Mattress with or without a bed frame? Know the ideal solution for you.

If you want to buy a new bed, it is normal for you to be in doubt between having a base with or without a platform. These two types of support have several differences. Know them here.



It is important that your body has the ideal support for sleep well. The spine, legs, shoulders and head are the areas that must be protected more so that you can have a good night's rest and… an even better day!

If this is not taken care of, you can be sure that your motivation and posture will be affected, potentially causing health problems. if you are not sleep well, the time has come to change that.

Mattresses are one of the most popular household items in the world. It's not surprising that you wanted to know if you should buy a bed with or without a platform. There are strengths and weaknesses in each of the options:

Slatted frames

We all know them. They are the most used solution ever. But do they still make sense?


Greater ventilation

Did you know that your mattress do you need to breathe too? Normally, the materials with which mattresses are made do not allow air circulation to occur. The spaces between the slats allow the mattress to breathe, preventing moisture and mites from getting inside. This is especially important on older mattresses.

Greater security

A bed with a well-leveled platform will provide more support for the mattress, preventing it from sliding more easily and from falling out of bed. Will always keep it in place!



Much of the mattress surface is unsupported due to the open spaces of the platform. That's why mattresses that are on platforms can become more easily deformed and have sinking areas.

Lined bases - without a platform

The solution of bedless mattress has been most sought after recently, so the support of the mattress be more uniform.


Prevents deformations

As it is firmer and has no spaces, this structure will give the mattress the necessary support, without that the deformations happen. It's the perfect solution to eliminate that feeling like you're sinking into the mattress.


The bases are uniform structures, without spaces. These characteristics give the mattress greater stability, meaning that there are no points where the mattress rests “in the air” and, therefore, they are better for the spine.


Less ventilation

Since nothing is perfect, this solution will further limit the mattress's ventilation. Because it has no spaces and because it has a uniform structure, moisture and dust can be retained in the mattress more easily.

However, with the breathable materials that today's mattresses and foundations are made from, this problem no longer exists. Today you can already have a bedless mattress, maintaining all security.


And back pains, won't they show up?

It's a very legitimate concern. You've probably already had bad experiences - you can't sleep well, wake up with back pains, lower back pain and all over the body. If this happens, it's a sign that your mattress or base/frame is not in the best condition.

If the problem is not the mattress but its support, when you wake up in this state of despair, you may even think that sleep on the floor or put the mattress on the floor is the best solution. Like the Japanese, isn't it?

In Japanese culture, this practice was widely used. Just as they sit on the floor, they also had the habit of sleeping on the floor. As a matter of tradition, the Japanese believed that sleeping on the floor was better for the spine, decreasing back pain and maintaining correct posture.

In the rest of the world, the sale of mattresses for the spine is already a reality. Nowadays, it is not necessary (and should not!) sleep on the floor for the spine to be preserved. There are plenty of solutions for this. The problem is when the mattress or its support is not the best.

With weak and inadequate support, your mattress will not ventilate or maintain the protection it should give your spine. And this can have serious consequences over time:

  • Scoliosis: deflected and deformed column in the shape of an "S"
  • Hernia: the disc between the vertebrae wears out and may even fall out of place 
  • Backache: lower back pain
  • Arthrosis: weakened and blocked column

Gives you something to think about, right? That's why it's so important to invest in a foundation and mattress that's right for you. Mattress on the floor? Never!


So what is the best solution for my mattress?

To find out if your mattress is more suitable for a base or a platform, you must understand what type of mattress you have/want to buy.

if your mattress is springs, will allow greater air circulation than the others. Therefore, it is perfect to be used on a base without a platform.

This type of mattress benefits more from the firmness given by the base than the elasticity given by a platform.

On the other hand, if you have a foam mattress, ventilation will depend on the density of the foam. The greater the density, the less breathing of the mattress. As a rule, it will be more suitable to use a decking - especially if you live in an area with a wetter climate.

But you can still use a base! Why? Because nowadays, this type of mattress can already be mattresses without a platform, as they are built to adapt to the bases.

If your mattress is older (more than 5 years) it is advisable to use it on a platform, as over time its material degrades, losing its ability to circulate air.


Colmol solutions

At Colmol you don't have to worry! Our bases are adapted to any type of mattress!

Sommier with Tidy Housekeeping

It is an excellent solution that allows:

  • Organization
  • Stowage
  • Space
  • high comfort
  • Greater support
  • Stability
  • Sustainability
  • Choice of fabrics and colors
  • Choice of sizes
  • Easy cleaning

If you are a person who likes to have everything neat and organized, this foundation is perfect for you. In it you can store rugs, towels, bed linen and other accessories that you want to have at hand but not visible.

This arrangement will keep your objects away from dust and, at the same time, will enhance the current and modern design of your room.

It's a lifting platform that keeps the bed linen and mattress in place while you organize your stuff, so you can put away quickly and effortlessly!

It is recommended for all types of mattresses. Allows your mattress to last and allow air circulation, preventing the accumulation of moisture and ensuring better conservation.



Bett Decor Foundation

It's a good choice because it allows:

  • high comfort
  • Stability
  • Mattress durability
  • Weight and pressure dampening
  • Sustainability
  • Choice of fabrics and colors
  • Choice of sizes
  • Easy cleaning

If you want your room to be worthy of a magazine cover and you are a fan of modern lines, this base is the ideal choice for you. Your room will have a comfortable and up-to-date atmosphere and, let's go for it, you won't feel like leaving!

It is adapted to all types of mattresses. Allows ventilation of the air your mattress needs, preventing the accumulation of moisture and dust.

Your mattress will last longer if it is on this base, as it protects it from external agents, while preserving its materials.


With either of these solutions you will be satisfied - now it's up to you to decide! You can be sure of one thing, if you opt for Colmol foundations, you can say goodbye to back pains!

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