New mattress? When to buy and care to be taken


When looking for the ideal mattress, it is important to remember that there is no single solution for everyone. It's essential think about it and evaluate all the pros and cons.

You will need a lot more than money to buy a mattress, so you should know your sleep habits as much as possible to make the best choice.

 It's not overnight, so you should also focus on understanding:


Bed and  mattress, are the most used parts at home, they will not last forever.

Over time, the mattress will lose its initial properties, meaning that the support it gives your body is not in the best condition.

Most mattresses usually last between 7 to 10 years before showing signs of wear, so at Colmol we recommend that you replace your mattress every 7 years.

The moisture caused by perspiration that is felt at night, will become entrenched in the mattress over the years, giving space for mites, fungi and bacteria to accumulate.

Therefore, although the mattress can last 10 years, the safest thing to do is to replace it every 7 years, for reasons of health, comfort and hygiene.


To find out if your mattress has given everything it had to give, you should be aware of the following signs:

 Mattress covering is stained, weak and worn

  • The mattress is deformed and has lost its firmness
  • The mattress sinks in certain areas when you lie down
  • You hear the mattress springs moving whenever you lie down
  • You often wake up with back and neck pain
  • You wake up several times during the night because you feel numbness and discomfort
  • You have difficulty finding the right sleeping position

Did you detect any of these signals? Are you a little lost? No problem! Know it already our mattresses! 


Many mattress brands usually inform their potential customers of the best times of the year to buy a mattress. Or because a certain time is the most suitable due to discounts or promotions, or because that's where there's the greatest amount in stock, etc.

There are those who say that it should buy a mattress in spring, others argue that the best time is winter. Anyway. Very little consensus.

You can forget about it. At Colmol, you won't need to use the calendar to remind you of the indicated season, as here all seasons are the perfect time. Why? Because throughout the year we have discount mattresses and we never run out of stock.

The Colmol mattress range adapts to any season: we have mattresses most suitable for the Spring / Summer (if you feel heat at night) and mattresses most suitable for the Autumn / Winter (if you feel cold at night). We also have mattresses firmer, softer... You choose!

In resume, you should only buy a new mattress when the old one needs to be replaced, without looking at the time of year in which you are. Have you ever seen what it would be like to have to wait months to do this? Your body wouldn't like it.

If you are worried about the mattress price, already know our mattresses on sale:  



When you need to renew your mattress, you shouldn't ask about the best time, but what care must be taken in each season of the year to make your mattress last longer.


Spring and summer

At first glance, it may not be so intuitive to think about how spring and summer influence the way we sleep and what specific mattress care we should reinforce in these seasons. We all know that spring is the favorite time for allergies and summer is the time of heat.

Anyone who is especially susceptible to allergies and gets sick at high temperatures should be extra careful. If you usually have these problems, we'll give you some care tips that you should have with your mattress, so that your life is easier in these seasons:

  • Avoid having objects in the bedroom that increase the accumulation of dust: rugs, carpets, carpets and curtains with thick fabric
  • Remove all objects that may have fur: stuffed dolls and pillows
  • Avoid fleece blankets, feather duvets and flannel sheets
  • Favor the use of summer sheets and cotton protectors
  • Once a week, wash the bed linen at 60º and lay it out in the sun, so that it eliminates mites
  • Vacuum, rotate and turn the mattress every 15 days
  • Do not make the bed right after waking up to avoid damp.
  • Air the room every day for at least 15 minutes: right after you wake up and in the late afternoon, when temperatures are lower

Fall and Winter

It is at these times of the year that we have the most difficulty getting out of bed. When we are lying down, the heat we feel is too comfortable, unlike the low temperatures that are felt outside of bed. This fact extends the hours we are in bed, because we don't want to leave that comfort zone at all.

In winter and autumn, the bed is where we feel better and more comfortable for longerFor this reason, we must take care of our rest equipment in order to fully enjoy the quality they give us. Here are some precautions that you should reinforce at these times of the year:

  • Ventilate the mattress, aerating the room for more than 15 minutes. The big advantage is that, as the temperatures are lower, it is possible to do this without your room becoming a greenhouse
  • Use one mattress protector thicker and more waterproof, to prevent moisture from entering
  • To use sheets suitable for these seasons
  • Avoid sleeping with duvets/blankets, in case they are on the bed during the day, as they promote the accumulation of mites. If you want to sleep with them, keep them in the closet during the day so they are protected from dust and debris.
  • Once a week, wash the bed linen at 60º and lay it out in the sun, so that it eliminates mites
  • Vacuum, rotate and turn the mattress every 7 days
  • Do not make the bed right after waking up to avoid damp


At the time to buy a mattress, you should, first of all, ponder and sleep well on this matter: there is no ideal season to buy it.

At Colmol, all heights are ideal for this. We always have the best products and promotions waiting for you!

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