What are the best songs and podcasts to sleep?

One of the ways to sleep well can be to listen to something before falling asleep. Listening to a podcast at bedtime, music or the sound of nature before bedtime is a good option so that you can prepare yourself for a good night's sleep. Find out our suggestions.



In addition to maintain a good nutrition, correct schedules and good daily habits, it is important to know what to do to be able to relax in the best way even before falling asleep.

As mentioned in the last blog post, technology can be the enemy or friend of sleep quality. The secret is to know how to use it. The good part is being able, for example, to use a podcast to listen before bed that is smooth, music or even relaxing audio.

If your thing is not reading books, and if you can't put down your cell phone, a song, a podcast, or a sound like the rain to sleep, they can be the ideal solution for you.

The idea of falling asleep with sound can be intriguing. We were supposed to fall asleep without light, sound, or other distractions. Do you think so too? Now you can rethink that idea.

Music and podcasts are part of many people's daily lives. Most of these people are always with their earphones in their ears, whether on their way to work, while study, exercise, or focus on a task. Even in the shower! Who never did it?

There are even people who have difficulty sleeping if they don't hear their meditation podcast or a calm song. As long as it's not heavy, of course.

A relaxing sound, like rainfall or a podcast to listen before bed can make all the difference.

Our brain is amazing, isn't it? It's super influenced by external stimuli, whether it's music, a sound, someone telling a story or just talking. This can relax you and prepare you for a good night's sleep.


 🕺 Restless music can impair sleep

Are you a fan of heavy and upbeat music? Can't survive without listening to techno or heavy metal? Maybe it's better not to listen to this kind of music before going to sleep. Go for us.

Why? You ask. Because the more agitated the music, the faster your brain will get. And that's where you can say goodbye to sleep with quality.

According to a study published in the journal Psychological Science, listening to more agitated music with sudden changes before bedtime can cause sleep disturbances, such as insomnia.

This is because the brain continues to process music even while you sleep.

In this same study, researchers asked participants to listen to these three songs:

As for the songs, his brain waves were measured. At the end, participants were asked if any part of the song had been memorized or was repeated in their head.

They came to the conclusion that the people who had some part of the music in their heads had minor sleep quality, as well as greater difficulty in falling asleep, spending more time in the lighter stages of sleep.


Moral of the story: a more tweaked song will also mess with your brain, not letting you sleep well.


You already know how a bad night's sleep can ruin your day and your quality of life. So don't want the restless music to be just another bonfire. 

Quiet music before bed is always the best way. Leave the brisk paces for the middle of the day, not the end.




 🧠 Calm music can enhance memory

In addition to helping you fall asleep, the relax music can help enhance cognitive skills such as memory, so precious in your daily life.

Scientists at the German University of Tubingen have concluded that listening to music before falling asleep benefits our ability to memorize things. If we want improve learning and memory, we can use musical stimuli for this. 


Shigueo Yonekura, a sleep specialist, says:

Listening to music can help you sleep as long as it's not restless. It is always preferable to hear something calmer, which will help us relax.

Sound can contribute to relaxation and induce positive emotions, facilitating sleep iniciation, always depending on the musical style.


Calm music is like a sedative. Listening to it helps to decrease hormone production adrenaline, which leaves your body in a state of alert and prevents sleep.

The sounds more relaxing facilitate hormone release oxytocin, helping to empty the mind of those boring thoughts, and to improve the sleep quality.

Your brain thanks!




 😴 the best songs to fall asleep

Classic musicInstrumentalBossa nova or even Jazz, can be good musical styles to induce sleep.

These types of music can lower anxiety levels and reduce your heart rate per minute, making you feel sleepy in a natural way.

The music should not have sudden changes in terms of pace and volume, since the brain remains active and sensitive to external stimuli, even when you're sleeping.

If possible, you should listen to this kind of music. without using earphones and with low volume - enough to be heard, but at the same time, without disturbing sleep.

If you don't feel like listening to music when it's time to fall asleep, you can also choose to nature sounds, such as listening to the sound of the rain to sleep.

Here are some playlists with sounds and music so you can have a good night's sleep without any interruptions:


🥱 The best podcasts to sleep

If your trend is more podcasts, if you are a fan of this form of interaction and learning, we also have good solutions for you.

So that your mind is rested, more stimulated and so you can fall asleep at night, there are also podcasts to listen before sleep.

A "sleeping podcast" will help you fall asleep or sleep better. Can be  guided meditation, with stories or even with relaxation techniques. 

It's an easy way to create an relaxing environment , so you can listen to it at your own pace and for as long as you need to fall asleep.

The best podcasts to sleep are silent, calm and relaxing. From a meditation podcast to the rain to sleep… there are always loads of options at your fingertips:



If insomnia won't let you go, there's a podcast to listen to before bed called sleep with me will be your ally. The episodes are long but worth it. They don't have any dialogue, they just count stories about nothing in particular while the sound of rain falls on your head.

The goal is, even if you don't reach the end, the stories last until you fall asleep.




Do you prefer ambient sound? So you can count on the Sleeping Meditation Podcast, a meditation podcast that will bring you relaxing sounds and nature, to fall asleep in an instant. What can be more relaxing than rainfall?



2 in 1! learn and fall asleep 

Do you like to take advantage of your time, even when you lie down to sleep?

You love to learn and would you like to know how to make your mind a true ally of your sleep? 

Do you worry about having productivity and welfare

So get ready because we found the ideal solution for you! the podcast Shut Up, Brain will be your best friend!

You will learn how to build emotional strength, how to deal with anxiety, or even learn to see the glass half full of life

This podcast will give you the tools to move forward and become in your best version! Explore it, you won't regret it!

One of the great benefits of sleep podcasts is that they are available at any time and do not require any effort on your part, just press the "play" button for the magic to happen. Enjoy!




Sleep well on the subject...

Whether with music, sound or with a meditation podcast, if it works for you is what matters. The important thing is that you get to know yourself and learn what is best way to achieve good sleep. If it works for you, it's always valid. Just close your eyes, listen and sleep.


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