are here to make your life easier and help you make conscious - and quality - decisions for your rest! 

Know our 3 key tips for choosing the ideal bedding. 


The quality of the material

As with the clothes we wear, the attention given to the material of the bedding is essential! Cotton It's among the most used and recommended fabrics, as it is a comfortable, soft and highly durable material. It is also sustainable and ecological, whose production uses less water and products that do less harm the environment.

Within the various types of cotton, the bedding sets from Colmol are 100% certified long fiber Egypt™ Cotton.

Materials such as linen are among the most comfortable bedding fabrics. However, their price is higher since they are premium materials .


The number of wires counts too!

If you want to make sure you choose a soft, durable sheet, pay attention to the number of threads: this count indicates the number of threads per square inch of fabric. 

In the case of sheets, the greater the number of threads, the more comfortable and durable it will be! So, if you are looking for a comfortable and soft option, choose the one with the most threads.


Choose the correct size

When buying bedding, getting the size right is an essential point to ensure your comfort. 

After all, no one likes to wake up and feel like the sheet has come off the mattress or that the duvet doesn't cover enough!

And the same happens in the opposite situation: sheets that are too big that almost drag on the floor, compromise the aesthetics of the room and make the process of cleaning more difficult. Like making the bed every morning.



Bedding for every season of the year

Different season... different bedding! As what we wear, when the season changes, your bedding also needs to be changed and adapted to the type of weather. 

Feeling hot or shivering at night is undoubtedly a nightmare for our sleep! It interferes not only with the way we fall asleep (and the time it takes to do so), but also with our Sleep Cycle.

Therefore, it is essential to guarantee different sets of bedding adapted to the climate of each season: 

  • For winter sheets: warmer materials like flannel or coralline are best;
  • For summer sheets: the ideal is to opt for cooler fabrics such as linen or cotton.

Our comfort while sleeping is conditioned by the type of material of the sheets and the climate of the moment, and the quality of our sleep will also depend on these factors.

We will help you understand the particularities of each type of sheet.


Winter sheets

Warmer sheets are a very popular product type during the coldest months of the year. They are produced with the aim of adding an extra layer of warmth and comfort to our beds. Let's see what types of sheets are warmer.


Polar sheets

Polar sheets are the more traditional choice. Usually made entirely of polyester, they are warm bedding and, therefore, used in winter.

This type of sheets has some characteristics that distinguish them, such as the fact that they do not need to be ironed. This type of fabric does not create creases or roughness during washing or use, so you will never have to iron them – in fact, it is not advisable to do so.

It provides great comfort and warmth during sleep, even in the coldest rooms. They are also usually durable materials.

How to wash and dry polar sheets

If they couldn't be washed in the washing machine, no one would probably buy them. But that's not the case: polar sheets are machine washable and don't even need a special program. In the dryer, you should be careful. You can dry them in this appliance as long as you use a lowest settings/program, otherwise the fabric can even get heat damage and look burnt.


Flannel sheets

Flannel sheets were the first of their kind to appear. With 100% cotton fabrics, they undergo a polishing process that gives them a very soft touch.

They provide a very pleasant and natural feeling of heat, which insulates the cold well, while allowing the body to breathe.

They are a good option for the colder seasons because, in addition to being thick and dense (which allows for greater heat retention), the texture and touch of flannel sheets is very soft.


Coralline sheets: what are they?

Like polar sheets, coralline sheets are also composed of synthetic fibers. However, coralline ones are almost a upgraded polar sheets: they are much softer and fluffier, are much less likely to lint after a few washes and also allow the body to breathe more easily.

Those who bet on coralline sheets hardly change to other types of sheets. In winter, they are a comfort like no other.

Coralline sheets have the following main advantages:

  • They can be washed in the washing machine and do not need any special programme, that is, they have the same advantages as polar sheets;
  • They do not need to be ironed;
  • They are softer and fluffier.



Thermal sheets: what are they?

Although it is a common mistake to call all types of winter sheets 'thermal sheets', the truth is that this is not the correct terminology.

A thermal sheet is the same as an electric blanket. It is a kind of sheet equipped with electrical resistors, which when connected to the mains heats up and dissipates heat in the bed. Almost as if there was a heater in the middle of the blankets.


Summer sheets

How to make the right choice?

Lightweight fabrics are the best option

Since in the summer we sleep with little clothing, our skin is in direct contact with the sheets, so it is very important that you choose pleasant fabrics that respect the skin and allow for good respiration.

In this sense, synthetic fabrics are to be avoided – they are not as good quality and retain heat.

Cotton is always the best, the best natural fiber for good sheets. Even better if it's Egyptian cotton. The higher the thread density of the sheets, the better the quality.

Silk is also a good option, as it does not absorb moisture and is a very cool material, ideal for summer. Linen is also a good choice.


Opt for light colors

In summer we like to see and feel lightness, and the choice of bedding color should work the same way!

Take advantage of the summer to use bedding in lighter and more airy tones, such as white, beige or baby blue. Because they are light colors, they will make the bedding absorb less heat and, at bedtime, remain cool and comfortable.

In addition, it is a great way to give an “extra” of light and softness to any room decor.


Play with textures

Although, in summer, temperatures are high, there are always those nights that can become cooler than usual - especially with the instability of seasons that we are currently experiencing. 

Adding a quilt or a cotton blanket to your summer nights is not a bad idea at all! In addition to helping to decorate your room, it can be the perfect ally on not-so-hot summer nights.


Now that you know the best options to keep warm on cold winter nights, let's see which sheets you should bet on for a restful and refreshing night's sleep in the warmer months

Percal sheets: Colmol's options

Colmol's Egyptian cotton percale sheets are a perfect example of fresh, high quality sheets.

The percale comes from a weaving technique that consists of the crossing of two sets of threads, usually cotton, arranged horizontally (weft) and vertically (warp). The end result is a durable, soft and elegant fabric.

This material is ideal for the hottest nights due to its freshness and softness. Sheets made of this material have another advantage: they get softer and softer, wash after wash. That said, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions, as this is the only way to maintain the softness of the material, as well as preserve its qualities.

If you are considering purchasing percale bedding, you should know that the amount of threads woven per inch strongly influences the softness, durability and flexibility of these sheets. So the more strands you have, the softer it will be. That said, the material must have a minimum of 180 strands to be considered percale.

Before choosing sheets, also pay attention to the weaving techniques, the treatment of the thread and the origin of the cotton: any of these factors influence the quality of the final material.

Better than knowing all the criteria for making a good decision, it is knowing that you can trust Colmol's suggestions to obtain quality products. Thus, we suggest two options.

Percal Sheet Set 400 Threads

Perfect for those who love the feeling of freshly washed bedding and very pleasant to the touch, the 400 Thread Percal Sheets provides the skin with a unique freshness. This Product premium It is woven from 100% certified long-staple Egyptian cotton, finished with a roll, and offers superior strength, durability and comfort.

A soft matte finish dazzles anyone who chooses the Percal 400 Threads, whose set includes a sheet, a sheet-cover (adjustable with elastic) and two pillowcases.


Stonewash 200 Thread Percal Sheet Set

Also woven from certified long fiber Egyptian cotton and finished with a simple hem, the Percal Stonewash 200 Thread Sheets gives a relaxed look to the room where it is placed.

It's perfect for those looking for comfort and softness, but also quality, fresh and easy-care bedding. In fact, it doesn't need to be ironed. This set includes a fitted sheet, an adjustable fitted sheet with elastic and two pillowcases.



Year-round comfort

If you are one of those people who prefers to have a type of sheets easily adaptable to each type of climate, whether winter or summer, the cotton it's at that are two excellent options!



Materials like cotton can be used all year round in your bedding. Egypt's Cotton Sheets are the best choice as they are of superior quality compared to traditional cotton sheets. 

Because they are made with softer fibers, they make the material more resistant and able to last much longer. Perfect so you don't have to worry about renewing your bedding so often!

In Colmol you will find some options of sheets made of cotton Egypt.



Silk sheets are quality premium and known for their extra soft and delicate touch. They have a very effective action against mites and bacteria and are therefore fully recommended for people with allergies or skin diseases.

Like cotton sheets, silk sheets guarantee comfort during the various seasons, regardless of the weather. This is because, whether it is cold or hot, this type of material has the ability to adapt perfectly at body temperature.


Whether cold or hot, there are several types of suitable sheets to ensure you always have a good sleep night. Sometimes it's worth investing a little more in higher quality sheets if that means you'll have much better comfort.

Having trouble choosing?

In Colmol, our priority is the satisfaction of those who seek to improve their nights of rest through effective and quality products. our team of Sleep Specialists provide personalized advice on a daily basis, adapted to the needs of each client who seeks us out. 

If you are looking for this specialized help, you can contact us directly at:

  • Calling the number +351 300 600 110
  • Or by sending us your questions to the email

We are always available to help you… and your sleep 🧡


Do you have a habit of adapting your sheets to the season? What are your fabrics of choice? Share your preferences in the comments!

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