How do you make a mattress? From the factory to your house.

Mattresses are the perfect ally of well-being. It is where we can rest our body and mind to face the day-to-day in the best possible way. By giving importance to the mattress we have, we are giving value to ourselves. 


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As with everything in life, to make the best decisions, we need to be informed about how things work. Mattresses are no different. Therefore, it is essential to understand how they are made.


How did the mattress appear?

If you want to know how to make a mattress, it is important to first understand how it appears. Don't worry, we won't give you a class of history. 

In the Stone Age, people lived in caves, which was quite uncomfortable. As they slept on the floor, their backs suffered a lot. That's when the idea arose of joining many sheets to lie on them, thus giving the first contribution to the mattress odyssey.

In Ancient Egypt, they already used techniques to sew fabrics, adding straw, leaves and branches inside these fabrics. In this way, the surfaces they slept on became more comfortable.

The Romans were the first to idealize that which most resembles the mattress that we know today. We can say that they revolutionized the way of sleeping, because they developed more stable surfaces, made of cotton, animal hair, wool and feathers.

In the beginning of the 20th century, they started to grow mattress factories and spring mattresses being developed, leading to high demand after World War II. By placing a set of uniform springs within the layers of the mattress, manufacturers could also begin to give it a firm, strong, and even texture.

These days, mattresses are not just objects to lie on. They are increasingly a product that should be valued and built well. Currently, they are designed to provide the better comfort and support possible. Therefore, they offer a wide variety of layers, distributing body weight and preventing wear over time.

What are the steps of the production process?

Now that you know a little bit about how mattresses came about, it's time to understand what goes on in the mattress factory and how is the production process of a mattress:

  1. The foam makes the mattress comfortable and adaptable to the body. Foaming requires a lengthy process, adding water to chemical substances. This mixture has to stand for at least 3 days until it is finished.
  2. After the chemical process is completed, quality tests very rigorous, to be able to calculate the density. The foam is subjected to several deformations in succession, to imitate the use that will be given to the mattress. 
  3. Then, the springs, in carbon steel that is highly resistant throughout its useful life. They allow for greater ventilation, so the product becomes more ventilated and fresh. In foam mattresses this step does not apply.
  4. To end in beauty, it is necessary to do the front cover of the mattress - to protect against external agents. It is normally made of resistant 100% polyester fabric, soft to the touch and effective in perspiration.

How is a sustainable mattress made?

At Colmol, sustainability is the motto. As we take this matter very seriously, we apply this to our mattresses as well. Now you ask, how do you make your mattresses sustainable? It's very simple:

  1. Used plastic bottles are collected and then transported to our factory
  2. The bottles are melted, obtaining a granulate
  3. The granulate is made into a textured filament.
  4. This filament is transformed into fabric and included in the mattress production process.
  5. A compression technology is applied to the mattress, so that its volume is reduced in the packaging, reducing the carbon footprint in transport
  6. The mattress is then distributed, never forgetting the main objective of this process: SAVE THE PLANET!

O X Planet Foam Mattress is one of our sustainable mattresses:




Our mattresses are national and exclusive products, offering the best level of comfort, without forgetting the adequate support for the body's weight and the spine.

All mattresses we produce are designed to adapt to the needs of each person. The materials that compose them are of European origin and carefully selected so that the quality remains high.

In the manufacturing process, we take extra care to reduce waste as much as possible, recycling and maximizing the management of energy resources. 

Complying with all national product standards, our mattresses are designed for all tastes and functions. It is in this sense that our range includes bag spring mattresses, spring mattresses and foam; with viscoelastic and orthopedic layers.


Bag Spring Mattresses

  • They guarantee good firmness, greater comfort and are extremely resistant over the years.
  • Movement does not propagate: you can sleep with another person without disturbing their sleep with your movement.
  • They have a viscoelastic layer that adapts perfectly to your body, distributing the weight along the surface.
  • Each spring is contained in its respective fabric pocket, working individually to support the body.
  • With this spring technology, there is greater support and well-being for people who sleep on this type of mattress.
  • They are ideal for those who move a lot at night.

O SSI Titanium Coolgel Mattress is an excellent example of this:



Spring Mattresses 

  • They guarantee comfort and softness, maintaining a temperature mild
  • Promote freedom of movement
  • They are sustainable, allowing plastic in bottles to be reused
  • They have a viscoelastic layer that adapts perfectly to your body, distributing the weight along the surface.
  • They are ideal for those who like to sleep on their stomachs

O SPA Planet Spring Mattress is a good option:




Our manufacturing process complies with all good practices, so you can have the best nights sleep of your life. 

Sleeping well is essential for you to give your best every day!

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