What is the best pillow to sleep on? Your ideal option is here!

The position in which we sleep is essential to define the best pillow. Maintaining a healthy posture and meeting all of each person's unique sleep needs is essential to getting better sleep each day. Discover your next pillow here.



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Body structure and favorite sleeping positions make all the difference. 

Given that we passed much time sleeping (on average, a night's sleep lasts 6 to 8 hours), it is important that, during this period of rest, the joints, especially the spine, are not overloaded. 

Can you imagine the harm it can do to spend all that time with a bad posture?  

The position in which we sleep must be the best possible, since this influence various aspects related to our health, but it will also dictate which mattress and the pillow you should adquire.

Adapting all these accessories to our characteristics is really important so that our entire body is preserved.

It's not you that must adapt to them, they have to adapt to you!


The pillow is important: find out why.

Good posture is the key to sleeping soundly, night after night, without pain or stiffness. The pillow plays a key role in maintaining a healthy sleep posture, which implies having the body aligned.

If the neck and shoulders are not supported enough or are supported at an angle that causes twisting, it's all spoiled! 

A spine and the rest of the body won't stay aligned, causing tension and discomfort in the neck, shoulders and back. 

Thus, having a good pillow is important so that the position of the head is in line with the spine. This will prevent the onset of muscle pain, stiff neck and other problems.

The purpose of sleeping well is to be able to rest, relax the body and recharge energy for the next day. Neglecting the importance of the pillow is to decrease the quality of sleep. 

As with the mattress, comfort and support are extremely important in choosing the right pillow!


Pillows are not the same for everyone

Each person has a body different and favorite sleeping positions. For example, the pillow for who likes sleeping more on their side should differ from those who sleep on their stomachs.

A sleeping position requires always a different type of pillow. Do you sleep on your side, belly up or belly down? Each position asks for its type of pillow.

For people with a wider bone structure and with wider shoulders, the thickest pillows are recommended, to balance the space between the neck and the rest of the body supported by the pillow.

People with narrower shoulders they should choose a thinner pillow, so that there is no discomfort caused by the fact that the body is too high when falling asleep.

Depending on the support that the body needs in each of these positions, the composition and characteristics of the pillow must meet all these specific needs so that you do not experience postural decompensation.

Higher, lower, harder, more malleable… there are loads of configurations!


Elements to consider when choosing

Choosing the ideal pillow requires analyzing elements that allow you to know more about the way you sleep and get to know your particularities better.

There are only two - the position you sleep in and the hardness of the pillow, which is related to your preferred position.

Sleeping position

This is one of the main factors to control when choosing a pillow. 

If you prefer to sleep sideways, am going to to need from a pillow firmly to obtain proper alignment between the yours neck and spine. 

But if your beach is to sleep belly up, you must avoid pillows that are too soft, as in this case you go need one that holds the yours neck and back in line. 

It must be firm so that the contours of the head are well adapted.

If on the other hand, you sleep on your stomach, your pillow should be as low and smooth as possible, so as not to let the head get too high above the level of the rest of the body, without causing voltage neck, keeping it in a neutral position. 

Often, those who sleep in this position even prefer to sleep without a pillow!

Cushion hardness

The firmness of the pillow is important as it directly affects your comfort level and the quality of sleep. 

To find out which firmness is best for you, you must take into account the position where you sleep and your body weight

Important! If you have headaches or neck pain when you wake up and during the night you should be extra careful: sand pillow is not firm enough to support the head and neck, pain and discomfort can become a long-term problem.


Types of Pillows

Before we talk about the best pillow for each position, it is important that you first get to know the range of pillows available at Colmol:

Classic Cushion

  • Acarsan with anti-mite treatment

Cushion Standard

  • Dalia Fiber

Premium Cushions

  • Feathers
  • Viscoelastic
  • Aromatherapy Viscoelastic
  • Kapok


The best pillows for side sleep

This is the best position to protect your spine! And not only!

Sleeping on your side can also be great for someone who snores. The only disadvantage is even for those who have arthritis, as this position can aggravate existing pain.

For those who suffer from back pain, sleeping on your back or up may not be very good. Sleeping on your side is even the most consensual solution to this.

Some even place a pillow between the knees to keep the hips in line and reduce discomfort.

Another advantage: when sleeping on the left side, the food can pass more easily through the intestine, favoring digestion, as well as improving blood circulation and the functioning of the immune system.

Therefore, if you are lucky enough to belong to this club, you should pay attention to certain characteristics that your pillow should not neglect.

So that you can completely relax in this position without harming the spine, you should choose a pillow adjusted to the yours neck. 

Your pillow should be thicker, respecting the alignment of your spine with your head.

To sleep in this position, Colmol offers pillows kapok and feather viscoelastic that adapt to your body, provide a refreshing sensation at night and, of course, all the comfort required to avoid pain and tiredness the next day:

Viscoelastic Cushion

A memory foam contributes to the head and neck pressure relief

The holes in this pillow make it more breathable through air circulation, keeping the thermal balance while you sleep. 

The cover with Stretch fabric made of synthetic elastane fiber, provides the optimized fit to the pillow, increasing the elasticity and comfort for a pleasant night's sleep.

This pillow was made for sleepers who love to feel involved. Provides complete comfort and cozy feeling. 

And more: the your mite protection prevents the proliferation of bacteria and mites so that nothing stops you from having good night of sleep!


Kapok pillow

The fine white fibers of Kapok grow on the "mafumeira", a tropical tree. They grow inside a fruit of green capsules that, when ripe, burst and are harvested. 

These fibers do not require any treatment, which makes them an organic, non-toxic and eco-friendly.

The Kapok pillow provides a restful and luxurious rest. It's hypoallergenic and adapts perfectly to your sleeping position. 

The characteristics of its cotton pillowcase give it a feeling of freshness and well-being.


Feather Cushion

Are you looking for a luxurious break? The feather pillow it's antiallergic and antibacterial. 

It's filling allows a good air circulation, which gives it a good behavior in terms of elasticity/deformation. 

It adapts perfectly to your sleeping position and the characteristics of its cotton pillowcase give you a feeling of freshness and well-being.




The best pillows for sleep with your belly up or down

These positions are, as a rule, the least advisable for the spine, as the weight of the body puts a lot of pressure on it. 


Sleeping on your back can also trigger low back pain. If you snore or have sleep apnea, this is not the best option. 

On the other hand, not everything is bad: your head, neck, and spine are in a neutral position, so you are less likely to get neck pain if you sleep in this position.

Did you know that sleeping on your back with your head slightly elevated with a pillow is considered the best sleeping position for heartburn? Curious, isn't it?


Sleeping on stomach can decrease the snorebut it can worsen other conditions by creating tension in the neck or back. 

In this position, the neck and spine are not in a neutral position. Sleeping on your stomach can put pressure on your nerves and cause numbness, tingling, and pain. 

There are also those who sleep on their stomachs with their heads to the side, with their hands under the pillow or hugging it. 

However, if you really cannot avoid these positions and it is impossible for you to get used to sleeping on your side, consider the following options that Colmol presents you:

Dalia Fiber Pillow

Transform your room into a luxury hotel with this pillow!

Cover with microfiber fabric and silk feel avoiding impurities. 

It's hygienic, breathable And very resistant for use and washing. 

The filling is made of hollow eotherm silicone fiber. 

Have volume, softness, lightness and a great ability to recovery of all position changes during the night.


Cushion Acarsan with Anti-Mite Treatment

This cushion was designed especially for allergic people mites and for those looking for a healthy rest. 

It's composed by 100% polyester silicone fiber with Acarsan Natural treatment with plant extracts. 

The cotton cover cushions the changes in temperature and humidity, protecting from impurities. As it is ergonomic, it helps you maintain a correct posture while you sleep.


Viscoelastic Aromatherapy Cushion

Lavender, eucalyptus or chamomile: choose the scent that makes you most relaxed.

Aromatherapy uses relaxing aromas to help people who need to sleep better, more peacefully, relaxing and deeply.

The iceberg fabric cover provides a instant feeling of freshness, as it dissipates heat instantly, helping the body to stay cool and fall asleep faster.




The pillow helps but not enough! Tips for sleeping better in each position

The right pillow for the position you sleep is half the battle so you can sleep in the clouds without any physical consequences. 

Whatever position you sleep in, in addition to choosing the ideal pillow depending on how you sleep, you should keep in mind certain tips that can help you maintain a correct posture while you sleep in each position:

Side sleeping

  • Keeps spine aligned and arms under the chin 
  • Bend your knees a little 
  • Place a thin pad between the knees to prevent rotation and lumbar extension
  • Do not leave your hands on your head, as this will compromise circulation in your arms.
  • Don't sleep with your whole body curled up so your shoulders and head aren't too far forward

Sleep on your back

  • Bend your knees a little 
  • Place a thin pillow between your knees, leaving your hips well positioned and your lower back muscles relaxed.
  • Don't sleep with your legs too stretched out, as this will increase the strain on your lower back. 
  • Do not bend the pillow to make it higher. This will put too much strain on your neck.
  • If you feel more comfortable, you can use various pillows on the back of your legs or knees to create volume, reduce the curvature of the lumbar and the tension in that area.

Sleep on your stomach down

  • Place one or two pillows on your belly, so that the tension goes down in your lower back
  • Place a thin pad between your knees, keeping your hips well positioned 
  • If it is comfortable, you can place a pillow with little volume on the insteps, so that the knees are slightly bent - the more stretched out your legs are, the more tension you will put on your body



Who would have thought that choosing a pillow had so much to say, right? But with all these options, we bet that your decision just got easier! Tell us how you sleep, we'll tell you who you are 😀




  • Olá Ana Paula e obrigado pela visita ao nosso blog! 😊

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    - Viscoelástica: https://colmol.pt/collections/almofadas/products/almofada-viscoelastica
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    Estes modelos adaptam-se ao teu corpo, proporcionam uma sensação refrescante durante a noite e, claro, todo o conforto necessário para evitar dores e cansaço no dia seguinte.

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