Mattress with or without a bed frame? Know the ideal solution for you.

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If you want to buy a new bed, it is normal that you are in doubt between having a base with or without a frame. These two types of support have several differences. Meet them here.

It is important that your body has the ideal support to sleep well. The spine, legs, shoulders and head are the areas that should be more protected so that you can have a good night's rest and… an even better day!

If this is not taken care of, you can be sure that your motivation and posture will be affected, possibly causing health problems. If you're not sleeping well, it's time to change that.

What is a bed frame?

For many, this may be a question with an obvious answer. However, with the advancement of the market and the numerous new options that it offers us, it may be important to return to more traditional concepts.

A bed frame is the part of the bed that supports the mattress. That structure made up of wooden slats - you will surely know which one - whose function is to support the weight and pressure exerted on the mattress. This support provided by the bedstead guarantees the stability of the body during sleep.

For many people, the bed frame continues to be the preferred option, however, this is no longer the only choice available on the market for those looking for greater support and comfort. 

Nowadays, there are already other types of more current offers (such as the bases), and even the traditional decks themselves have been reformulated and updated in their composition, to meet the demands of the market and the consumer. 

A good bed frame is one that:

  • guarantees the support and durability of your mattress;
  • dampens and supports all types of movements;
  • ensures greater ventilation of the mattress;
  • allows easy handling and cleaning.

Aspects to consider when buying a bed frame

Buying a bed frame can have a lot to say. It is not enough to choose the most resistant one in the store “and that's it”. Even so, it is a relatively simple task if you take into account, at least, these 2 essential points:


Mattress measurement

To ensure stability, it is essential that your mattress fits perfectly into the base. You must measure it correctly, taking into account the rounded corners, so that the mattress does not slide over the base.

O Paris Bed Footstool by Colmol contains non-slip supports that prevent your mattress from moving. They allow a greater fit of the blades and greater adaptability to the mattress, so that it does not move with any movement.


Bed Frame types

There are two types of material used in the composition of the bed frame:

Metal pallets - they have smooth, rounded edges and are more resistant;

Wooden bedsteads - these are more traditional, but can spoil bedding if the surface is rough (can happen on weaker types of wood).

It is obvious that the value differs between the two types and that, nowadays, the offer is immense. Ideally, you should carefully evaluate the bed frame material (whether it is wood or metal) and decide according to your needs.

There are also platforms with feet or without feet. What we recommend is that you choose a footstool, as it allows better breathing of the mattress and easier cleaning. It is also the most suitable option for overweight people and for mattresses over 118cm wide. 


Bed Frame VS Base: what are the main differences? 


Mattresses are one of the most popular household items in the world. It's not surprising that you wanted to know if you should buy a bed with or without a base. There are weaknesses and strengths in each of the options.


Bed Frames with Slatted Boards

Slatted bedsteads are the best-known traditional solution. Especially for those who use older mattresses, these are still the best choice, as they provide greater ventilation and breathability for the mattress thanks to the space between each slat.

We all know them. They are the most used solution ever since. But do they even make sense?


Greater ventilation

Did you know that your mattress do you need to breathe too? Normally, the materials with which mattresses are made do not allow air circulation to occur. The spaces between the slats allow the mattress to breathe, preventing moisture and mites from getting inside. This is especially important on older mattresses.

Greater security

A bed with a well-leveled base will provide more support for the mattress, preventing it from sliding more easily and from falling off the bed. It will always keep it in place!



Much of the mattress surface is unsupported, due to the free spaces of the base. That's why mattresses on top of bedsteads can be more easily deformed and have areas that sink.


Upholstered Bases - without bed frame.

More recently, the option of lined bases has emerged. Basically, it's a bed without a base.

They consist of flat surfaces that support the mattress more evenly, reducing the likelihood of deformation in the long term - contrary to what can more easily happen with slatted bedsteads. 

In order to improve ventilation, plates with perforations and highly breathable fabrics are generally used. In this way, the bases can be used with any type of mattress. 

The bedless solution (covered bases) has been more sought after recently, so that the mattress support is more uniform.


Avoid deformations

As it is firmer and has no spaces, this structure will give the mattress the necessary support, without the deformations happen. It's the perfect solution to eliminate that feeling that you're sinking into the mattress.


The bases are uniform structures with no spaces. These characteristics give the mattress greater stability, meaning that there are no points where the mattress is supported “in the air” and, therefore, are better for the spine. 


Less ventilation

Since nothing is perfect, this solution will limit the ventilation of the mattress a little more. Because it has no spaces and is a uniform structure, moisture and dust can be trapped in the mattress more easily.

However, with the breathable materials that today's mattresses and foundations are made from, this problem no longer exists. Today you can have a mattress without a bed base, keeping all the security.


And back pain, will show up?


senhora com mão nas costas a sentir dor




It's a very legitimate concern. You've probably already had bad experiences - you can't sleep well, you wake up with pain in your back, pain in your lower back and all over your body. If this happens, it is a sign that your mattress or base/base is not in the best condition.

If the problem is not the mattress but its support, when you wake up in this desperate state, you may even think that sleeping on the floor or putting the mattress on the floor is the best solution. Like the Japanese, isn't it?

In Japanese culture, this practice was widely used. Just as they sit on the floor, they also had the habit of adapting the room with a mattress on the floor. As a matter of tradition, the Japanese believed that sleeping on the floor was better for the spine, decreasing back pain and maintaining correct posture.

In the rest of the world, the sale of mattresses for the spine is already a reality. Nowadays, it is not necessary (nor should it be!) to sleep on the floor for the spine to be preserved. There are lots of solutions for this. The problem is when the mattress or its support is not the best.

With weak and inadequate support, your mattress will not ventilate or maintain the protection it should give your spine. And this can have serious consequences over time:

  • Scoliosis: deflected and deformed “S”-shaped column
  • Hernia: the disc between the vertebrae wears out and may even come out of place 
  • Low back pain: back pain
  • Arthrosis: weakened and blocked spine

Makes you think, right? That's why it's so important to invest in a base and mattress that's right for you. Mattress on the floor? Never!


How to relieve back pain without sleeping on the floor?

If they told you that sleeping on the floor is good for your back, you were wrong! If you suffer from back pain, this is far from the solution! Also, a room with a mattress on the floor is not aesthetic at all…!

If you usually sleep inside position or belly up you can, for example, place a pillow behind or between your knees so that the spine is properly aligned. 

Regardless of the position you sleep in, remember not to sleep under pillows that are too fluffy and/or too high up. Unless ressons during the night… in that case, the pillow should be a little higher.

However, the position in which you sleep and the way you prepare your bed for your sleep are not the only factors capable of influencing the health of your back. Also the practice of physical exercise, to yours food and day-to-day habits can be decisive in how you wake up the next day (physically and psychologically).


How should you clean your lined base?

If the best option for your sleep is a mattress without a base (lined base) you should not forget to clean it frequently. It's no use cleaning your mattress and neglecting the cleaning of the base that supports it... after all, it's also part of your sleep, right?

The bases are super simple to clean! However, similarly to what happens with the mattress cleaning, you should avoid using homemade recipes like baking soda or vinegar.

To clean your lined base, you should start by vacuuming it to remove dust and impurities that may have accumulated. Then, with a damp microfiber cloth free of any product, you should gently rub the entire area of the base in circular motions. As simple as that!

Oh! And don't forget to air your room daily! It is extremely important to eliminate all the moisture present in the bedding, preventing the mites from breeding. We're sure you don't want that company on your nights!


So what is the best solution for my mattress?

To know if your mattress is more suitable for a base or a bed frame, you must understand what type of mattress you have/want to buy.

If your mattress is springs, will allow greater air circulation than the others. Therefore, it is perfect to be used on a base without a bed frame.

This type of mattress benefits more from the firmness provided by the base than from the elasticity provided by a bed base.

On the other hand, if you have a foam mattress, ventilation will depend on the density of the foam. The higher the density, the less the mattress breathes. As a rule, it will be more suitable to use a bed frame - especially if you live in an area with a more humid climate.

But you can use a base anyway! Because? Because nowadays, this type of mattresses can already be mattresses without the need for a base, since they are built to adapt to the bases.

If your mattress is older (+ than 5 years) it is advisable to use it on a base, as over time its material degrades, losing its ability to circulate air.


Colmol Solutions


At Colmol you don't have to worry! Our bases are adapted to any type of mattress!

Know our recommendations: 

Sommier with Tidy Storage

For many people, the “sommier vs bed” battle can cause some doubts when it comes to choosing the ideal solution. The truth is that a good sommier provides greater comfort and stability, dampening the weight of the body and the pressure it exerts on the mattress.

It is an excellent solution that allows:

  • Organization
  • Stowage
  • Space
  • high comfort
  • Greater support
  • Stability
  • Sustainability
  • Choice of fabrics and colors
  • choice of sizes
  • easy cleaning

If you are a person who likes to have everything tidy and organized, this foundation is perfect for you. In it you can store rugs, towels, bed linen and other accessories that you want to have on hand but not in sight.

This storage will keep your objects away from dust, and at the same time, will enhance the current and modern design of your room.

It's a lifting platform that keeps your bedding and mattress in place while you organize your things, so you can pack them quickly and effortlessly!

It is recommended for all types of mattresses. Allows your mattress to last and air circulation, preventing the accumulation of moisture and ensuring better conservation.



Base Bett Decor

It is a good choice because it allows:

  • high comfort
  • Stability
  • mattress durability
  • Weight and pressure damping
  • Sustainability
  • Choice of fabrics and colors
  • choice of sizes
  • easy cleaning

If you want your room to be magazine cover-worthy and you are a fan of modern lines, this foundation is the ideal choice for you. Your room will have a comfortable and up-to-date atmosphere and, trust us, you won't want to leave!

It is adapted to all types of mattress. Allows the ventilation of the air your mattress needs, preventing the accumulation of moisture and dust.

Your mattress will last longer if it is on this base, as it protects it from external agents, while preserving its materials.

With any of these solutions you will be satisfied - now it's up to you to decide! One thing you can be sure of, if you choose Colmol foundations, you can say goodbye to back pain! 




Paris Bed Footstool 


The Paris Bed Base by Colmol is economical, light and airy! The perfect option for a guest room or for those days when your friends or family are staying at home.


It stands out for:

  • Contain supports that allow the mattress not to move;
  • Good adaptability to any type of mattress;
  • Reinforcement of the central zone with lumbar adjustment;
  • Be easy to handle and clean. 

It is our most economical option, ideal for those looking for comfort at a good price.




At Colmol, our priority is the satisfaction of those looking to improve their nights of rest through effective and quality products. Our team of Sleep Specialists provides personalized advice on a daily basis, adapted to the needs of each client who comes to us. 

If you are looking for this specialized help, you can contact us directly at::

  • call the number +351 300 600 110
  • or send us your questions to the email

We are always available to help you… and your sleep 🧡


Do you prefer to sleep on bases with a bed frame or without? Share with us in the comments ⬇️


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