Winter and summer sheets: discover the best options

Very hot nights and very cold nights are very different tortures, but equally disturbing. Betting on sheets suitable for the season is the solution. Come see some options.


Winter sheets

Warmer sheets are a type of product that is very popular during the coldest months of the year. They are designed to add an extra layer of warmth and comfort to our beds. Let's see what types of sheets are hottest.

Polar sheets

Polar sheets are the more traditional choice. Usually made entirely of polyester, they are warm bedclothes and, therefore, used in winter.

This type of sheets have some distinguishing features, such as the fact that they do not need to be ironed. This type of fabric doesn't create creases or roughness during washing or use, so you'll never have the trouble of having to iron them – in fact, you shouldn't even do it.

Provides great comfort and warmth during sleep, even in cooler rooms. They are also usually durable materials.

How to wash and dry polar sheets

If they couldn't be machine washed, probably no one would buy them. But that's not the case: polar sheets can be machine washed and don't even need a special program. Already in the dryer, you must be careful. You can dry them in that appliance as long as you use a weak program, otherwise the fabric can even be heat damaged and look burnt.

Flannel sheets

Flannel sheets were the first of their kind to appear. With 100% cotton fabrics, they undergo a polishing process that gives them a very soft touch.

They provide a very pleasant and natural feeling of warmth, which insulates the cold well, while allowing the body to breathe.

Coralina sheets: what are they?

Like polar sheets, coralline sheets are also made of synthetic fibers. However, coralline ones are almost a upgrade Polar ones: they are much softer and fluffier, they are much less likely to get pilling after a few washes and they also let the body breathe more easily.

Those who bet on coralline sheets hardly change to another type of sheets. In winter, they are a warmth like no other.

They can also be washed in the washing machine and do not need any special program, that is, they have the same advantages as polar sheets, as they do not need to be ironed. Since they are softer and fluffier, they are also bigger and it is not just any washing machine that has enough charge for these sheets. That said, the advantages far outweigh this one disadvantage.

Thermal sheets: what are they?

Although it is a common mistake to call all types of winter sheets 'thermal sheets', the truth is that this is not the correct terminology.

A thermal blanket is the same as an electric blanket. It is a kind of sheet equipped with electrical resistors, which when connected to the electrical network heats and dissipates heat in the bed. Almost like there's a heater in the middle of the blankets.


Summer sheets: what options?

Now that you know the best options to keep warm on cold winter nights, let's see which sheets you should bet on for a peaceful and refreshing night's sleep in the warmer months.

Since in summer we sleep with little clothing, our skin is in direct contact with the sheets, so it is very important that you choose pleasant fabrics that respect the skin and allow for good perspiration. In this sense, synthetic fabrics are to be avoided – they are not as high quality and retain heat.

The best is always cotton, the best natural fiber for good sheets. Even better if it's Egyptian cotton. The higher the thread density of the sheets, the better the quality.

Silk is also a good option as it does not absorb moisture and is a very cool material, ideal for summer. Linen is also a good choice.

Percal sheets: Colmol's options

Colmol Egyptian cotton percale sheets are a perfect example of fresh, high quality sheets.

The percale comes from a weaving technique that consists of the crossing of two sets of threads, usually made of cotton, arranged horizontally (weft) and vertically (warp). The end result is a durable, soft and elegant fabric.

This material is ideal for the hottest nights due to its freshness and softness. Sheets made of this material have another advantage: they become softer and softer, wash after wash. That said, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions, as this is the only way to maintain the smoothness of the material, as well as preserve its qualities.

If you are considering purchasing percale bed linen, you should know that the amount of threads woven per inch strongly influences the softness, durability and flexibility of these sheets. So the more threads you have, the softer it will be. That said, the material must have at least 180 strands to be considered percale.

Before choosing sheets, pay attention to weaving techniques, yarn treatment and the origin of the cotton: any one of these factors influences the quality of the final material.

Better than knowing all the criteria to make a good decision, is knowing that you can trust Colmol's suggestions to obtain quality products. So, we suggest two options.

Set of 400 Threads percale sheets

Perfect for those who love the feel of freshly laundered bed linen and very pleasant to the touch, the Set of Sheets of percale 400 threads gives the skin a unique freshness. This Product premium it is 100% woven from certified long-fiber Egyptian cotton, finished with a roll, and offers superior strength, durability and comfort.

A soft matte finish dazzles those who choose the percale 400 threads, which includes a sheet, a cover sheet (adjustable with elastic) and two pillowcases.


Set of Stonewash Stonewash Sheets 200 Threads

Also woven in long fiber certified Egyptian cotton and finished with a simple hem, the Pearl Stonewash Sheets 200 Threads gives a relaxed look to the room where it is inserted.

It is perfect for those looking for comfort and softness, but also quality, fresh and easy care bedding. In fact, it doesn't need ironing. This set includes a sheet, an adjustable elastic-cover sheet and two pillowcases.



Conclusion: there are sheets for all occasions

Whether it's hot or cold, there are several types of sheets suitable to ensure you always have a good sleep night. Sometimes it's worth investing a little more in higher quality linens if that means you'll have far superior comfort.

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